Monday, September 22, 2008

Latest News on next MyID .ca auction - Here is the latest news I received from on their next .ca domain auction:

--------------- is glad to announce that the fifth DOT CA Auction will take place from October 2 till October 9.

Domain submissions will be accepted from Wednesday September 24 till Saturday September 27. The final domain list to be auctioned will be posted on our website no later than September 29.

As our auction system has recently been upgraded and as the system infrastructure has significantly changed, all sellers that previously submitted domains for consideration will need to resubmit their domains for the new auction. We do apologize for the inconvenience but the two systems infrastructure are vastly different that such a step is necessary.

While we have tested the new system thoroughly, some bugs may be uncovered in the next auction. Please keep in mind that we are still considering the new system as in beta production and would appreciate all bug reports you may find so that we get these addressed ASAP.

There are numerous improvement from the previous system namely:

1) No more guesswork as to when to download the seller's agreement:

The link to download the seller's agreement will now show up only after the final list of domains for a certain seller has been decided upon. Seller will be notified by email once that document is available for download.

2) Advanced Seller Privacy and 100% Buyer Guarantee:

Sellers have the option to transfer their domains to our temp registrant and have their domains clearly marked as such in the domain list to be auctioned. What that does is protect seller's privacy, give 100% guarantee to potential buyers that a successfully auctioned domain will be transferred without issue, increase bidding confidence, and speed up the process for all involved thereby leading to sellers getting their funds earlier and buyers getting their domains quicker.

This optional 'Advanced Seller Privacy (and Buyer Guarantee)' is 100% safe (we guarantee it) and at no time jeopardizes the seller's domain ownership.

Please refer to our FAQs for more info:

3) Post Auction Offers:

All domains not sold in a particular auction will now be automatically eligible to participate in our optional 'Post Auction Offers (PAO)'. This will allow these domains to be listed on our website and to receive offers from interested parties. Negotiations between sellers and potential buyers would take place on our newly developed and secure PAO interface. This is a SIGNIFICANT addon to our auction and will greatly increase the domains' exposure and the chances of them getting sold:

4) The invoicing system has been completely revamped with vast improvements including:

a) Invoices are now automatically generated to buyers at the end of auction thereby eliminating the potential for human error and significantly speeding up the process.

b) Statements of earnings are now automatically generated to sellers.

c) Sellers and Buyers can track the status of any of their sold/bought domain and check on the transaction status to determine whether for a certain domain an invoice has been sent, payment has been received, registrar or registrant transfer were started or completed and whether funds have been released to seller.

5) An auction calendar is now in place allowing sellers to book a spot months in advance so that they can effectively market their very valuable auctioned domains to end users.

Additional features we are working on include a 'trust score' which awards sellers and buyers one point for each transaction completed, with the higher score translating to higher trust in doing business with that buyer or seller. In addition, we are working on a 'frequent user' system that would lower our commission for repeat sellers and would offer 'cashback' for our repeat buyers. Finally, we are completing our At-Cost-credits management interface and putting the last touches on a very elaborate affiliate and referral system that would offer serious incentives for all that refer other buyers and/or sellers to our auctions (including PAO).

Overall, lots of exciting things are happenning and we continue our commitment to further develop the dot ca aftermarket to a top-notch standard.

As always, please advise us of any question you may have or any issue we may be able to assist you with.

Best of luck to all in the upcoming auctions. DOT CA Auction Management Team

For more information on MyID .ca auctions please click here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One .ca sale reported in last week - The weekly sales report came out last night, and one .ca domain was listed in the country code section in 17th place: - $2,180 sold at Pool

I'm surprised there aren't more .ca sales showing up in the dnjournal report lately, I suppose many .ca sales have been going unreported.

But that shouldn't last for long. is having an auction later this month which should produce some .ca sales that will show up at DNjournal. Country codes in general have been doing well in the aftermarket, with .fr .pl .de .me .it .es .eu and .tv domains all showing up in the latest sales report.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Domaining season about to start - Only one .ca sale to mention in the past week, from the last weekly domain sales report. - $1,081 (sold at

August went out as it started, a slow month for .ca domain news. I would expect things to pick up in September, especially with MyID having another auction, and the TRAFFIC conference set for later in the month in New York City.