Monday, March 29, 2010

Recent .ca Sales & Radio Ads

It's been a while since I've posted, but I thought there were a couple of recent .ca sales worth posting. - $16,000 US (Moniker, domain fest auction)
This sale took place a while ago, but just recently closed. Last week in the sales report, was the 12th sale overall in price, and number 4 for country code domains. - $1,750 US (Sedo)
A nice product domain name and a natural for a snow globes sales website.

Both of these domains still show as parked.


In other .ca news, I was driving to my first aid course on Sunday, and heard a radio ad for the website. This was a big domain sale a while back (six figures), and now it looks like they have finished developping the website, and are starting the promotion. It was interesting to know the history of this domain, and to hear the website advertised in traditional media. My feeling is that using offline promotion will work and help get job seekers online to the website. Facebook ads targetted to Canadians would probably also work well.

I had a quick look at the website and it looks good; white background, nice colors (reminds me of the Winter Olympic colors, blue and green), clear layout, easy to find what you're looking for.

The website is run by the same group that runs, a growing city in the southern interior of British Columbia.

From the website: has been designed to be the premier Canadian job portal - easy to use with excellent results for both the Employer and Job Seeker. is the core of a growing network of employment related web portals, including and Owned by Ogopogo Media Inc, these websites are Canada's most intuitive internet destinations for the industry and are a prime example of Ogopogo Media's overall internet strategy.

Ogopogo Media Inc is based in Kelowna, BC.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Are available hand registrations getting better?

Check out today's domain deals at Godaddy

Because of the poor economy of the last year (I'm guessing) I have been able to hand register some .com domains that I either own in .ca, or would like to own in .ca. These are .com domains that were registered before and recently dropped, and made it back to open availability. The .ca and .com extensions are both well used and well known in Canada.

For example, a couple months ago I registered a 'Cityname RealEstate'.com domain where I already owned the .ca version. Someone had recently dropped the .com domain and it just showed as available one day. The city is only about 10,000 population, but has a few active real estate agencies, a major industrial plant, and a vibrant community. The domain started getting traffic on day one, and gets a little traffic every day.

Last night, I was checking 'Cityname Homes'.com's for cities in my area, and another one came up as available (so I regged it). This city is smaller but is a vacation destination for downhill skiing, mountain biking, and all sorts of outdoor activities in a mountainous setting. The .ca version of this domain is taken by a realtor.

Both of these cities have homes that sell in the $200,000 to $400,000 range, and higher.

I am surprised domains like this are being dropped, and making it through drop catchers lists without being grabbed. I can only determine that the poor economy is making people shed their less profitable names, and people are sticking to very high quality grabs in the drops. If the previous owners were only parking these names and used that to determine value, then that could be why they dropped. A 'Cityname Homes' domain, especially in .com and for decent size cities, should easily pay for it's renewal and more if developed into an information webpage or site.

If names like this are becoming available in .com, I can only imagine that similar drops are happening in .net, .org and other extensions. I would only touch other extensions if they were very high quality (e.g.: google searches over 100,000 in a marketable subject, or 'cityname homes' type domains with 100,000 plus population, for example). While I look at the potential for building a site on a domain and it's potential for getting visitors, I also consider the resale value and .com's always seem to be best in that department.

It's a great feeling to hand register a .com domain these days that is the exact term you are interested in. Especially if it was unavailable before and you would have thought it would cost $x,xxx to buy.

If you have certain areas that you focus on for domaining, like real estate, loans, flowers, games, etc - I would check on available terms you are interested in every now and then, because you never know when a domain that was once registered will become available again. I don't have an exact system or method I use to check, I just do it every once in a while and see what I come up with.

Have you noticed an increase in the quality of drops and available hand regs?

Have you been able to hand register some nice domains lately?


Recent news in .CA

I just have a few items of miscellaneous news in the .ca world to post today.

.CA Sale

First, there was one .ca sale reported in this week's DNJournal sales report. - $1,500 US

Checking Google keywords, the term "treadmill reviews" has a global search count of 74,000, and a Canada search count of 18,100. Not huge numbers, but not bad either. The domain is still on a Sedo parking page. Interestingly, the singular version '' was registered at the same time as the plural back in 2007, and the hyphen versions ( and are also registered. I think the name has good potential for a website, the Google numbers show there are people searching for information on treadmills, and a website that offers reviews, and likely links to purchase treadmills, could do well.

Contest at CIRA

CIRA, the manager of the .ca space, is running a contest at You can win prizes and marketing exposure. If you have a .ca website, you need to submit a video telling why your .ca is important to. Winners will receive free exposure on the CIRA website and in their upcoming marketing campaign. Other prizes include a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro laptop, a 64GB iPod touch
and a flip UltraHD camcorder. Visit for more details and to enter.

TBR domains this week

The weekly TBR .ca domain drop happened yesterday, so I thought I would post some of the more interesting names that dropped. Here are some that caught my eye.