Friday, August 28, 2009

Interview with founder of - If you haven't read this already, here is a great interview with the founder of a company that has one of the best .ca portfolios in Canada.

His name is Peter Maxymych, and the interview was conducted by Jeff Behrendt at

It's always helpful to read the ideas and thoughts of people operating at a high level of domaining. Some of the domains owned by include,,, and

Some of the areas covered in the interview include:

- How Peter got into domaining

- Why he chose .ca domains

- The $2.5 million deal with Yellow Pages

- Peter's favorite .ca domains

- How many domains does own?

- Peter's thoughts on the future of .ca domains

Link to the interview:


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two recent .CA sales - It's still been fairly quiet out there in the .ca market, however with summer coming to an end we may see a pick up in activity once more people get back to work.

The .ca TBR has been as active as ever each week, but I have seen only two .ca sales reported outside TBR recently. These are: - $1100 - $1400

I used to read Frank Schilling's blog, religiously, and always remember a post he made about good brandable domains. One type of domain he liked was the 'keyword web' type domain, such as or Seeing the sale of reminded me of that post. Myself, I own a few .ca's of this type, I especially like 'cityname web' domains. Another word that looks good in place of 'web' is 'plus'. I am also starting to see more .ca domains in use with the 'My' prefix, such as and

Friday, August 14, 2009

Godaddy Introduces Twitter Integration - I am sure most of you with Godaddy accounts have noticed the Twitter link when you log in to your domain management. There is a link that encourages you to join Twitter and get your domain name as a Twitter username. What I wonder is, what is in this for Godaddy? What kind of deal have Twitter and Godaddy reached?

Perhaps it's no big deal, but if I were Twitter management I'd love to have my link shown in every account at the largest registrar in the world. This must be getting them a lot of new users and exposure.

On another note, getting a Twitter username for each of your domains would be overkill if you own hundreds or thousands of domains. But if you owned, say, 10 city name domains with websites, you might want a Twitter account for each of them to tweet about the city news and help drive traffic to your site.

From Godaddy's latest newsletter:

There's an easy, new way to see if your domain is available as a Twitter user name. Now, when you log into the Go Daddy domain manager, you'll see a Twitter icon next to each of your domains – simply click it to check if that domain is available as a user name on Twitter. It's a fast, easy way to join the hottest trend on the Web.


Monday, August 10, 2009

.Tel camp to be held in Toronto Aug 15 - The Domain Convergence conference is taking place at Toronto’s Radisson Admiral Harbourfront Hotel on August 13-14, just a few short days from now.

After this, on August 15, TelCamp Toronto 1, Canada’s first TelCamp (and the world’s second) will be held.

The TelCamp takes place at 9:00am on August 15 in Toronto at the Royal Ontario Museum (main entrance). Admission is free and everyone is welcome. All you have to bring is your enthusiasm, new ideas, questions, concerns and success stories to this informal, relatively unstructured gathering. Sessions will give you the opportunity to learn about .Tel, how to populate and manage your .tel domain, how to extend the capabilities of .tel, trademark issues and more.

You’ll also have a chance to rub shoulders with Freaky Steve ( and Mark Kolb (, two of the most prominent early applications developers to emerge from the pioneering ranks of .Tel investors. Both Mark and Steve have been featured at in the .Tel of the Week and .Tel Stories sections, respectively. Novices and seasoned .Tel owners will benefit from their knowledge and skills.

The official site is located at Everyone wishing to attend is invited to register, add agenda topics and suggestions.

For more information, contact Scott Smith at

Thursday, August 6, 2009 sells at Sedo - There was one .ca domain sale reported in this week's DNJournal sales report, and it was: - $8,000 US

This domain sold at Sedo, and it reminds me of a slogan used by a certain orange-themed bank in Canada. Right now the domain is still parked at Sedo, so we will have to wait to see who bought it.