Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recent .ca domain name sales


It has been a while since I've posted, but I thought it was time to list some recent .ca domain sales that have happened over the last month or two.  These sales were reported in DNJournal.com

kellerwilliams.ca - $1,500  (bought by a realty company?)

seasonique.ca - $4,000  (birth control pill)

nordiquesdequebec.ca - $1,300  (Quebec City's defunct NHL hockey team)

SFI.ca - $7,453

SummerJobs.ca - $6,600

Denizen.ca - $2,000

I also saw last week that the domain VM.ca was dropped and caught, then ended at just above $4,000 in an auction.

Last month I had a small sale myself, selling MyBFF.ca and MyBF.ca together for $650.

In other .ca business, the deadline for getting provincial extensions on any .ca domains you currently own appears to be Oct 13.  Check this at CIRA or your registrar, but if you own domain.ca for example, you have until that date to get domain.bc.ca, or domain.on.ca, and so on.  After that date it will still be possible to get a provincial extension, but it will likely be a more involved process.  If you have some good keyword .ca's this is something you might consider doing.