Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Much Have .ca Domains Sold For?

First off, I'll just mention the one .ca domain sale that was reported in this week's sales report. - $7,500

Some may not know that this is actually a two word french domain, à vendre, which means 'For Sale' and is just as well used in french as 'for sale' is in english.  This would actually be an IDN domain because there is really an accent on the 'a', however .ca domains do not have IDN features yet so french words with accents have to be spelled without.  A similar domain, points to, which looks to be a popular french 'for sale' type site. also revealed that sold the domain in the fourth quarter of 2010 for $85,000.  Right now that domain still looks to be parked at Sedo, but it's a very nice domain considering how popular group buying sites have become.

For those who are interested in the .ca domain space, or may be interested, there is a good list available of many reported .ca domain sales over the years.  This list can be found at:

Despite the fact that the .ca domain extension is restricted to Canadian Presence (which generally means you have to be a citizen of Canada or a business operating in Canada), there have been many 'excellent' 4 and 5 figure .ca sales over the years, and even a few 6 figure sales like and

Though Canada has a relatively small population compared to the USA and larger European countries, our nation does have a high amount of internet use per capita.   The internet plays an important part of most kids and adult lives in the areas of socializing, shopping, games and work.  Furthermore, the .ca extension is seen in all kinds of media as much as the .com, so most Canadians have come to know and trust the extension over the last ten years.


Monday, February 14, 2011 sold last December?

Thanks to for their post today stating that the domain has been acquired by financial media company Bankrate.  They also said the transaction likely took place last December.

I don't think many in the .ca community knew about this transaction, and it hasn't been reported anywhere else to my knowledge.  Likely this was an NDA sale and the details will never be known.

Bankrate also operates, and this is a good example of a company buying the .ca domain of their market to get a foothold in Canada.  Owning makes them look like the expert on credit cards in Canada.

Although this was reported elsewhere, I still like to post about a premium .ca sale like this in my blog for those who may not have seen the news.