Monday, December 29, 2008 sold today - In a quick turn of events, the domain I reported earlier today for sale on eBay,, is confirmed by the seller to have been sold since that posting. The BIN price on eBay was set at $75,000 US, however it looks to have sold for under that amount. Unfortunately we will never know the final sale price due to buyer/seller confidentiality, however it is very likely a high/mid xx,xxx US dollar sale. What is certain is that it is one of the nicest .ca generic domains to have changed hands in 2008. up for sale on eBay - I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and was able to spend some quality time with loved ones! The new year is almost here, and I think most of us will be happy to say good-bye to 2008, especially the latter part of 2008.

A premium .ca domain has been listed on eBay with a BIN (buy it now) price of $75,000 US. The domain is and here is a link to the page:

The owner has disclosed that he has turned down offers in the $40,000 range already. As of today the sales page for this domain has had 117 views, and shows that two offers have been made.

The sales format for this domain isn't an auction, it looks like potential buyers can make an offer, or simply buy at the BIN price. If an offer is made that the seller likes, he can accept it. Obviously this would be a great domain for a company in the travel/tourism/vacation/holiday industry. It's easy to remember, on the mark, passes the radio test, and would look good in a print ad.

On another front, a two letter .ca appears to have sold on for $8,000. That domain is


Friday, December 19, 2008

.CA domainer profile on Namefox - Today the domain report is pleased to bring you our profile on member and .ca domainer - Namefox - and his current project at If you're a member at dnforum, you have probably noticed that Namefox is a frequent poster in the .ca discussion and sales threads.

The idea of these profiles is to show other .ca domain holders what others are doing in this space, what is working, what is not, how people started out, and so on. If you're like me, you find the people involved in domains to be as interesting as the actual buying, selling and development of domains.

If you would like to be profiled, please send me an email to rob (at) and I will get back to you with a list of questions you can answer at your own leisure. Not to be left out, I plan to profile myself in the next few weeks as well.

Well then, let's get started with our profile on Namefox today!

What is your DNForum handle?:

And your first name?:

Where do you live?:
Surrey, BC

What year did you start domaining and how/why did you get into it?:
2000. I got into it as a result of owning an online business selling specialty blankets. I owned the .com for my business and I bought the .ca to protect my brand. I started snooping as I always do and found some really good .ca's relating to blankets so I registered them. It was a natural (or unnatural) progression from there.

How many domains do you own? What % are .ca?:
I currently own 250; 50% are .ca.

What do your family/friends think of your domaining?:
My girlfriend is amazed and likes the money. My friends are blown away at the return on investment and are always asking to be taught.

How much time do you spend on domaining?:
Probably about 20 hours per week. All hours are not totally out of necessity but out of love for the game. I like to hunt for good domains.

Are you full-time or part-time domaining? if part-time, do you hope to get to full-time, or is it just a side business for you?:
I was F/T but am currently just P/T but am hoping to get back into F/T domaining/ecommerce in 2009.

Do you develop domains, do PPC, sell domains, or all? What methods have worked best for you?:
I do a multitude of things. I buy/sell, PPC, develop and start e-commerce sites.

What will you try in 2009 for domaining that you haven't tried yet?:
Focusing on more development definitely.

What was your best domaining move (.ca and other extension)?:
I would have to say getting in early and listening to my instincts.

Your worst domaining move (.ca and other extension)?:
Buying crappy, non-commercial domains in the beginning.

How do you sell your domains?:
Mostly on but I also contact end users.

Right now, are you doing more aftermarket buying, or fresh regging?:
I do alot of fresh registrations but I do find myself buying aftermarket when good opportunities arise.

What is occupying most of your time right now in domaining or websites?:
Although I am very internet literate, I still don't have great web design skills. I am increasing skills in this area.

What do you think of the future of the .ca extension, say in 5 to 10 years?:
There will be a lot more awareness in Canadian culture of the .ca domain space. We are seeing an increase in usage of .ca domains in business and this will only increase. With CIRA running things, I don't really know where they are headed but I sure hope .ca domainers band together to increase their say and louden their voice.

What advice you would give other domainers or someone just starting out?:
It really all depends on your pocket book. If you have a small budget, do not start of frantic. Get some advice, buy a few good domains and develop them. Focus on bringing in traffic and increasing revenue. Once you feel you have a good understanding of the internet and domaining, start buying more domains. If you have a large budget, buy in the aftermarket and preferably my domains ;-)

Is there anything else you would like to add? Any projects you currently have on the go?:
I have been doing my own search engine optimization successfully for over 8 years. About 2 years ago, I started contracting out my services to other people and companies. Just recently, I started and am signing on with new clients every week. I am also working in conjunction with Ready Network and am doing contract work for them. If you or any one you know are looking for an SEO specialist, send them to

Thank you for your time in answering these question!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

.CA domain sales make weekly sales report - Today's domain sales report from includes some .ca domains in the country code section, after quite a few weeks of little or no .ca reported activity.

The .ca sales included many domains from's last .ca auction. MyID is planning to hold another .ca auction in the second half of January 2009. was the #2 country code domain, and made #17 on the overall chart.

sales figures are in US $ - $20,400 - $2,500 - $2,000 - $1,850 - $1,700 - $1,600 - $1,250 - $1,250

The top extensions in country code sales were .de, and .eu in terms of numbers of domains placed. Other extensions that showed up were .nl, .tv, .fr, .se, .cn, .es, .ch. .asia.

The top country code sale was for $28,200, which means 'pageant' in German.

Monday, December 15, 2008 on auction at Sedo - A nice two letter .ca domain is currently on auction at Sedo.

The auction for has 8 bids right now and is at a value of $3,400 US, although the reserve is not met. There is just over 3 days left in the auction.

You can view the auction by clicking here.

Two letter domains are always in great demand, especially in top country codes like .ca. There are only 676 possible combinations of two letter domains.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Domain Auction today at 6pm EST - Just a reminder to everyone that is holding a domain auction today starting at 6pm EST (3pm PST).

Head on over to to join in the fun!

The other big news today is that Google has announced they will be opening up "Adsense for domains" to all adsense publishers in the next week. This means if you have domains without websites, you can 'park' them in the Adsense program and possibly earn revenue from any traffic. Overall, I think this is a good thing because it will give publishers one more feature to use with Adsense, instead of having to find domain parking from another source. The service rolls out to North America and English users first, then will move to other regions and languages over time.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Tucows launches - Canada based Tucows launches domain management service, see today's press release below:


TORONTO, Dec. 8 /CNW/ - Tucows Inc., (AMEX:TCX, TSX:TC) a global provider of domain names, email and other Internet services, today officially welcomes Hover ( to its family of web services.

Hover is a hassle-free domain management service that makes it easy for anyone to buy a domain name, set up a personalized email address and connect a domain name to all of their web services - in seconds.

"Many providers will sell you a domain name, but none make it really simple to use those names," said Ross Rader, General Manager, Hover. "Our goal is to make domain names as easy to use as they are to buy."

Hover's features include:

- Hover's innovative URL forwarding tools make it incredibly easy to
manage your personal identity online:

- Use Hover to point other people to various web pages. For example,
rather than sending someone a link that looks like this: , you can
use Hover to create "shortcuts" that look like this: or

- Hover helps users create personalized email and email forwards
that share the same personalization as the domain name. This helps
get rid of ugly email addresses like:,
replacing them with personalized addresses like sales@

- They also include simple, easy-to-use domain management tools like
WHOIS privacy and DNS management all included at no extra charge.

Hover offers three options for selecting domain names:

- Use a simple search that offers helpful domain name suggestions to
easily find that perfect domain name. At launch, Hover offers .COM,
.NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .US and .CA, with more options coming soon.

- Bring an existing domain name that you registered with another
provider to Hover and take advantage of Hover's advanced features and
easy-to-use management tools.

- Choose a "Personal Domain" based on your first and last name for the
ultimate in personalization. Hover offers access to over 39,000
surnames for web addresses and email.

Hover is the only domain name management service to offer a free trial,
allowing users to check out some of the Hover tools before paying.

Paid Hover accounts all include:

- A domain name
- Unlimited domain and link forwarding
- Easy POP, IMAP and webmail upgrade options
- Unlimited customer support via email, web and telephone
- Customized, ad-free and iPhone-compatible Hover page
- Easy-to-understand pricing with no confusing upsells or add-ons.

Hover is clear and open with users about their rights and responsibilities as a domain name owner. There are no over-complicated domain ownership rules or shifty practices. Instead Hover provides easy-to-read terms and conditions, an interactive Domain Name Timeline and other tools to give customers the information they need to manage domain names without a hassle.

"With Hover we've taken more than 12 years of experience selling domain names and combined it all with the latest web technologies to make domain name registration simple and less confusing," said Elliot Noss, President and CEO, Tucows. "There's no reason that the average person should feel intimidated, or confused when buying a domain name. Hover delivers on its promise to make a domain name as easy to use as it is to buy."

Hover takes a "best practices" approach to domain sales, using Tucows wholesale services provided by OpenSRS as its foundation. Tucows Retail Services is unifying its ItsYourDomain (IYD) retail, NetIdentity and Domain Direct domain registration services on Hover. Customers of IYD (It's Your Domain) were transferred to Hover last week. Domain Direct and NetIdentity customers can look forward to being transferred in early 2009.

About Tucows

Tucows is a global Internet services company.

OpenSRS manages over 8 million domain names and millions of email boxes through a reseller network of over 9,000 web hosts and ISPs. Hover is the easiest way for individuals and small businesses to manage their domain names and email addresses. YummyNames owns premium domain names that generate revenue through advertising or resale. is an online video network building on the foundation of More information can be found at


Leona Hobbs
Director of Communications
(416) 538-5450

Saturday, December 6, 2008 holding domain auction December 11 - is holding a live domain auction on December 11, 2008 at 6pm EST (3pm PST). If you are already a member there, check out the post located in the 'Platinum Lounge' section. If not a member, you can join at

Here are more details on the auction.

When: Thursday December 11, 2008 - 6:00PM EST (3pm PST)

Where: DNF Chat Room

1. Auction Type: Reserve and No Reserve Auction
2. One entry per member - Platinum and Exclusive members only
3. Payment is expected within 24 hours.

Information required for submission:

- Name(s), Registrar, Expiration date, Traffic
- Starting Price
- Payments: Escrow, Paypal, Moneybookers, etc...

Bid Increment:

- up to $100 - $5 minimum increment
- up to $999 - $20 minimum increment
- $1,000 and up - minimum $50 increment

Reserve Auction:

- If you have a reserve auction - your starting price must be at least 25% of the reserve price


DNForum conducts the auction on behalf of members and is not responsible for the transaction after the auction. Members need to check for the ownership of the name as well as the payment from the buyer.

Do you have auctioneer talent? If so, they are looking for volunteers who are available at that time of day to help with the auction.

In my opinion it's a great time to hold an auction, because sellers can make some extra income before Christmas, and buyers can probably find some good prices from motivated sellers.

I've already submitted my domain to the auction:

For additional information, join or log in at and check out the post in the 'Platinum Lounge'.


Friday, December 5, 2008 up for auction - The domain is currently on auction at Sedo, with two bidders and a price of $1,800. There are just under six days left until auction end.

Click here to check the status of the auction. is a nice short domain and about as generic as you can get.

While browsing the Sedo auctions I noticed many other country code domains in play, such as .de, .eu and .fr. Early and mid 2008 were busy for .ca sales, with record breaking top sales and auction activity at MyID. The last quarter of 2008 has been quiet for .ca news. If there are any significant sales happening they must be private transactions that don't get reported.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Recent .ca sales activity - Not a whole lot to report on the .ca front, but I did notice a couple of sales this week, and a .ca domain is currently in auction at Sedo.

The domains that sold were: - $1,050 US (Afternic) - ? ( not sure on the final price but the seller was asking $4,500. A super deal for a

The domain on auction is a pronouncable three letter .ca,, which you can see at this link:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live Current Media in Globe & Mail newspaper - This isn't .ca news, but still it's an interesting read of a Canadian tech firm and their domain The story of how Live Current Media got a deal to be the online media site for India's hugely popular cricket league is told in today's Globe & Mail newspaper.

I've followed Live Current's share price for a few years, and I also check their news releases on developments in other domains they own. They don't seem to have as big a portfolio as Marchex or Frank Schilling, but many of the domains they own are true premiums, like,, and

You can read the story here: sells at Sedo - On today's list of Sedo reported domain sales is the following .ca domain. - $800 US

The only related information I can find to lumalive is a site run by the company Philips,, and this is how they explain it:

Philips Lumalive is a new medium to convey emotions and messages. It creates a positive spirit and boosts your energy level. We use colorful dynamic animations on textile products like garments, to make an unexpected striking appearance. By integrating multicolor LEDs (light-emitting diodes) into textile objects Philips Lumalive transforms them into communication platforms, while their textile look & feel retains. This is a distinctive way to experience, communicate and personalize.

In short, it looks like Lumalive is a type of clothing that lights up.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Recent .ca sales at Pool - Here are some recent .ca domain sales at I should be able to post regular .ca sales from Pool now, thanks to my contact Marie! All of these sales came from dropped domains that were auctioned, except for which sold for $410. $885 $685 $1,150 $650 $525 $410 $340 $330 $160 $135 $115 $150 $350 $121 $120 $120 $131

Friday, October 17, 2008 sells at Sedo - This morning I was scanning through the reported Sedo sales and noticed the sale of - $18,000 US

What can you say, it's a great coffee related domain name. We'll have to keep an eye out to see who the buyer was, and what they use the domain for.

Thursday, October 16, 2008 sold at Afternic - Just saw this sale reported at Afternic. - $1,000 USD

It was bought by a person with the username JoyceSmith, and when you look up that name you see there is an accountant business for that person in Nanaimo, BC. So this was likely an end user sale, but not verified yet. At that price I'd also have believed it was a reseller sale, possibly because I'm partial to 'My' prefix domains with the right words, but this is a great name for any accountant to use to promote their business.

Kevin Ham profiled in BC Business magazine - For those of you who enjoy reading about successful domainers in the mainstream media, check out the latest (Oct 2008) issue of BC Business magazine. The magazine includes a one page profile of Vancouver based Kevin Ham as a winning entrepreneur in technology. It mentions his domain portfolio and association with Cameroon's .cm extension, and his future plans for his company Reinvent Technology.

I tried to find the story at the online site, but couldn't. Luckily, member Keynes located the link for all to enjoy. A big thanks to Keynes!

and for video of award ceremony:


“When this MD got restless, he started designing websites. Now he buys and sells domain names building an enormous empire and becoming a leading ‘domainer’”


Domain Convergence auction results - The DomainConvergence domain conference was recently held in Niagara Falls, Canada and ended on October 8. There was a domain auction at this event, and the reported .ca sales are posted below. For interest sake, I've included all the .ca domains that did not sell too. - $4,800 US sold - $230 US sold - $2,500 US sold - $100 US sold

domains that did not sell, with reserve (US $) 2,500 2,250 1,250 1,500 5,000 3,000 1,500 15,000

I think many of the names that did not sell were still reasonably priced. The best of them are probably Wildlife, Her, and Consulting. Crisps is what most people in the UK call potato chips, but I'm not sure the word is used all that much in Canada. It could probably be a good name for some type of snack food or crackers though.


Saturday, October 11, 2008 sells at Sedo - Just saw this morning that Sedo has reported the sale of for $3,101 US. You can add another 17% or so to get the value in Canadian dollars, with the recent slide our dollar has taken. I remember seeing offered for sale at from time to time, it is a nice three letter word domain to own.

The MYID .ca auction ended this week, I haven't seen the final results yet so will wait to see what MYID reports. They are also holding a post-auction sale for some of the domains, so there may be more sales to come.

On another note, I've been re-reading the book "The Domain Game" by David Kesmodel, and enjoying it as much the second time around. If you haven't got a copy yet I strongly suggest picking one up at Chapters or Amazon.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend everyone!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Domain Owners Association of Canada (DOAC) - I think the recent announcement of a domain owners association for Canadians is worth noting. I haven't seen any details yet, and the website they will be using currently is a parked page, but this could be a good thing for Canadian domainers.

In the forums I always see questions from Canadian domainers about taxes, legal issues with domains, trademark issues, etc. If a Canadian domainers association could help support domain owners in these areas, it would be a great benefit. Also, an association like this could help Canadian domainers with reverse hijacking type situations.

The founder and president of the DOAC is Peter Maxymych, President of, a company with a large portfolio of .ca domains.

Once ready, the Domain Owners Association of Canada website will be located at

For now, you can contact Zak Muscovitch, the association’s solicitor, by emailing Zak @

One comment I would have right away is that the name for the association is kind of awkward, and doesn't roll off the tongue easily. Maybe it should just be Domain Owners of Canada, or Canadian Domain Owners, or Association of Canadian Domainers.

Here is a link to the DOAC news from

Thursday, October 2, 2008

MyID .ca domain auction list - I haven't posted much lately due to a busy work schedule, plus the fact it was a slow September in the .ca domain world. But now there is something big to post about.

The MyID .ca auction starts in about an hour, and the list of domains in the auction has been posted (see below).

To visit the MyID auction site, click here.

It will be interesting to see how this auction does amidst all the turmoil in the financial world. The domain auctions at the TRAFFIC show in New York last month did quite well considering the economic environment.

I've noticed that while many investments outside domains have taken a hit, stocks relating to technology and the internet haven't been hit as hard. I've also had more serious enquiries for my .ca domains in the last month or two than in years past. While the general economy may be in a slump, the internet is still important to people for business and entertainment, and that probably won't change.

There are 155 .ca domains in the auction, and the reserve price range is included to the right of each domain.

1. ( $1001 - $1750 )
2. ( $5001 - $7500 )
3. ( $751 - $1000 )
4. ( $751 - $1000 )
5. ( $501 - $750 )
6. ( $1001 - $1750 )
7. ( $2 - $100 )
8. ( $1001 - $1750 )
9. ( $2501 - $3750 )
10. ( $515 )

11. ( $2501 - $3750 )
12. ( $501 )
13. ( $3751 - $5000 )
14. ( $101 - $250 )
15. ( $2501 - $3750 )
16. ( $3751 - $5000 )
17. ( $1001 - $1750 )
18. ( $251 - $500 )
19. ( $1751 - $2500 )
20. ( $1751 - $2500 )

21. ( $2501 - $3750 )
22. ( $101 - $250 )
23. ( $2501 - $3750 )
24. ( $2501 - $3750 )
25. ( $2501 - $3750 )
26. ( $2501 - $3750 )
27. ( $501 - $750 )
28. ( $2 - $100 )
29. ( $3751 - $5000 )
30. ( $751 - $1000 )

31. ( $501 - $750 )
32. ( $201 )
33. ( $1751 - $2500 )
34. ( $1001 - $1750 )
35. ( $1751 - $2500 )
36. ( $751 - $1000 )
37. ( $501 - $750 )
38. ( $2501 - $3750 )
39. ( $501 - $750 )
40. ( $251 - $500 )

41. ( $251 - $500 )
42. ( $251 - $500 )
43. ( $1751 - $2500 )
44. ( $1751 - $2500 )
45. ( $251 - $500 )
46. ( $3751 - $5000 )
47. ( $1751 - $2500 )
48. ( $5001 - $7500 )
49. ( $15001 - $25000 )
50. ( $2 - $100 )

51. ( $3751 - $5000 )
52. ( $2 - $100 )
53. ( $501 - $750 )
54. ( $2501 - $3750 )
55. ( $3751 - $5000 )
56. ( $751 - $1000 )
57. ( $501 - $750 )
58. ( $5001 - $7500 )
59. ( $7501 - $10000 )
60. ( $2501 - $3750 )

61. ( $1001 - $1750 )
62. ( $2501 - $3750 )
63. ( $1751 - $2500 )
64. ( $251 - $500 )
65. ( $1001 - $1750 )
66. ( $2501 - $3750 )
67. ( $1001 - $1750 )
68. ( $2501 - $3750 )
69. ( $101 - $250 )
70. ( $251 - $500 )

71. ( $1751 - $2500 )
72. ( $5001 - $7500 )
73. ( $251 - $500 )
74. ( $501 - $750 )
75. ( $7501 - $10000 )
76. ( $751 - $1000 )
77. ( $5001 - $7500 )
78. ( $5001 - $7500 )
79. ( $751 - $1000 )
80. ( $1751 - $2500 )

81. ( $1001 - $1750 )
82. ( $7501 - $10000 )
83. ( $2501 - $3750 )
84. ( $1001 - $1750 )
85. ( $751 - $1000 )
86. ( $251 - $500 )
87. ( $5001 - $7500 )
88. ( $555 )
89. ( $751 - $1000 )
90. ( $1751 - $2500 )

91. ( $1751 - $2500 )
92. ( $15001 - $25000 )
93. ( $751 - $1000 )
94. ( $251 - $500 )
95. ( $1751 - $2500 )
96. ( $751 - $1000 )
97. ( $1001 - $1750 )
98. ( $1001 - $1750 )
99. ( $751 - $1000 )
100. ( $1001 - $1750 )

101. ( $101 - $250 )
102. ( $751 - $1000 )
103. ( $101 - $250 )
104. ( $1001 - $1750 )
105. ( $1751 - $2500 )
106. ( $251 - $500 )
107. ( $101 - $250 )
108. ( $251 - $500 )
109. ( $7501 - $10000 )
110. ( $785 )

111. ( $501 - $750 )
112. ( $1751 - $2500 )
113. ( $1751 - $2500 )
114. ( $1751 - $2500 )
115. ( $3751 - $5000 )
116. ( $101 - $250 )
117. ( $2501 - $3750 )
118. ( $501 - $750 )
119. ( $501 - $750 )
120. ( $1001 - $1750 )

121. ( $251 - $500 )
122. ( $501 - $750 )
123. ( $2501 - $3750 )
124. ( $3751 - $5000 )
125. ( $751 - $1000 )
126. ( $2 - $100 )
127. ( $1001 - $1750 )
128. ( $5001 - $7500 )
129. ( $25001 - $37500 )
130. ( $5001 - $7500 )

131. ( $10001 - $15000 )
132. ( $751 - $1000 )
133. ( $1751 - $2500 )
134. ( $5001 - $7500 )
135. ( $2501 - $3750 )
136. ( $3751 - $5000 )
137. ( $1001 - $1750 )
138. ( $751 - $1000 )
139. ( $1001 - $1750 )
140. ( $2 - $100 )

141. ( $10001 - $15000 )
142. ( $755 )
143. ( $2501 - $3750 )
144. ( $1751 - $2500 )
145. ( $251 - $500 )
146. ( $1751 - $2500 )
147. ( $751 - $1000 )
148. ( $2501 - $3750 )
149. ( $101 - $250 )
150. ( $251 - $500 )

151. ( $1055 )
152. ( $751 - $1000 )
153. ( $101 - $250 )
154. ( $101 - $250 )
155. ( $2501 - $3750 )

To visit the MyID auction site, click here.


Monday, September 22, 2008

Latest News on next MyID .ca auction - Here is the latest news I received from on their next .ca domain auction:

--------------- is glad to announce that the fifth DOT CA Auction will take place from October 2 till October 9.

Domain submissions will be accepted from Wednesday September 24 till Saturday September 27. The final domain list to be auctioned will be posted on our website no later than September 29.

As our auction system has recently been upgraded and as the system infrastructure has significantly changed, all sellers that previously submitted domains for consideration will need to resubmit their domains for the new auction. We do apologize for the inconvenience but the two systems infrastructure are vastly different that such a step is necessary.

While we have tested the new system thoroughly, some bugs may be uncovered in the next auction. Please keep in mind that we are still considering the new system as in beta production and would appreciate all bug reports you may find so that we get these addressed ASAP.

There are numerous improvement from the previous system namely:

1) No more guesswork as to when to download the seller's agreement:

The link to download the seller's agreement will now show up only after the final list of domains for a certain seller has been decided upon. Seller will be notified by email once that document is available for download.

2) Advanced Seller Privacy and 100% Buyer Guarantee:

Sellers have the option to transfer their domains to our temp registrant and have their domains clearly marked as such in the domain list to be auctioned. What that does is protect seller's privacy, give 100% guarantee to potential buyers that a successfully auctioned domain will be transferred without issue, increase bidding confidence, and speed up the process for all involved thereby leading to sellers getting their funds earlier and buyers getting their domains quicker.

This optional 'Advanced Seller Privacy (and Buyer Guarantee)' is 100% safe (we guarantee it) and at no time jeopardizes the seller's domain ownership.

Please refer to our FAQs for more info:

3) Post Auction Offers:

All domains not sold in a particular auction will now be automatically eligible to participate in our optional 'Post Auction Offers (PAO)'. This will allow these domains to be listed on our website and to receive offers from interested parties. Negotiations between sellers and potential buyers would take place on our newly developed and secure PAO interface. This is a SIGNIFICANT addon to our auction and will greatly increase the domains' exposure and the chances of them getting sold:

4) The invoicing system has been completely revamped with vast improvements including:

a) Invoices are now automatically generated to buyers at the end of auction thereby eliminating the potential for human error and significantly speeding up the process.

b) Statements of earnings are now automatically generated to sellers.

c) Sellers and Buyers can track the status of any of their sold/bought domain and check on the transaction status to determine whether for a certain domain an invoice has been sent, payment has been received, registrar or registrant transfer were started or completed and whether funds have been released to seller.

5) An auction calendar is now in place allowing sellers to book a spot months in advance so that they can effectively market their very valuable auctioned domains to end users.

Additional features we are working on include a 'trust score' which awards sellers and buyers one point for each transaction completed, with the higher score translating to higher trust in doing business with that buyer or seller. In addition, we are working on a 'frequent user' system that would lower our commission for repeat sellers and would offer 'cashback' for our repeat buyers. Finally, we are completing our At-Cost-credits management interface and putting the last touches on a very elaborate affiliate and referral system that would offer serious incentives for all that refer other buyers and/or sellers to our auctions (including PAO).

Overall, lots of exciting things are happenning and we continue our commitment to further develop the dot ca aftermarket to a top-notch standard.

As always, please advise us of any question you may have or any issue we may be able to assist you with.

Best of luck to all in the upcoming auctions. DOT CA Auction Management Team

For more information on MyID .ca auctions please click here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One .ca sale reported in last week - The weekly sales report came out last night, and one .ca domain was listed in the country code section in 17th place: - $2,180 sold at Pool

I'm surprised there aren't more .ca sales showing up in the dnjournal report lately, I suppose many .ca sales have been going unreported.

But that shouldn't last for long. is having an auction later this month which should produce some .ca sales that will show up at DNjournal. Country codes in general have been doing well in the aftermarket, with .fr .pl .de .me .it .es .eu and .tv domains all showing up in the latest sales report.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Domaining season about to start - Only one .ca sale to mention in the past week, from the last weekly domain sales report. - $1,081 (sold at

August went out as it started, a slow month for .ca domain news. I would expect things to pick up in September, especially with MyID having another auction, and the TRAFFIC conference set for later in the month in New York City.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

MyID running September .ca auction + more - It looks like there will be more MyID .ca auctions, among other items they have planned. MyID just sent out an email detailing their plans into September, and it looks like they have been busy.

Here is a copy of their email:

Greetings from

As the summer is nearing its end, it's time to get back to business. We hope you all had a great summer holiday.

Our next auction will be a major one and will take place in the second half of September. Full date details will be announced soon. For now, let's just say that this will be a MAJOR auction and that, as always, it will be 100% dedicated to dot ca domains.

This also will be the time when version two of our auction system will be released with 124 improvements and features that will address all feedback and requests we have received in the last few months. We are thankful for all that took the time to send us their input and suggestions.

But that's not all. In the next few days, many of the dot ca domains that were previously listed (but not sold) on any of the prior DOT CA auctions, will be listed in our after auction marketplace, a new service that will be part of every future DOT CA auction. More details coming soon to all including corresponding domain owners. Some restrictions apply.

We have lots planned for the dot ca world so stay tuned. Things are gonna get quite interesting in the next few months.

Sincerely, Dot CA Auction Management Team

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More .ca sales over last week

The weekly sales report came out last night, and there are some .ca sales on the list. is on the list, and I already noted this sale in a post below.

The other sales were: - $4,488 - $2,500 - $1,800

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Country code domains in the blogisphere - A blog post today at has touched off a lot of comments and response to the growing trend of country code domains (and IDN domains).

Rick Latona's post can be seen by clicking here.

Ron Jackson at gave some feedback on his view of country code domains - click here to see what he said.

Both posts make reference to .ca domains, and to me this kind of commentary shows why the demand for country code domains will increase in the future.

Slow August for .CA domains - August has been a slow month for .CA domains!

Since the MyID auctions ended in July, it looks like .ca domain investors have taken a well deserved late-summer break. With many new reported sales prices recorded this year, it seemed like the market needed a breather anyway. I think in September the interest in domains will pick up again. Stock markets are predicted to go sideways, commodities are pulling back, real estate is holding or declining, 'old' media is having problems competing for advertising and eyeballs. One of the only areas still experiencing growth and change is the internet, with more people flocking to it, and more things to do on it. To navigate the internet you need domain names, and if you build a website you need a good domain name for it.

There are two .ca sales to report that I just noticed at Sedo today. - $500 Eur ($782 Cdn.) - $3,000 Eur ($4,694 Cdn.)

Those are good prices, considering the exchange rate of the Euro, for two domains that appear to fall in the brandable category. That is, my guess is that they don't get natural traffic, but need to be used in a company's advertising or marketing strategy to generate visitors. But they are very good terms to develop a travel-related theme around.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008 all over Yahoo - For a while now I've been seeing the banners on Yahoo's site, prominently displaying the .ca domain.

I finally decided to visit the site, assuming it would be a Canadian travel company or promotion, but found that it redirects to

About us - is the tourist destination web site of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA). The LVCVA is the official destination marketing organization of Las Vegas and the surrounding Clark County Area. It operates the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center. The LVCVA brings visitors to Las Vegas and Clark County by promoting tourism, conventions, meetings and special events.

It's interesting that US travel companies are using .ca's in their promotion. Other examples I can think of are, and

Country code domain bests .com version - In this week's sales report, the domain was reported to have sold for higher than

It is very unusual for a country code version of a domain to sell for higher than the .com version. In this case, since the sales happened in the same week, they can be compared more readily (as opposed to if the sales happened far apart, and market changes or other factors could have come into play).

Shoppen means 'shopping' in Dutch, so it is a nice keyword to have. The other surprise is the .nl sold for around 69k, and the .com for 13k, which is a huge price discrepency (over 5x difference). There are some who believe that country code domains could become as valuable, or even more valuable, than their .com counterparts, partly because a country code domain usually lets you know you are dealing with a local business. If you're dealing local, you have more confidence as a consumer, and no worries about extra shipping charges, or border taxes on goods. Perhaps we will be seeing more country code domains outsell their .com counterparts, but at this point it's hard to say from just this one example.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

List of biggest .CA domain sales - Here is a webpage I just learned about that is an "unofficial" list of reported .CA sales over $1,000.

Scanning through the list I know of a few names that aren't there, and the list of sales that never get reported is probably longer than this one.

Still, this gives a good idea of what .ca domains have been going for in the aftermarket, if you are looking to price your own names, or buy a .ca

There is a link on the page in case you have any sales you want to report to the webmaster.

List of .ca sales over $1,000


Thursday, July 24, 2008 sold at Afternic

- The domain recently sold at Afternic for $650 US.

This is a nice generic .ca domain that can be used for a commercial product, especially if you are in the tea or hot beverage market. Tea products are light and easy to ship. Lots of potential for a good ecommerce website with this domain. sells for 20,000 Euros

The front page at today shows a sale reported for - $20,000 Euros ($31,900 Cdn.)

That is a surprisingly high price for this domain at first glance. It's not yet known who the buyer is, but some speculate that the owners of bought it. is part of a large company that runs a webmail system. GMX is also a stock ticker symbol for Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.

No matter who the buyer was, congrats go out to the seller who appears to have negotiated a very good deal for this domain.

Monday, July 21, 2008 and on auction at Afternic

Just recently there have been two .ca domains in the 'closing soon' auction section at Afternic. - high bid is currently $1,000 - high bid is currently $500

Over at Sedo, is on auction. - high bid is currently $2,500
Also, a recent .ca domain sale was spotted at the Afternic Bazaar. - $190.50

Natural foods is a nice food related domain, especially these days when more people are choosing healthy and organic foods for their lifestyle.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 sale reported in DNJournal

This week's DNjournal domain sales report includes the sale of, which sold at Pool a while back. - $8,200

This sale made the sixth spot on the country code list. Most country code sales were for European country extensions, like .de, and .be. There were also a few .tv sales, and one .asia sale.

With the exception of, all the other country code domains were sold at

You can view the entire weekly report by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TBR .ca domains dropping July 16

Even though it's summer, the weather is hot and most people are outside enjoying some downtime, the .ca domains keep dropping every week!

There is also a .ca auction going on until July 17 at MyID, with some nice .ca domains including,,,, and

Here are some of the better or more interesting .ca domains dropping tomorrow.

Friday, July 11, 2008 sells at Sedo

In the Sedo domains sold section today I saw the following .ca sale: - $1,500 EUR (about $2,400 Cdn)

That's kind of cheeky, putting up a .ca domain for sale in Euros! Don't think I've seen that before.

Anyhow, cashloans is a nice loan term that might get some type-in traffic, and would be great to use to brand a loan business. I can easily see this domain being used in print, television, and radio, and it would look great on a business card.

This domain may not have been bought by an end user, but it's still a great one to hold. I think as website development gets easier, many of today's .ca domainers will become the end-users for many of their domains (even if they don't know it yet), either alone or in partnerships. The price for this domain also seems fair, if not slightly on the low side.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

.CN the new leader in country code domains

The .cn domain extension for China has now surpassed Germany's .de as the country code extension with the most domain registrations.

A few highlights reported in the latest Sedo newsletter...

China’s .cn now stands alone atop the list of the largest country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLDs) in the world. It has shot past Germany (.de) at an alarming rate, with between 400,000 and 500,000 registrations occurring per month.

It used to be that .cn domain names were only allowed to be registered by businesses with a physical presence in the country of China. Now, .cn domains are open to the rest of the world, creating heavy demand for .cn domains on a global level.

Today, China has an estimated 56 million internet users. Within the next 2 years, it is expected that China will account for a solid 25% of the total internet use around the globe.

Link to Sedo newsletter:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top .ca domain sales of last week

DN Journal put out it's domain sales report last night for the week ending July 6.

There were some .ca sales reported in the country codes, and one of them even made the overall domain sales list. All sales are reported in US dollars. These domain sales occurred at MyID, Pool, or Sedo. $30,933 $7,595 $5,360 $5,310

The following sales were reported but didn't make the country code Top 20 list. These domains were sold at recent MyID auctions. $4,124, $3,093 $2,578 $2,062 $1,910 $1,392 $1,032

Monday, July 7, 2008

List of .CA domains in next MyID auction

Here is the list of .ca domains to be auctioned by MyID in their first July auction.

Again, the list contains many premium one and two word generics.

You can sign up to bid on names, or to list names for the next auctions, by clicking here to register on their site.

The auction will be run over two days, as opposed to the longer auctions they held previously. Auction starts on July 15, according to their site

Auction Start Date : 2008-07-15 13:00:00
Auction End Date : 2008-07-17

Domains to be auctioned. ($1751 - $2500) ($251 - $500) ($251 - $500) ($1001 - $1750) ($1001 - $1750) ($5001 - $7500) ($501 - $750) ($1001 - $1750) ($1001 - $1750) ($101 - $250) ($501 - $750) ($1001 - $1750) ($501 - $750)
DownloadFreeRingtone(s).ca ($2 - $100) ($1001 - $1750) ($751 - $1000) ($251 - $500) ($751 - $1000)
Enlargement(s).ca ($751 - $1000) ($1001 - $1750) ($2501 - $3750) ($1001 - $1750) ($751 - $1000) ($1001 - $1750) ($7501 - $10000) ($2501 - $3750) ($751 - $1000) ($251 - $500) ($3751 - $5000) ($1001 - $1750) ($7501 - $10000) ($7501 - $10000) ($1001 - $1750) ($251 - $500) ($501 - $750) ($751 - $1000) ($251 - $500) ($1751 - $2500) ($1001 - $1750) ($2501 - $3750) ($1001 - $1750) ($1001 - $1750) ($501 - $750) ($3751 - $5000) ($251 - $500) ($1001 - $1750) ($751 - $1000) ($751 - $1000) ($501 - $750) ($1001 - $1750) ($2501 - $3750) ($2501 - $3750) ($751 - $1000) ($751 - $1000) ($1751 - $2500) ($751 - $1000)
PizzaRestaurant(s).ca ($101 - $250) ($501 - $750) ($251 - $500) ($1001 - $1750) ($5001 - $7500) ($101 - $250) ($1751 - $2500) ($10001 - $15000) ($15001 - $25000) ($251 - $500) ($1001 - $1750) ($251 - $500) ($1751 - $2500) ($501 - $750) ($2501 - $3750) ($1001 - $1750) ($2501 - $3750) ($251 - $500) and 14 other ($2501 - $3750) ($251 - $500) ($251 - $500) ($2501 - $3750) ($2501 - $3750) ($2501 - $3750) ($251 - $500) ($1751 - $2500) ($501 - $750) ($101 - $250) ($1751 - $2500) ($37501 - $50000)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008 and recent domain sales

While looking on the Sedo homepage today, I saw that they reported the sale of for $7,595. That's a nice sale for a french word that means 'green'.

I remembered that I recently saw another sale of Vert but in a different domain extension, so I did a little digging on Google and found I was right. Sedo also sold for $8,500 in the week of June 2 this year. - $7,595 - $8,500

You don't often see the .ca version of a domain selling for anywhere near the .com version, but there it is. Is this a new trend we should expect to see? Most likely not, my guess is that the buyer is the same person for each of these domains, and they must have some project planned for them, possibly based out of Quebec. And they really wanted both domains.

Monday, June 30, 2008

.CA domains dropping this week July 2

There are many three letter .ca's dropping this week, and a few good words.

Also of note is this list of Toronto - themed domains, many that have to do with building and contracting. One person must have dropped this whole package for some reason.

Some nice domains in this list:

Also some nice travel-theme domains available:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

.CA domains lead DNJournal country code sales

As was expected, the top .ca domain sales from the first MyID auctions are starting to make it onto the DNJournal weekly sales report. Domains showing up in dnjournal are confirmed sales, so we know the transactions went through.

Many .ca sales went into the country code listings, and a few even made it onto the overall sales list, which includes all domain extensions (e.g.: .com, .org, .net). was number 7 overall, and was number 10. was number 18, and hit number 21.

In country code sales, .ca had more placements than any other extension with 6. Another 12 .ca sales were also mentioned, and all fell within the $1,000 to $4,200 price range.

To see the DNJournal report, click here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 sells at Sedo

A small .ca sale to report at Sedo today. $1,250

It will be interesting to follow this name in the next few weeks to see if the buyer just parks it, or develops it into a website (possibly something to do with Quebec?).

Friday, June 20, 2008

Third MyID .ca domain auction has legs

The third MyID .ca auction still has over five days to go, and already there are 26 names with bids, some reserves already met, and four and five figure dollar amounts on the board.

I was wondering with this third auction if bidders would still have enough funds after the first two auctions, and how deep the financial pool would be. Since .ca is only limited to those with Canadian presence, it restricts the pool of eligible bidders. Can a .ca auction with premium names be run every week and still have enough demand?

I guess the answer so far is "yes". Many probably realize that quality premiums that get taken in these auctions may never become available again, or only at a higher price, so there is lots of incentive to grab them now during this window of opportunity.

I haven't seen any sales from the MYID auction hit DNJournal yet, but I'd be looking for some to be on the country code list next week.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MyID releases third .ca domain auction list

Today MyID released their list of .ca domains to be auctioned from June 19 to 26. This is the third .ca auction from MyID. Again, there are many quality, generic .ca domains to be had. Here is the auction list by category, along with the reserve price range beside each name.

To visit the MyID .ca auction page, click here:

2-3 characters
1. ($3751 - $5000)
2. ($5001 - $7500)
3. ($751 - $1000)
4. ($251 - $500)
5. ($501 - $750)

1. ($251 - $500)
2. ($2501 - $3750)
3. ($1001 - $1750)
4. ($2501 - $3750)
5. ($1751 - $2500)

Business / Financial
1. ($2501 - $3750)
2. ($1001 - $1750)
3. ($251 - $500)
4. ($1001 - $1750)
5. ($751 - $1000)
6. ($1751 - $2500)
7. ($101 - $250)
8. ($1751 - $2500)
9. ($751 - $1000)
10. ($751 - $1000)
11. ($501 - $750)
12. ($1001 - $1750)
13. ($5001 - $7500)
14. ($1751 - $2500)
15. ($10001 - $15000)
16. ($2501 - $3750)

1. ($2 - $100)
2. ($751 - $1000)
3. ($2501 - $3750)

1. ($0 - $1)
2. ($0 - $1)
3. ($0 - $1)
4. ($2501 - $3750)

Fitness and Dieting
1. ($10001 - $15000)
2. ($251 - $500)
3. ($1751 - $2500)

1. ($1751 - $2500)
2. ($251 - $500)

1. ($251 - $500)
2. ($1001 - $1750)
3. ($1001 - $1750)

1. ($10001 - $15000)
2. ($751 - $1000)
3. ($2501 - $3750)
4. ($751 - $1000)
5. ($5001 - $7500)
6. ($251 - $500)
7. ($2501 - $3750)
8. ($751 - $1000)
9. ($3751 - $5000)
10. ($10001 - $15000)

Geo Domains
1. ($1751 - $2500)
2. ($1001 - $1750)
3. ($1001 - $1750)
4. ($751 - $1000)
5. ($1751 - $2500)
6. ($501 - $750)
7. ($2501 - $3750)
8. ($1001 - $1750)
9. ($2501 - $3750)
10. ($1001 - $1750)
11. ($2 - $100)
12. ($751 - $1000)
13. ($1001 - $1750)
14. ($1751 - $2500)
15. ($1751 - $2500)
16. ($751 - $1000)

1. ($2501 - $3750)
2. ($10001 - $15000)
3. ($2 - $100)
4. ($251 - $500)
5. ($251 - $500)
6. ($751 - $1000)
7. ($2501 - $3750)

1. ($1751 - $2500) (more info)
2. ($2501 - $3750)
3. ($101 - $250)
4. ($1001 - $1750)
5. ($1751 - $2500)
6. ($751 - $1000)
7. ($2501 - $3750)
8. ($10001 - $15000)
9. ($2501 - $3750)
10. ($2501 - $3750)
11. ($501 - $750)
12. ($1001 - $1750)
13. ($251 - $500)
14. ($251 - $500)
15. ($751 - $1000)
16. ($2501 - $3750)
17. ($1751 - $2500)
18. ($1751 - $2500)
19. ($751 - $1000)

Medical / Legal
1. ($101 - $250)
2. ($101 - $250)
3. ($1751 - $2500)
4. ($1751 - $2500)
5. ($2501 - $3750)
6. ($751 - $1000)
7. ($1751 - $2500)
8. ($1751 - $2500)
9. ($2501 - $3750)
10. ($1751 - $2500)
11. ($2501 - $3750)
12. ($10001 - $15000)

Real Estate
1. ($251 - $500)
2. ($101 - $250)
3. ($1751 - $2500)
4. ($2501 - $3750)
5. ($1001 - $1750)
6. ($751 - $1000)

1. ($751 - $1000)
2. ($2 - $100)
3. ($15001 - $25000)
4. ($1001 - $1750)
5. ($1001 - $1750)
6. ($251 - $500)
7. ($25001 - $37500)
8. ($751 - $1000)

1. ($751 - $1000)
2. ($10001 - $15000)
3. ($3751 - $5000)
4. ($501 - $750)
5. ($1001 - $1750)
6. ($251 - $500)
7. ($1751 - $2500)
8. ($10001 - $15000)

1. ($751 - $1000)
2. ($1001 - $1750)

1. ($1751 - $2500)
2. ($2501 - $3750)
3. ($251 - $500)
4. ($251 - $500)
5. ($1751 - $2500)
6. ($501 - $750)
7. ($2 - $100)
8. ($1001 - $1750)
9. ($1001 - $1750)
10. ($2501 - $3750)
11. ($1751 - $2500)
12. ($1001 - $1750)
13. ($1001 - $1750)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are there enough domains for the world?

I read the Verisign quarterly domain report last night, and a few things struck me.

The first was the total number of domains registered, which is 162 million. On a global context, this doesn't seem like many, it would work out to one domain for every second American, and none for the rest of the world. Yet, it seems like it's getting harder to register quality names. I also read recently that there are only about 500,000 words in the english language. Then there's also french, spanish, german, chinese, etc.

Year over year the total growth was 26%, and country code domain growth alone was 33%. At this rate, what will be left for people to register in 5 years? Will good domains only be available in the aftermarket?

It seems like the trend will be for people to take their country code domain if the .com isn't available, and .cn has surpassed .net in total registrations.

India has only 4% internet penetration. What will happen to the domain market when countries like this reach 25%, 50% and higher internet use?

What will your young kids or grandkids be able to register when the time comes for them to need a domain?

.CA auction results from last week

Here are the official results of the MyID .ca auction from last week. Again there were many 4 and 5 figure sales of solid generic domains.

The top three sales were ($30000), ($19100), and ($15000).

The next MyID .ca auction will run from June 19 - 26. Click here to register as a seller or buyer. $1450 $1503 $4000 $19100 $1500 $2701 $2101 $61 $5199 $901 $15101 $1502 $1852 $30,000 $3200 $1601
LegalConsultant(s).ca $1750 $3000 $2500 $901 $1051 $3002 $1041 $250 $230 $1800 $750 $1500 $3201 $1351 $250 $802

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Domain Game book has arrived

I came back from being away last week and my copy of "the Domain Game" by David Kesmodel was waiting in my mail pile.

I think this is a book that would appeal to anyone who is into domaining. I am only part way through the book (only putting it down when I have to do something else, otherwise I'd read it straight through), but so far it has given great details of how people like Scott Day, Garry Chernoff, Rick Schwartz, Marc Ostrofsky, Yun Ye and others started out. I am at the part now that starts to cover Yun Ye.

It's interesting to read how the registration system started up (from domains being free to $100 a pop), domaining before there was pay per click, NetSolutions not invoicing for weeks, confusion on how and when domains dropped, and all the other details of how 'domaining' started. And to think I was visiting Penticton a few times a year in the late 90's, at the time Garry Chernoff started domaining, makes me wish I had bumped into him and got some pointers on the domain market!

I'll give another update when I've finished the book, but if you want to get a copy here is the info.

Author's webpage for the book:

To order the book, go to the Xlibris site, you can read an excerpt from the book as well.

I don't think this book is mainstream enough to be in Amazon or Chapters yet, but it's worth a look. It could be a hit, because many people love rags to riches type stories, and I think the subject matter of making it big appeals to a lot of people, no matter what the industry.

I also wouldn't be surprised if a movie was made about the early days of domaining, but that might be 5 to 10 years off.

Monday, June 9, 2008

.COM driving growth of Country Code TLDs

.COM is driving the growth of country code top level domains, in my opinion.

This past weekend I was looking in the newspaper, checking the domains (as usual) that companies were using in their ads. I saw one company that was using a really nice .ca domain, and I thought they probably couldn't get the domain in .com, but the .ca will work really well for them.

And then it struck me...

It's always been known that as .com domains get taken, other extensions will get used if the term people want is available (like in .ca, .net, .org). But what happens next is also important.

That business that regged the .ca because they couldn't get the .com will now advertise their .ca URL on business cards, tv, radio, newspaper, etc, giving the .ca further credibility in the minds of Canadians.

So as .com becomes less of an option, we have people turning to .ca, then advertising their .ca and creating that awareness and acceptance of the .ca extension.

It's to the point now where if only a .com is taken, Canadians will choose the .ca even if the .net, .org, .info and so on are available. I've even seen a few instances where a .ca name was registered and the .com was still available!

Step 1 - .com is registered, get the .ca (not the .net or .org)

Step 2 - all these businesses advertising .ca and creating acceptance - not to mention all those .ca's used by government we see everyday

Step 3 - Canadian public see .ca domains everywhere, when it comes time for them to need a domain name, .ca becomes a top choice

In a sense, the lack of good .com's is promoting the use of .ca in two ways - forcing people to register a .ca, and then the promotion by the registrants of those .ca domains.

And I believe the same thing is happening in other countries, like Germany (.de), Spain (.es), UK ( and so on. I think it will happen in the USA (.us), but for some reason the acceptance of their country code extension is taking more time there.

Friday, June 6, 2008 up for sale at MyID .ca auction is for sale in the MyID .ca auction running from June 5 to June 12. The reserve range is only $2,500 to $5,000. The photo above shows the Macau Tower on the Macau skyline.

You can see the MyID .ca auction by clicking here.

Macau is the only legal gambling zone in China, with many new Las Vegas-style casino resorts in development. The total gambling revenue in Macau was greater than Las Vegas in 2007. A drawing point for the Macau location is that it's only a couple hours flight from 3 billion or so people. The average gaming table in Macau takes in two or three times the revenue of the average table in Macau.

For these reasons, it's no wonder sold for $550,000 in 2006, and sold again in 2007 for an undisclosed amount. could be used for a travel site to market this destination to Canadians. I currently run a simple information webpage on this domain, and I've written an article on Macau with a link to the domain that gets published through Over the past year, traffic has averaged 100 to 175 hits/month, but the value of this domain is greater than just this traffic. If there is anyone out there with more ambitions for this domain than me, now is your change to grab it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Video of Kevin Ham's "What is Success" Speech, Kevin Ham's company, has posted the video of his famous "What is Success" speech given at a TRAFFIC conference earlier this year.

Kevin Ham is based in Vancouver and owns one of the top .com domain portfolios in the world. He was relatively unknown until he was profiled on the cover of Business 2.0 magazine as the "Man Who Owns the Internet".

Enjoy the video - click below to watch.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

MyID releases June 5 -12 dotca domain auction list

Here is the list of top domains in the next MyID .ca auction, running June 5 to June 12.

The top of each list shows the reserve price range. I've only included domains with a reserve of $1000 and greater.

You can view the entire list by clicking here to visit the MyID .ca site.

$1001 - $2500
18. LegalConsultant(s).ca

$2501 - $5000
12. LasikEye(s).ca
20. StarterHome(s).ca

$5001 - $10000

More than $10000

Monday, June 2, 2008

MyID .ca auction results list from last week

Here are the final results of domains sold in last week's MyID .ca auction. I think the results show that short domains (, and single/double words of strong commercial appeal tend to sell well, especially in areas like real estate, finance, education, medical, travel, and common products. $53000 $25299 $17352 $15100 $10999 $9600 $3999 $3000

QuebecHome(s).ca $2999 $2499 $2350 $2000 $1800 $1750 $1503

WhistlerTrip(s).ca $1500 $1150 $995 $950 $750 $750 $501 $205 $199 $50 sells for $18,353 reports that has sold for $18,353 in their premium auction service.

This is a nice continuation from last week for .ca sales (last week many four and five figure sales were made at the MyID auction). Pool stated at the auction start that gets about 600 unique visitors per month, and was earning about $300 in affiliate commissions, without any marketing. It is a nice generic domain that can be used for an online dating site, and the singular version ( is already a Canadian dating site. Dates are also a dried fruit, but it's probably better to go the dating route with this domain.

Friday, May 30, 2008

First MyID .ca auction closes successfully

The first MyID .ca auction ended today, and I think the results were positive. There was a lot of speculation initially when MyID announced they were going to start doing regular .ca auctions. Many wondered if a regular auction format would work for .ca domains at this time. Well, I think the answer is yes based on today's outcome. Many four figure sales, some five figure sales, and lots of last minute bidding on the top domains. Future auctions will likely have more quality domains, since domainers now know that this format is working.

Here are three of the top sales from the auction (not official): $53,300 $17,352 $25,299

Hopefully MyID will publish a full auction results list with all the closing prices. Many of these sales will likely be reported in the weekly DNJournal sales report for country code domains.

Thursday, May 29, 2008 is for sale

I've listed for sale at DNForum if anyone is interested.

You can see the sale thread by clicking here.

I'll be selling this domain to the highest offer by Friday, May 30, 6pm EST (New York time).

High offer is now $250.

'coffee machine' is one of the highest search terms for coffee, and sold for 100k recently.

You can bid or contact me through dnforum, or the domain whois.

MyID .ca auction into final day

There are just over 24 hours left in the first MyID .ca domain auction. The amount of all bids on .ca domains is about $165,000. Only four domains have met reserve so far, however that will likely change as the auction draws to a close tomorrow.

The four domains with reserves met are: $899 $750 $1,001 $9,400

The domains with the highest bids are: $52,501 $11,002 $10,001 $10,001

If you are interested in checking out the auction click here to visit the MyID site.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Million .ca domains on YouTube

Here is a video clip from earlier this year of an Ottawa newscast that talks about the 1 million .ca milestone. It's only had 14 views on YouTube (posted there on May 14), so I thought I'd post it here in case anyone wants to see it.

The clip shows a reception at the National Gallery and some commentary by John Demco of Cira.

Monday, May 26, 2008

May 28 .ca TBR dropping domains

There are 2,889 .ca domains dropping this week on the TBR. Here are some of the better or more interesting names in the drop.


Also, the MyID .ca domain auction ends later this week. There is still time to bid on domains, or submit your .ca domains for the next auction in June. Click here to visit the MyID auction site.

As of this posting, the dollar value of all the bids on domains in the auction is just under $100,000 which I think is a great start to the first .ca domain auction. Last Friday, when the auction started, the total bids by the end of the day were around $40,000. Not all domains have met their reserves yet, but as we all know, bidding at auctions usually picks up towards the end.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some .ca TBR auction results

These results were posted by a member of for some TBR auctions that ended at Sibername today.

WTR is a good acronym for water, and DirectPay would make a nice name for an online payment site. $680 $380 $210 $190


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Book - The Domain Game

Finally, I just learned today (from other domain blogs) that there is a book out on the domain name industry. It's called The Domain Game, and it's written by David Kesmodel. I won't go into too much detail here, because it will be reported everywhere, but I'm glad to see that a book has been written about this industry.

I haven't read it yet, apparently it features at least two Canadian domainers, Frank Schilling and Garry Chernoff. Adam Dicker, owner of is quoted in the introduction that is available online (see excerpt link below).

Here is some information on how to order a copy. I don't think it's available in book stores, you have to go to:

ordering is done through Xlibris, I had to order over the phone because their online processing isn't working. The cost of a paperback is 19.99, hard cover is 29.99. Shipping to Canada adds another $20 or so.

If you go to the Xlibris site, you can read an excerpt from the book as well.

May 21 .ca TBR dropping domains

Here are some of the better or more interesting domains in the .ca TBR today. There are a total of 2,829 domains dropping today.

It is just an average week in the TBR, with no real stellar names. Not many dropping either.

At Namespro, there were 19 domains with TBR bids in the $100 to $500 range today, but couldn't see which names they were.


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Monday, May 19, 2008

.CA auction by, Special Feature

There is a special feature that was added to the auction for .ca names that runs from May 22 to May 29.

It is called an "At-COST credits promotion" for buyers and sellers in the auction.

What is an AT-COST credit?

An AT-COST credit allows one to register, renew, or transfer one .ca domain at cost, which is what pays CIRA (currently $8.50 plus GST).

How does this incentive work for participants in the May 22 - May 29 DOT CA Auction?

For Buyers:

For every $10 spent at the .ca auction, MyID will credit the buyer's account with 1 AT-COST credit.

For sellers:

Sellers get 1 AT-COST credit per $10 of sale price for every domain that sells during the auction.

Here are two examples of how it works.

If a buyer purchase domains from the DOT CA auction for $1,000 they get 100 AT-COST credits. That means they can register/transfer/renew 100 domains for $8.5 each at MyID.

If a seller lists and sells a domain in the DOT CA Auction for $2,500 they get 250 AT-COST credits. That means they can register/transfer/renew 250 domains for $8.5 each at MyID.

There is no upper limit. If you spend $10,000 buying domains in the DOT CA auction or sell a domain for $10,000 you get 1000 AT-COST credits.

This isn't a bad deal, because it saves you $2 or more per domain registration based on prices at other registrars. If you use 100 credits, that's a $200 saving on domain registrations.

This incentive is not guaranteed to last in their future DOT CA auctions. However, ALL participants in the May 22 - May 29 auction are guaranteed to always benefit from this promotion. In other words, even if this incentive is not extended in subsequent auctions, all participants in the May 22 - May 29 DOT CA that either sell or buy at least one domain, are guaranteed to always receive AT-COST credits for all their future auction activity.

There are some conditions for claiming the AT-COST credits:

If you are interested in this promotion, there are some conditions, like keeping the names at MyID for the one year period, and the credits aren't transferrable to another party. Read the full conditions at their site by clicking here and following the .ca auction link.

The .ca auction starts in three days, hopefully this will prove to be a good platform for both buyers and sellers.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 14 .ca domains in TBR

Here are some of the better or more interesting domains dropping in the May 14 .ca TBR:

The TBR seems to be a little thin this week, not so many good names as in recent weeks. And not many either.


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Monday, May 12, 2008 releases .ca domain auction list

Over the past weekend released their list of .ca domains to be auctioned later this month, between May 22 and May 29.

If you go to the site, click on "Dot CA Auction" at the top of the page.

It is too late to submit domains for the May auction, but I believe they are planning this to be a monthly event, so you can always submit for June.

If you want to be eligible to bid on any names, you must first pre-register at their site. I think the pre-registration is there to help minimize the occurence of non-paying bidders, or tire-kickers. If a potential bidder goes to the trouble of pre-registering, they are more qualified and seen to be more serious, which is better for everyone.

This has never been done before for .ca domains, so it will be interesting to see how successful the auction is. With the recent record sales of .ca domains, this might prove to be a good time to start a .ca auction process. The bidding and competition for .ca domains in the TBR drops has picked up in the last year, which is another good sign that this format may succeed.

There are some two letter domains in the auction, and some good generics. I have about a half dozen names in the auction myself.

Here is the list of names in the auction. You can check at the site for the reserve range for each domain:
LoanDirect &

Auction Start Date : 2008-05-22 15:45:00
Auction End Date : 2008-05-29 15:45:00


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Friday, May 9, 2008 in my bank statement

A short break from .ca today...

I've followed the .mobi extension since the landrush in the fall of 2006, and while I didn't break the bank on them, I own some good generics. I've always thought .mobi had a chance of making it, not because it's NEEDED, but because of marketing and the 'cool' factor (plus it's easier to get a good .mobi than a good .com these days). A .mobi url in an ad would tell someone right away it's a website for a mobile device.

One of the things that has to happen for .mobi to survive, is that companies have to start using them for their mobile sites. Some companies don't, but there is a long list of companies that do.

Royal Bank, the biggest bank in Canada, announced this year the release of When I saw that, I thought now they have to get the word out to the average customer to make the masses aware of this.

Then today, I opened my bank statement, and in there is a "Go Mobile" colored flyer for the Royal Bank. The front and back of the flyer tell about their mobile banking system. And on both sides, prominently displayed, is

Here is some of the wording:

"When you can't get to a branch or a computer, then go mobile. Go to from your mobile phone or PDA."

"If you bank online, you're ready to go mobile. Try Mobile Banking right now at"

It is promotion of .mobi domains in advertising like this that will help the .mobi extension succeed.

Click on the scans below to see the full size, sorry for the black and white, the actual flyer is in color.


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