Wednesday, December 17, 2008

.CA domain sales make weekly sales report - Today's domain sales report from includes some .ca domains in the country code section, after quite a few weeks of little or no .ca reported activity.

The .ca sales included many domains from's last .ca auction. MyID is planning to hold another .ca auction in the second half of January 2009. was the #2 country code domain, and made #17 on the overall chart.

sales figures are in US $ - $20,400 - $2,500 - $2,000 - $1,850 - $1,700 - $1,600 - $1,250 - $1,250

The top extensions in country code sales were .de, and .eu in terms of numbers of domains placed. Other extensions that showed up were .nl, .tv, .fr, .se, .cn, .es, .ch. .asia.

The top country code sale was for $28,200, which means 'pageant' in German.

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