Sunday, March 27, 2011 - Get your Username! soon to join the ranks of social networking sites! looks to be a new social networking site to do with what people are interested in 'Dabbling in'.  Do you dabble in writing poetry?  Sports?  Painting?  Domains?  The site will have something to do with what people have an interest in, which is a great way to create social communities.

It is interesting that they chose a domain hack for their site, but it makes sense for what people like to "Dabble In".  I think it has a good chance of catching on if the site is good.

I learned about the site from posts on Twitter, if you sign up three people through your link, you get to do an early beta test. Right now, is just a one page sign up site. You can also watch a video by clicking 'P' on your keyboard that gives a hint as to what the site is about.

If you sign up you get to pick a username if it isn't taken.  Right now, many good usernames are still available.  Twitter is getting almost 500,000 sign ups per day now, so when you have a chance to join a site early and get a good name, you should take it.
I joined, but so far have not got an email from them. Right now, it looks like many people are signing up and we'll wait to see how it unfolds. may or may not become the next Twitter or Facebook, but you may as well pick a good username in case it does.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Win an Apple iPad 2 at TeamBuy

TeamBuy is Canada's version of Groupon.  They are running a contest where you can win an Apple iPad 2.  All you have to do is enter your name and email, then answer the question - what is TeamBuy's slogan?  The answer is "Buyers Unite!".

To enter now, go to:

In other news, the big story in .ca sales over the last week was the sale of at Sedo, as reported at - $32,500 US

The domain still does not resolve, and I haven't heard who the new owner is.  One guess is that the buyer could be Arlene Dickinson from TV's Dragons Den show.  Arlene is the owner of Venture Communications and this domain would be a great fit for that business.