Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Using Twitter? Here's a Promotion Tip


Twitter is a great free promotion tool to help bring awareness to your blog or website.  Many businesses and blogs, including those in the domaining world, are now promoting their sites through Twitter.

One of the ways to promote your site through Twitter is to add your URL into your profile inside the Website box.  Another way is to include links to your blog posts or webpages when you send out a tweet.  These are both common promotion practices that almost everyone knows.

But many don't know that there is another important way you can promote your website link through Twitter!

When you search on Twitter for people to follow, you enter a keyword or keywords and a list of Twitter accounts is displayed in a long list.  In this list, you'll see the account icons, account names, their Bios, and a Follow button.  The website URL they may have added to their Profile Website box does not show up on this list.  So how do you get your URL to show up here?

There is a way to put your URL in your BIO box so that it is a live link (people can click on it and go to your website instantly from the search results), and not just part of the text.

Here is what to do:

Login to your Twitter account, go to Settings and then go to Profile.

In the Profile section, scroll down to the box that is beside 'Bio'.  This is where you normally put text with a description of yourself or your company.  In this box, type in your URL at the front of your existing text in this format:  http://www.YourWebsite.com

You have to add the http://  for the link to show up live in your Bio.  Click Save changes at the bottom, then go back to your main Twitter homepage that shows your Bio.  You should see a live link now in your Bio description.  The reason I say to put the URL in the front of your Bio text is because then it will show up right under your name and username on your profile page.

Now, when your Twitter account gets shown in search results it will have a live link in it.  Sure, someone could click though to your Twitter account page and find your website link there, this just lets them see your link sooner and gives you more potential traffic.  For example, even if someone doesn't end up following you they may click through to your website from the search results.  Make it easy for them to do so!

Here is an example of my Twitter profile page with the live link under my username:

If you already know about this, great, but from what I've seen most people don't.  I only caught onto this recently when I was looking at Twitter search results and seeing live website links in some profile Bios, and not in others. I investigated further and learned what I had to do to have my link show up too.

Just to show how infrequently this is done, when I do a Twitter search for Who to Follow using the keyword "domains", only 3 out of the first 30 accounts has a live link in their Bio (and one of the three is Godaddy!).  In my opinion, the other 27 (or 90%) are missing out on a chance to get a direct click to their website.  No one doing a search is going to click through to every account in the results to see the website URL, but they might click through to a website directly from the search results.

There is a lot of competition and activity on Twitter now, so you should take advantage of every chance to get some of that traffic.  No, this tip won't create a flood of new Twitter traffic to your site, but it gives you a good chance to get more traffic than you're already getting, and on the Web every visitor counts!

Learn about Twitter hashtags at Hashtag360.com

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Looking to Invest in .CA? Check These .CA Facts


You still need to have a Canadian presence to own a .ca domain name, but if you are invested in this space or looking to invest in .ca domains, CIRA has just released some interesting statistics on this cctld.

There is now a section on the CIRA.ca website called The .CA Factbook.

I spent a little time last night looking over the Factbook and here are some of the interesting facts I learned:

By the halfway mark of 2011, there were 1,714,895 .CA domains registered.

By the midway point of 2011, .CA accounted for almost 29 per cent of all domain names registered in Canada, a rise of fully six percentage points over the past five years.

- The top four provinces for .ca domain registrations (in order) are Ontario, BC, Quebec, and Alberta.  The surprising thing was how much Ontario is ahead of the other provinces for total registrations.

Canadians value .CA, with 88 per cent of Internet users seeing it as an important resource for Canadians.

There are a lot more statistics at the .CA Factbook, including bar charts and graphs to illustrate trends and comparisons to .com, .net, .org and other country code domains.  It is worth checking out the charts even if you don't own any .ca domains just to see the information on the other extensions.

Overall, I think the information presents a positive view of the extension for coming years (which isn't surprising I guess since it's on the CIRA site).

Below is the news release from CIRA announcing the .CA Factbook:

CIRA releases .CA Factbook, an information resource about the Internet

Ottawa, February 21, 2012 – Canada's .CA is the fourth fastest growing top-level domain in the world. Eighty-one per cent of Canadian Internet users agreed that whenever possible, they prefer to support Canadian businesses. These facts, and more, are included in a new resource from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) released today.

The 2012 .CA Factbook is a collection of facts and research about the global domain name industry and .CA’s place in that industry. It also provides a glimpse into the state of the Internet in Canada.

“With the release of the .CA Factbook, CIRA is providing Canadians with information that they have not had access to before,” said CIRA’s President and CEO Byron Holland. “Our Factbook will become an essential information source for Canadian businesses interested in expanding their knowledge about the online world.”

The .CA Factbook is presented as an online, social document with tweetable factoids, and numerous graphics.

Some other facts of note include:

Canada’s .CA has the world's14th-largest domain registry, up two spots over the past year.

British Columbia boasted the highest rates of Internet access, followed by Alberta and Ontario.

The next billion Internet users will access the Internet via mobile, bypassing fixed line broadband altogether.

Canadians pay far more than most for high-speed Internet access.

The .CA Factbook is divided into three main sections, the Global Domain Name Marketplace, .CA's Place in the Domestic Domain Name Market and the Canadian Internet Economy.

About CIRA:

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority is the member-driven organization that manages Canada’s .CA domain name registry, develops and implements policies that support Canada’s Internet community, and represents the .CA registry internationally.

For more information, please contact:
Tanya O’Callaghan
Communications Manager, Canadian Internet Registration Authority
(613) 237-5335 ext. 262


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How I Got My Domain Name Back


Before you think this is a story of a stolen domain name, it's not.  This post is about what recently happened to me when I mistakenly dropped a domain name.

About two weeks ago I had a .ca domain name that was getting close to being deleted.  The domain had actually expired on Jan 6, but when a .ca domain expires it goes into a suspension mode for 30 days at the registrar where this domain was held.  Other registrars (like Sibername) can hold an expired .ca for longer.  For example, I have a .ca domain at Sibername that expired over two months ago that is still renewable, though with an extra $25 fee.  I don't intend to renew it, but I think it's a good feature to have the option to do so for so long.  Unfortunately, this domain wasn't registered at Sibername.

Because the domain in question had expired on Jan 6, that meant I had to renew it by 9pm PST on Feb 5, which was a Sunday.  If I didn't, the domain would then be deleted and go into TBR status (To Be Released), which meant it would be available in the weekly drop of expired .ca domains.  I've had many domain renewals to do in January and February, and even with a lot of effort to stay on top of things it can still get down to the wire.  I figured I knew how the deletion cycle worked at my registrar and I'd be ok.

Well, it turned out to be a busy weekend and one thing led to another.  Next thing I know, it's Monday morning and I'm thinking "Did I have a domain to renew today, or was it yesterday?".  I logged in to my account at my registrar and sure enough the domain was deleted.  Aaaargh!

I immediately contacted my registrar and they got back quick, saying there was nothing they could do and that the domain would be in the TBR on Feb 15.  I'd have to place an order to catch the name, competing against anyone else who wanted it.  Not a pretty picture.  I posted in DNForum for help and also contacted CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.  Sure enough, there was nothing that could be done until the TBR.  I took down  my post at DNForum, because I had my answer and the last thing I wanted to do was bring more attention to my deleted domain that I wanted back.

It was a long 10 days to wait for the Feb 15 TBR.  As it turned out, this TBR was getting a lot of attention because there were more high quality domains in it than usual.  Many .ca domainers were talking about how good this TBR was going to be.  Great, I thought, everyone will be poring over the list of expired domains more closely this week, and more people will be competing in the TBR.  On the other hand, maybe my domain will get overlooked, and the high quality domains like SummerCamps.ca and Tofu.ca will get all the attention.

In order to have any chance at getting this domain back, I had to place my TBR order at the two most successful registrars for catching .ca domains, that being Sibername and MyID.  If anyone could get it, it would be one of those two.  But would I end up in an auction with someone who had deeper pockets?  I could only sit and wait.  I bid higher than the minimum for this domain at both registrars and didn't see any signs that there were competing bids, but that could change in the minutes before the cutoff and I wouldn't know it.

After the bidding closes, you have to wait until 2pm PST before any results come in.  Usually you'll get an email from the registrar telling you that you're in an auction for a domain, or that you got it outright.  The first email I got from Sibername told me that I was in one or more auctions for a domain.  I had put in for other TBR domains as well.  I logged in and checked my auctions.  My domain wasn't there.  I then checked the payment page where a domain that was won and had no other bids could be paid for.  Lo and behold, they had caught my domain and were ready for payment!  It was a great feeling to get it back.

You are probably wondering what the domain is.  It is KonaCoffee.ca.  I think I registered it back in 2007 after a vacation in Kona Hawaii where I learned about kona coffee beans, and how they are only grown in that part of the world.  I love kona coffee and this is one of my domains that I 'love' to own.  Obviously no one else was competing for this domain so that does say something too.  I already had a mini-site for the domain, and perhaps one day I'll take it to the next level by selling coffee online.  Thousands of Canadians visit Hawaii every year and know the magic of kona coffee.  If I had lost the domain, I'd have winced every time for the rest of my life whenever I heard or saw the words 'kona coffee' or 'kona blend'.

The lesson I learned from this is to renew early and not leave your important registrations to the last minute.  I was planning to do a blog post about this whether I got the domain back or not, because it's a good story on the subject of domain renewals.  I got away with it this time, but next time might not be so lucky.  Thank you to Sibername for getting my domain name back!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Owning the Generic .Com is Like...


Owning the generic .Com is Like...

If you are involved in the domain market, you sometimes find yourself having to explain to someone the benefit of owning the generic .com.  Often the analogy to real estate is made.  Having the generic or best .com for any given business is like owning the penthouse in Manhattan or waterfront real estate, and other domains move you further away from the town center or optimum location.  The center of town has the most traffic, and the waterfront is where people want to live (and often pay more to do so).

Another common analogy of owning the perfect .com is made to sailing, in that it's like operating a sailboat with the wind at your back instead of against the wind.  For example, if your online business was going to be selling skateboards, you'd have a much easier time starting the business and making impressions if you owned Skateboards.com, instead of a name like GreatSkateboards.biz.  Brands that were around before the internet with wide recognition (e.g.: Coca Cola, Honda) or companies that took over a space quickly when the internet started (e.g.: eBay, Amazon) don't necessarily need the generic .com's for their products, but they could help their business plus keep a potential competitor from using them.  Whenever I see a generic .com used by a company for a product or service I'm after, I make the assumption they are a leader in the space and they have instant credibility in my eyes.  I'm sure many other people think the same way.

The real estate and sailing analogies are good ones, but I've thought of another that I've never heard used before.

Owning a generic .com is like having a Royal Flush in a game of Poker.

(No, I don't really have a trademark for the term)

As most people know, the Royal Flush hand in a game of poker can't be beat.  The sooner you get this hand in a poker game the better because it allows you to strategize for the remaining rounds of betting.  You can move forward in the game matching any bet and raising if you think other players will stay in the game and add to the pot.  It doesn't matter how long the game goes, you know in your mind you have the winning hand and cannot lose.  You can afford to wait the game out and continue betting.

For fun, here are some examples of domains and poker hand groups I'd equate them to:

Royal Flush = Poker.com, Cloud.com, Stationary.com

Straight flush, 4 of a Kind, Full house = PokerHands.com, CloudServices.com, Stationary.ca, Poker.de

Flush, Straight, 3 of a Kind = PokerGuru.net, CloudSpace.com, BestHotels.co.uk, BadBack.org

Two pair, One pair = BrandonPlumbers.com, BestPokerPlayers.com, CloudFun.org, RobsBlog.us

High cards = ReallyGoodHeadphones.mobi, TargetPractice.tel, My-best-toothpicks.com, freecharityawards.biz

I found the two categories above High Cards really hard to select domains for.  It's usually easy to see if a domain is really bad, or really good, but the in between stuff that might have potential is more difficult.  I'm sure others would move some of the domains into categories above or below the ones I chose.

The other analogy with poker and domains is that you can do well with lower poker hands and lower quality domains.  In poker, if you're dealt a bad hand you can work the other players and use bluffing to get them to fold.  I've often seen professional poker players on tv lay down winning hands because another player has used bluffing techniques successfully.  With domains, you can still 'win' by building a quality website that attracts users and/or sales, even if your domain name is sub-par.  Granted, some domains are so bad there is no hope for them, but there are lots of examples of websites using 'one or two pair' type domains that are successful.

So next time you are trying to explain the value of domains to a non-domainer, try using the poker analogy if they are familiar with the card game, and it might create that 'Aha' moment for them.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Recent .ca Domain Name Sales


There were a few .ca domain name sales worth reporting in the last week.  Most of these came from the Wednesday TBR and follow-up auctions yesterday.  There was also one .ca that sold at the DomainNameSales.com marketplace.

The TBR auction prices are not confirmed sales because I don't know if the buyers will end up paying or not, but given that the bidding was heavy I'm fairly confident the sales will go through.  If you want, just take the info as a closing auction price.

FRX.ca  - sold for $5,000 to $10,000 USD range (DNS marketplace)

OBA.ca  -  $1,351  (TBR auction)

Julie.ca  -  $1,450  (TBR auction)

Belle.ca  -  $1,211  (TBR auction)

The two domains below were also in TBR auctions.  I read about the prices in forum posts and if anyone else can confirm these please leave a comment below or contact me and I'll do an update.

ByOwner.ca  - (was at $3,800 range in TBR auction, not sure of final price)

SummerCamps.ca  -  $5,500 (TBR auction)

FRX.ca looks like it was sold to Forest Laboratories Inc.  The domain was only created on March 23, 2011, and if that's correct it was a great return for the seller in less than one year.  RX is commonly used as an acronym for Prescription in the medical field.

I think Belle.ca was a good buy.  It's a first name and also means 'Pretty' in french.  There are so many potential uses for it in the french market, I think we'll see the new owner do well with it.  I wouldn't be surprised to see it resell for much more sometime in the future.  The rest of the domains that sold all have some obvious value as well.

If anyone knows of any more auction closing prices, or additional info to the sales above, please post in the comments or send me an email.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

High Quality .ca Domains Drop in Today's TBR


This was not a good week to be away from your computer if you invest in .ca domains.

Today's .ca TBR (weekly domain drop) just completed, and it was one of the best drops in a long time.  Of the 5,665 domains that dropped, 551 were taken.  That is just under 10% of the total available names.  Usually, about 4% of the total domains dropping get taken, so this is a good indicator of how strong the week was.

Domains like chickens.ca, boyfriend.ca, girlfriend.ca, tofu.ca, bully.ca and julie.ca were up for grabs.

Many of these will be heading straight to auction where domainers will be competing for them over the next day or two.  Of the few auctions I'm in, prices have already passed $500 per name and it's likely some will go into the thousands.  Many .ca domainers are talking about this TBR in the .ca section at DNForum.com

There was one domain I got straight up in the TBR, but I'll be writing another post about that because it has it's own story.

Below is the list of the first 250 domains that were taken.  I haven't included the full 551 domains due to space, plus most of the best names are in the top 250.  Thanks to Sibername.com for providing the results.

I've bolded some of the domains I think are better quality:

Date Registered                Domain Name             Registrar

1 2012/02/15 14:00:00.000236 byowner.ca 7809620 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

2 2012/02/15 14:00:00.003331 chickens.ca MyID.ca INC.

3 2012/02/15 14:00:00.005928 finelinepainting.ca QuickWeb.ca Inc.

4 2012/02/15 14:00:00.008034 boyfriend.ca WhatsYourName.ca Inc.

5 2012/02/15 14:00:00.008758 summercamps.ca Sibername.com (1716640 Ontario Inc.)

6 2012/02/15 14:00:00.009702 oba.ca Sibername.com (Bulent Turkoglu o/a domain-name.ca)

7 2012/02/15 14:00:00.011042 mortgagecompany.ca 7889151 Canada Inc

8 2012/02/15 14:00:00.015835 shoot.ca DomainLuminary.ca Inc.

9 2012/02/15 14:00:00.020183 canadasavingsbonds.ca DynamicDomain.ca Inc.

10 2012/02/15 14:00:00.021118 girlfriend.ca 7011725 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

11 2012/02/15 14:00:00.022820 jars.ca DomainHeadz.ca Inc.

12 2012/02/15 14:00:00.023868 tofu.ca CanadianNames.Ca Inc.

13 2012/02/15 14:00:00.026418 dod.ca hostmaster.ca corporation

14 2012/02/15 14:00:00.026715 julie.ca Sibername.com (1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a domainecanada.ca)

15 2012/02/15 14:00:00.027224 healthandsafety.ca rapidregister.ca (David A McFadden)

16 2012/02/15 14:00:00.027715 bully.ca 7705310 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

17 2012/02/15 14:00:00.028115 belle.ca Sibername.com (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)

18 2012/02/15 14:00:00.029407 daycamps.ca Domains4U.ca Inc.

19 2012/02/15 14:00:00.031419 tht.ca DOMAINSCOSTLESS.CA

20 2012/02/15 14:00:00.032029 domainshop.ca dot-ca-registry.ca (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)

21 2012/02/15 14:00:00.033684 embrace.ca ecommercehosting.ca Inc.

22 2012/02/15 14:00:00.033831 titles.ca Dontaskwhy.ca Inc.

23 2012/02/15 14:00:00.035831 realestateinvesting.ca HostingCentral.ca Inc.

24 2012/02/15 14:00:00.109321 hometheatres.ca 7695748 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

25 2012/02/15 14:00:00.292814 bankruptcytrustee.ca Names To Go Inc.

26 2012/02/15 14:00:00.346328 pet-net.ca Dotcanuck Domain Services Inc

27 2012/02/15 14:00:00.361460 registrations.ca CanadianDomainRegistry.ca (ITI Internetworking Technologies Inc.)

28 2012/02/15 14:00:00.566272 gnp.ca DomainCentral.ca Inc

29 2012/02/15 14:00:00.576165 hap.ca PrimeRegistrar.ca Inc.

30 2012/02/15 14:00:00.615889 infants.ca TheDomainShop.ca Inc.

31 2012/02/15 14:00:00.633334 mrb.ca LuckyDomains.ca Inc.

32 2012/02/15 14:00:00.647395 hosiery.ca DOMAINSCAPE.CA INC

33 2012/02/15 14:00:00.712310 playgrounds.ca DOMAINS2BE.COM INC.

34 2012/02/15 14:00:00.761593 cane.ca Wisdomain.ca Inc

35 2012/02/15 14:00:00.776556 logbook.ca Koallo Inc

36 2012/02/15 14:00:05.012103 youthcamp.ca Sibername.com (1716640 Ontario Inc.)

37 2012/02/15 14:00:05.028908 canadianhealthnetwork.ca rapidregister.ca (David A McFadden)

38 2012/02/15 14:00:05.029450 stilettos.ca Sibername.com (1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a domainecanada.ca)

39 2012/02/15 14:00:05.043174 canadianhealth.ca dot-ca-registry.ca (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)

40 2012/02/15 14:00:05.244464 umami.ca MyID.ca INC.

41 2012/02/15 14:00:05.295186 tweezers.ca WhatsYourName.ca Inc.

42 2012/02/15 14:00:05.310586 fixtures.ca 7809620 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

43 2012/02/15 14:00:05.328728 koch.ca 7695799 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

44 2012/02/15 14:00:05.341161 leafblower.ca Submit.ca Inc.

45 2012/02/15 14:00:05.350461 nkd.ca DomainLuminary.ca Inc.

46 2012/02/15 14:00:05.412313 strategic.ca Sibername.com (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)

47 2012/02/15 14:00:05.422828 hotelsmotels.ca DomainHeadz.ca Inc.

48 2012/02/15 14:00:05.426458 networked.ca Sibername.com (1770820 Ontario Corp. o/a domainnameca.ca)

49 2012/02/15 14:00:05.485305 insuranceblog.ca Domainestic.com Inc.

50 2012/02/15 14:00:05.508409 dinettes.ca hostmaster.ca corporation

51 2012/02/15 14:00:05.537592 nominate.ca Sibername.com (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a DomainNameRegistration.ca)

52 2012/02/15 14:00:05.583412 chessclub.ca Dontaskwhy.ca Inc.

53 2012/02/15 14:00:05.636321 goodwines.ca MyNameOnline.ca Inc.

54 2012/02/15 14:00:05.652216 getnoticed.ca Internic.ca Inc.

55 2012/02/15 14:00:05.662256 whistlercanada.ca Notablenames.ca Inc.

56 2012/02/15 14:00:05.697374 cyst.ca DOMAINIAC.CA INC

57 2012/02/15 14:00:05.704935 okanaganjobs.ca Coolhosting.ca Inc.

58 2012/02/15 14:00:05.985103 memorialservice.ca 7809646 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

59 2012/02/15 14:00:06.004473 consignmentshops.ca 7809662 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

60 2012/02/15 14:00:06.023549 bicycleshop.ca Domainideas.ca Inc.

61 2012/02/15 14:00:06.047526 dremel.ca DomainsAtCost Corp.

62 2012/02/15 14:00:06.063803 eventmarketing.ca CanadianDomainRegistry.ca (ITI Internetworking Technologies Inc.)

63 2012/02/15 14:00:06.064572 retirementfunds.ca 7687664 Canada Inc.O/A MyID.ca

64 2012/02/15 14:00:06.085539 fond.ca GotNames.ca Inc.

65 2012/02/15 14:00:06.109168 showcases.ca TheDomainNameStore.ca Inc.

66 2012/02/15 14:00:06.114250 communism.ca REBEL.COM CORP.

67 2012/02/15 14:00:06.136798 webcamera.ca PrimeRegistrar.ca Inc.

68 2012/02/15 14:00:06.152278 cph.ca Jaz Domain Names Ltd.

69 2012/02/15 14:00:06.161059 surgeries.ca 3349608 Canada Inc.

70 2012/02/15 14:00:06.172682 moisture.ca TheDomainShop.ca Inc.

71 2012/02/15 14:00:06.175131 chocolateshop.ca Grabton.ca Inc.

72 2012/02/15 14:00:06.195786 ludwig.ca LuckyDomains.ca Inc.

73 2012/02/15 14:00:06.198573 bicyclestore.ca ZippyDomains.ca Inc.

74 2012/02/15 14:00:06.233697 glasstiles.ca Zidodomain.ca Inc.

75 2012/02/15 14:00:06.247194 warlocks.ca DOMAINS2BE.COM INC.

76 2012/02/15 14:00:06.259178 hemroids.ca Romel Corporation

77 2012/02/15 14:00:06.282577 died.ca DOMAINCENTRE.CA INC

78 2012/02/15 14:00:06.412408 clickonme.ca Webnames.ca Inc.

79 2012/02/15 14:00:06.488586 savoie.ca DotCa.ca - (2070425 ONTARIO INC.)

80 2012/02/15 14:00:07.317199 landbank.ca 7889054 Canada Inc

81 2012/02/15 14:00:10.065579 bramptonclassifieds.ca dot-ca-registry.ca (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)

82 2012/02/15 14:00:10.122821 laminates.ca Domains4U.ca Inc.

83 2012/02/15 14:00:10.381859 ottawaweddingplanner.ca 7809620 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

84 2012/02/15 14:00:10.385540 seacontainers.ca 7695799 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

85 2012/02/15 14:00:10.468559 torontowebsitedesigners.ca DomainLuminary.ca Inc.

86 2012/02/15 14:00:10.519455 auy.ca DomainHeadz.ca Inc.

87 2012/02/15 14:00:10.559349 bjt.ca Domainestic.com Inc.

88 2012/02/15 14:00:10.591094 ekh.ca hostmaster.ca corporation

89 2012/02/15 14:00:10.614392 huy.ca DOMAINSCOSTLESS.CA

90 2012/02/15 14:00:10.621567 erj.ca 2003300 Ontario Inc.

91 2012/02/15 14:00:10.643817 ljo.ca Dontaskwhy.ca Inc.

92 2012/02/15 14:00:10.667150 hazy.ca MyNameOnline.ca Inc.

93 2012/02/15 14:00:10.683121 inno.ca Internic.ca Inc.

94 2012/02/15 14:00:10.691370 idtv.ca Notablenames.ca Inc.

95 2012/02/15 14:00:10.737361 bobe.ca Coolhosting.ca Inc.

96 2012/02/15 14:00:10.897984 getfans.ca MyID.ca (Creative Pixels Inc.)

97 2012/02/15 14:00:10.916654 albertaadvantage.ca 7011725 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

98 2012/02/15 14:00:10.975147 crucifix.ca 7705310 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

99 2012/02/15 14:00:10.995083 shelfbrackets.ca 7809646 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

100 2012/02/15 14:00:11.012005 broadbandrouter.ca 7809662 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

101 2012/02/15 14:00:11.052106 bize.ca Domainideas.ca Inc.

102 2012/02/15 14:00:11.059165 arbp.ca Maindomain.ca Inc.

103 2012/02/15 14:00:11.072412 ebelt.ca DomainsAtCost Corp.

104 2012/02/15 14:00:11.113782 icake.ca DOMAINMARKETPLACE.CA INC

105 2012/02/15 14:00:11.126261 houseandgarden.ca CanadianDomainRegistry.ca (ITI Internetworking Technologies Inc.)

106 2012/02/15 14:00:11.132441 metre.ca GotNames.ca Inc.

107 2012/02/15 14:00:11.153287 petty.ca Regnow.ca Inc.

108 2012/02/15 14:00:11.180186 seized.ca TheDomainNameStore.ca Inc.

109 2012/02/15 14:00:11.188929 mrcake.ca REBEL.COM CORP.

110 2012/02/15 14:00:11.203562 hddvds.ca DomainCentral.ca Inc

111 2012/02/15 14:00:11.213135 haters.ca PrimeRegistrar.ca Inc.

112 2012/02/15 14:00:11.223569 mottos.ca Jaz Domain Names Ltd.

113 2012/02/15 14:00:11.230221 jquery.ca 3349608 Canada Inc.

114 2012/02/15 14:00:11.244646 gowild.ca Grabton.ca Inc.

115 2012/02/15 14:00:11.261108 flakes.ca ZippyDomains.ca Inc.

116 2012/02/15 14:00:11.269960 griddle.ca DOMAINSCAPE.CA INC

117 2012/02/15 14:00:11.275402 dogwash.ca AvailableDomains.ca Inc.

118 2012/02/15 14:00:11.296713 beliefs.ca Zidodomain.ca Inc.

119 2012/02/15 14:00:11.297696 tajcafe.ca DOMAINS2BE.COM INC.

120 2012/02/15 14:00:11.299350 mystics.ca Romel Corporation

121 2012/02/15 14:00:11.316811 reflect.ca DOMAINCENTRE.CA INC

122 2012/02/15 14:00:11.340602 xxxshop.ca Wisdomain.ca Inc

123 2012/02/15 14:00:11.572192 conservations.ca 7687664 Canada Inc.O/A MyID.ca

124 2012/02/15 14:00:11.598231 bookingagencies.ca 7687583 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

125 2012/02/15 14:00:11.659110 filebox.ca Webnames.ca Inc.

126 2012/02/15 14:00:11.816221 mortgageratecanada.ca 7889151 Canada Inc

127 2012/02/15 14:00:11.824794 practicelaw.ca 7687656 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

128 2012/02/15 14:00:14.603372 sexydeals.ca Register.ca Inc.

129 2012/02/15 14:00:15.049126 fibers.ca Sibername.com (1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a domainecanada.ca)

130 2012/02/15 14:00:15.108418 massagebeds.ca Sibername.com (Bulent Turkoglu o/a domain-name.ca)

131 2012/02/15 14:00:15.152576 tuwanek.ca Domains4U.ca Inc.

132 2012/02/15 14:00:15.411031 usedboat.ca WhatsYourName.ca Inc.

133 2012/02/15 14:00:15.414220 cloudpress.ca 7695799 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

134 2012/02/15 14:00:15.440040 dtk.ca Sibername.com (1770820 Ontario Corp. o/a domainnameca.ca)

135 2012/02/15 14:00:15.477317 watchmen.ca Submit.ca Inc.

136 2012/02/15 14:00:15.487296 kidsstore.ca Sibername.com (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)

137 2012/02/15 14:00:15.498385 stipends.ca DomainLuminary.ca Inc.

138 2012/02/15 14:00:15.552811 thebooks.ca DomainHeadz.ca Inc.

139 2012/02/15 14:00:15.591893 shephard.ca Domainestic.com Inc.

140 2012/02/15 14:00:15.618071 handcuff.ca hostmaster.ca corporation

141 2012/02/15 14:00:15.642006 painfull.ca DOMAINSCOSTLESS.CA

142 2012/02/15 14:00:15.675749 iweather.ca Dontaskwhy.ca Inc.

143 2012/02/15 14:00:15.697559 labeller.ca MyNameOnline.ca Inc.

144 2012/02/15 14:00:15.711721 benchads.ca Internic.ca Inc.

145 2012/02/15 14:00:15.752758 designco.ca DOMAINIAC.CA INC

146 2012/02/15 14:00:15.765823 gemology.ca Coolhosting.ca Inc.

147 2012/02/15 14:00:16.020872 aboutbankruptcy.ca 7809662 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

148 2012/02/15 14:00:16.085140 fondueset.ca Domainideas.ca Inc.

149 2012/02/15 14:00:16.092012 gicrates.ca Maindomain.ca Inc.

150 2012/02/15 14:00:16.100411 cellpages.ca DomainsAtCost Corp.

151 2012/02/15 14:00:16.151927 animalsex.ca DOMAINMARKETPLACE.CA INC

152 2012/02/15 14:00:16.165347 insurince.ca GotNames.ca Inc.

153 2012/02/15 14:00:16.178425 labellers.ca Regnow.ca Inc.

154 2012/02/15 14:00:16.210996 moviejobs.ca TheDomainNameStore.ca Inc.

155 2012/02/15 14:00:16.219801 resurface.ca REBEL.COM CORP.

156 2012/02/15 14:00:16.235876 livesport.ca DomainCentral.ca Inc

157 2012/02/15 14:00:16.247968 stepstool.ca PrimeRegistrar.ca Inc.

158 2012/02/15 14:00:16.270197 videodate.ca Jaz Domain Names Ltd.

159 2012/02/15 14:00:16.277604 bankrupted.ca TheDomainShop.ca Inc.

160 2012/02/15 14:00:16.282074 nightshirt.ca 3349608 Canada Inc.

161 2012/02/15 14:00:16.315106 gooseberry.ca ZippyDomains.ca Inc.

162 2012/02/15 14:00:16.325000 trombones.ca DOMAINSCAPE.CA INC

163 2012/02/15 14:00:16.326839 passedaway.ca AvailableDomains.ca Inc.

164 2012/02/15 14:00:16.343743 govauction.ca Zidodomain.ca Inc.

165 2012/02/15 14:00:16.363472 casinovegas.ca Romel Corporation

166 2012/02/15 14:00:16.368001 cybersunday.ca DOMAINS2BE.COM INC.

167 2012/02/15 14:00:16.381427 moviemaking.ca DOMAINCENTRE.CA INC

168 2012/02/15 14:00:16.396616 clearmydebt.ca Wisdomain.ca Inc

169 2012/02/15 14:00:16.480789 bridalbouquets.ca 7705310 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

170 2012/02/15 14:00:16.740961 filepost.ca Webnames.ca Inc.

171 2012/02/15 14:00:16.922026 careerfinder.ca CA Registry (Ed Hew)

172 2012/02/15 14:00:17.145701 guitarstore.ca 7687583 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

173 2012/02/15 14:00:17.986846 weddingchannel.ca Namespro Solutions Inc.

174 2012/02/15 14:00:19.108173 adultbookstore.ca 7010842 Canada Corporation o/a MyID.ca

175 2012/02/15 14:00:19.394250 rediff.ca FastHost.ca Inc.

176 2012/02/15 14:00:19.442168 smokinggun.ca HostingCentral.ca Inc.

177 2012/02/15 14:00:19.455099 cashing.ca DedicatedHost.Ca Inc.

178 2012/02/15 14:00:20.035197 aandw.ca Sibername.com (1716640 Ontario Inc.)

179 2012/02/15 14:00:20.052493 mexicohotels.ca Sibername.com (1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a domainecanada.ca)

180 2012/02/15 14:00:20.064706 milliondollarhomes.ca rapidregister.ca (David A McFadden)

181 2012/02/15 14:00:20.190883 lungdisease.ca Domains4U.ca Inc.

182 2012/02/15 14:00:20.442851 trademarkapplications.ca 7695799 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

183 2012/02/15 14:00:20.491618 carruthers.ca Sibername.com (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)

184 2012/02/15 14:00:20.540735 homeconnect.ca DomainLuminary.ca Inc.

185 2012/02/15 14:00:20.621413 seacontainer.ca Domainestic.com Inc.

186 2012/02/15 14:00:20.648837 veggieburger.ca hostmaster.ca corporation

187 2012/02/15 14:00:20.675877 mantleclocks.ca 2003300 Ontario Inc.

188 2012/02/15 14:00:20.709937 bookitonline.ca Dontaskwhy.ca Inc.

189 2012/02/15 14:00:20.738182 babyportrait.ca MyNameOnline.ca Inc.

190 2012/02/15 14:00:20.765746 duncanlawyers.ca Notablenames.ca Inc.

191 2012/02/15 14:00:20.786087 duncanlawyer.ca DOMAINIAC.CA INC

192 2012/02/15 14:00:20.800386 astronomical.ca Internic.ca Inc.

193 2012/02/15 14:00:20.809411 banffvacation.ca Coolhosting.ca Inc.

194 2012/02/15 14:00:21.131036 ottawascondos.ca Maindomain.ca Inc.

195 2012/02/15 14:00:21.139599 healthexpress.ca DomainsAtCost Corp.

196 2012/02/15 14:00:21.201380 reinforcement.ca Regnow.ca Inc.

197 2012/02/15 14:00:21.227217 vancouver2010.ca DomainMall.ca Inc.

198 2012/02/15 14:00:21.236299 interplay.ca CanadianDomainRegistry.ca (ITI Internetworking Technologies Inc.)

199 2012/02/15 14:00:21.239710 singlesevents.ca TheDomainNameStore.ca Inc.

200 2012/02/15 14:00:21.246773 purseorganizer.ca REBEL.COM CORP.

201 2012/02/15 14:00:21.282978 learningfrench.ca DomainCentral.ca Inc

202 2012/02/15 14:00:21.289286 cloudinsurance.ca PrimeRegistrar.ca Inc.

203 2012/02/15 14:00:21.343595 embryotransfer.ca 3349608 Canada Inc.

204 2012/02/15 14:00:21.410803 rackmountserver.ca DOMAINS2BE.COM INC.

205 2012/02/15 14:00:21.418457 rackmountservers.ca DOMAINCENTRE.CA INC

206 2012/02/15 14:00:21.435150 mexicohoteldeals.ca Wisdomain.ca Inc

207 2012/02/15 14:00:22.232320 smartclip.ca CA Registry (Ed Hew)

208 2012/02/15 14:00:22.950901 technologylawyers.ca 7809654 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

209 2012/02/15 14:00:24.847168 vny.ca CanadianNames.Ca Inc.

210 2012/02/15 14:00:24.995077 nutritioninformation.ca Lowcost Domains Inc.

211 2012/02/15 14:00:24.997752 typeface.ca Aloak Domains Inc.

212 2012/02/15 14:00:25.054375 reducetax.ca Sibername.com (1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a domainecanada.ca)

213 2012/02/15 14:00:25.074188 sturgeonfishingbc.ca Budget Names Inc.

214 2012/02/15 14:00:25.119149 industrialproperties.ca Sibername.com (Bulent Turkoglu o/a domain-name.ca)

215 2012/02/15 14:00:25.144288 georgetownclassifieds.ca dot-ca-registry.ca (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)

216 2012/02/15 14:00:25.146227 hyn.ca DedicatedHost.Ca Inc.

217 2012/02/15 14:00:25.466452 motivationalcoach.ca WhatsYourName.ca Inc.

218 2012/02/15 14:00:25.493901 edatabase.ca Sibername.com (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)

219 2012/02/15 14:00:25.605705 konacoffee.ca SIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.

220 2012/02/15 14:00:25.614750 virtualconsultant.ca DomainHeadz.ca Inc.

221 2012/02/15 14:00:25.618133 realestatetools.ca Sibername.com (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a DomainNameRegistration.ca)

222 2012/02/15 14:00:25.648283 workplacemediation.ca Domainestic.com Inc.

223 2012/02/15 14:00:25.704428 corporalpunishment.ca 2003300 Ontario Inc.

224 2012/02/15 14:00:25.764264 iammakingadifference.ca MyNameOnline.ca Inc.

225 2012/02/15 14:00:25.861620 customerrelationshipmanagement.ca Coolhosting.ca Inc.

226 2012/02/15 14:00:27.535600 youngagain.ca CA Registry (Ed Hew)

227 2012/02/15 14:00:27.870358 jeanmachine.ca 0756822 B.C. LTD.

228 2012/02/15 14:00:30.121022 bclots.ca Sibername.com (Bulent Turkoglu o/a domain-name.ca)

229 2012/02/15 14:00:30.179808 cyberfriday.ca dot-ca-registry.ca (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)

230 2012/02/15 14:00:30.237994 bclot.ca Sibername.com (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)

231 2012/02/15 14:00:30.608379 laminated.ca SIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.

232 2012/02/15 14:00:30.727289 torontocomputers.ca RegisterYour.CA Inc.

233 2012/02/15 14:00:30.754700 aviationschool.ca egate DOMAINS Inc.

234 2012/02/15 14:00:30.839111 ptcanada.ca FastHost.ca Inc.

235 2012/02/15 14:00:30.870208 sensitiveskin.ca Dotcanuck Domain Services Inc

236 2012/02/15 14:00:32.202850 lovethis.ca Webnames.ca Inc.

237 2012/02/15 14:00:32.846362 mobileringtones.ca CA Registry (Ed Hew)

238 2012/02/15 14:00:35.122715 colohosting.ca rapidregister.ca (David A McFadden)

239 2012/02/15 14:00:35.192475 torontohighrise.ca dot-ca-registry.ca (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)

240 2012/02/15 14:00:36.850494 columbiahouse.ca eregister.ca Inc.

241 2012/02/15 14:00:36.929884 bestseo.ca Aloak Domains Inc.

242 2012/02/15 14:00:36.946334 egyptembassy.ca RegisterYour.CA Inc.

243 2012/02/15 14:00:37.070748 auh.ca Payless Domains Inc.

244 2012/02/15 14:00:37.106532 colocationhosting.ca Names To Go Inc.

245 2012/02/15 14:00:37.161748 biway.ca DedicatedHost.Ca Inc.

246 2012/02/15 14:00:37.185189 486.ca GreatNames.ca Inc.

247 2012/02/15 14:00:37.205538 iomega.ca ecommercehosting.ca Inc.

248 2012/02/15 14:00:37.214674 bramptondaycare.ca HostingCentral.ca Inc.

249 2012/02/15 14:00:37.281022 mailbank.ca Webnames.ca Inc.

250 2012/02/15 14:00:38.138682 buildsmart.ca CA Registry (Ed Hew)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Rise of Instagram Micro-Photo Sharing


We all know how Twitter has become a popular micro-blogging site, and just recently I've become aware of a micro-photo sharing site called Instagram.

In the last few weeks I've heard my kids talk about uploading photos, photo views, and how many followers and likes they've been getting.  Usually those are terms I'm familiar with for Twitter or Facebook.  Instead, I learned they were using their Apple devices for sharing photos they'd taken with their handhelds.

The way it works is pretty simple, which is probably why it's growing in popularity.  You take a photo and upload it to the site through the Instagram app.  It looks like you need an iphone or ipod to use the site, you can't do it with a regular computer.  You'd think this would impede the growth of Instagram, but maybe it also gives a feeling of belonging to an exclusive group.  There is an editor you can use to add text to your photos if you want.  You can leave a comment about the photo, and people can 'like' your photos and leave comments about them.

Other features to Instagram include a photo of the day, the use of hashtags (#) like with Twitter to tag keywords, the ability to search for photos, and also popular photos.

Webstagram is a related site that lets people use their desktop computers or laptops to view Instagram photos and comment.  I imagine Instagram has caused the creation of many other support sites that add value to the platform, in the way Twitter created support sites to add value to the tweeting experience.

Here are some examples of photos uploaded to Instagram (notice they use a domain hack):

Instagram Photo 1

Instagram Photo 2

Instagram Photo 3

Here is a profile page of an Instagram user (accessible by computer on Webstagram):

Instagram user profile on Webstagram

What domainers would find interesting, is that Instagram also owns the domain Instagram.com, which goes to their app download page.  More interesting, is that the domain Webstagram.com fowards to the domain hack Web.Stagram.com.  It isn't often you see a domain hack or subdomain forward to a .com, though I guess in this case they are both .com's!

If you have an iphone or ipod and enjoy taking photos, Instagram looks like a good way to share them and it's growing in popularity.  I imagine there are ways to use Instagram for marketing purposes, but right now it looks like people are mostly just using it because they enjoy sharing photos.  If kids and teenagers are using and talking about the site, chances are it will continue to grow and could become the next big social networking site.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Put your Blog Template settings on Mobile!


If you run one or more blogs, here is a tip I just learned that could make a big difference to how people view your site, and how long they stick around.

I don't own an ipod, but since I have kids there is always an ipod around the house if I need it.  Recently I decided to check out how my webpages and blogs look on a mobile screen.  Using an ipod, my blogs done on Blogger just looked like a regular webpage but in miniature size.  With an ipod, you can stretch the screen to make it look bigger, but it isn't easy to read a wide web page on a mobile screen.

Today I learned there is a mobile setting in Blogger under 'Templates' (I'm using the new Blogger dashboard).  In there, you can set up your regular blog template for desktop devices, but there is also a setting for mobile devices.  I guess the mobile setting is off by default, so today I turned on the mobile template setting for all my blogs.  This should allow visitors with a mobile device to more easily read my blog posts, which means it just made my blogs more user friendly to mobile visitors.  Since mobile usage is heavily increasing, I think everyone needs to do what they can to make their sites mobile friendly.

I haven't checked my blogs yet on a mobile device, but I plan to later today to see if it works.  If you use the Blogger platform you should check your Templates setting.  If you use another blogging platform, see how your site looks on a mobile screen and find out how the settings work if you need to change it.

Now I just have to figure a way to set up mobile ads on my mobile blog templates!  It would make sense to show regular ads on a desktop template, but switch to mobile ads for the mobile template.  I don't know if Blogger does this yet, if not it is probably coming.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Making Money with Clickbank and Domain Names

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Do you use Clickbank to make money with your domains?

I have used Clickbank for close to 10 years now, with varying success.  I just read the Get Rich Click book by Marc Ostrofsky and it's made me have another hard look at the Clickbank program after using it sparingly in recent years.

Clickbank is an all-digital marketplace of mostly information products that you can sell as an affiliate.  There are 23 categories of information products, so chances are there is a product that would suit most any topic your domain name might have (e.g.: Gardening, Making Money, Dog Training, Recipes, Health, Building Apps, Gambling guides, etc).  When I started on  Clickbank years ago, it was pretty much all english products.  Now, they have products in other languages and more ad tools you can use to make it easy to sell Clickbank products with a domain name, webpage, or on your website.  My last Clickbank sale was a french How to Lose Weight guide.

To sell on Clickbank, you just need to sign up and create a username.  This username will be in your hoplink, which is basically just an affiliate link to a specific product.  You can search the Clickbank Marketplace section by topic or keyword, and when you find a digital product to sell you click on Promote, and it creates your hoplink once you enter your Clickbank username.

Here is an example of a hoplink for a product on how to sell domain names:

Note you can also add a tracking word on your link.  I used 'DOMAINS', but if you are putting a product on different pages, you can use a different word to track where your sales are coming from.

When you visit the link above, it takes you to a page with this link:

My Clickbank ID is hugegrowth.  When people click to buy, you should see your ID at the bottom of the payment page.  Then you'll know the sale is being tracked to you.

Most Clickbank products can earn you a commission of $10 to $25 per sale, but it can also be lower or higher.  When you search for products, you'll see what the commission is and other indicators like how well the product has been selling on Clickbank (it's gravity).

Another great feature of Clickbank that's been added in recent years is the ability to create your own ad boxes of varying sizes.  If you go into "My Account", you can choose the "HopAd Builder".  You can create a text box based on keywords, text color, link color, link hover color, background color and border color.  You can also choose the font size.  Once you build your ad and get the code, Clickbank will serve up related products to the box.  This is a good set it and forget it tool to build an ad.

Click here to see some sample Clickbank text box ads.

So, if you want to use Clickbank there are many ways to do it.  You can put a product link on your website (usually adding a short description of the product helps).  You can forward a domain directly to a Clickbank link, if the domain gets traffic and the product really suits the domain name.  You can build ad boxes of various sizes and colors and have product links automatically served up to your webpage.  Again, the key is to promote products that relate to what your traffic is looking for.

For payments, you can set your threshold as low as $10 to trigger a payment.  Clickbank pays by cheque in the mail.  This is a good feature compared to some affiliate programs I've seen where you need $100 or $200 to trigger a payment.

Clickbank has a good reporting system, you can log in and see when you've made a sale, what product it was, what your balance is, and when a payment has triggered.

A few caveats of Clickbank:

If you promote a single product, check your link once in a while to see that the webpage is still up for the product.  I've had some products either close down their site or even change the payment system so that it doesn't go through Clickbank anymore.  If you stick to popular products this shouldn't happen.  It is not a frequent thing, but something to look out for.

If you have no activity on your account for a few months, and you haven't met your minimum balance to trigger a payment, Clickbank will deduct a dollar or two from your account every two weeks as a maintenance fee.  This isn't great, but with a low payment threshold if you are selling products often enough this shouldn't happen.

I haven't seen a hits log in Clickbank.  It would help to be able to see what products you are getting traffic to and what sites it is coming from.  The reporting at Clickbank focuses on sales data and not traffic data.  As an affiliate, I like to know what kind of traffic I'm sending.

In conclusion, I'd recommend anyone to try marketing Clickbank products.  There is a product to suit almost any niche, the commissions are good overall, it's easy to set up, there are both english and other language products, and Clickbank handles all the delivery and checkout.  All you need to do is pick the right products to promote and let Clickbank mail you a cheque!

If you have any comments on using Clickbank, or any Clickbank tips, please post them below.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Recent .ca Domain Name Sales


It's time again to recap some of the recent .ca domain name sales.  There were only a handful of .ca domain sales I've seen reported, though I'm sure there are other sales happening behind the scenes .

There were four .ca sales in recent weeks, most sold from DomainNameSales.com via Sedo.  These domain name sales were:

vinylfencing.ca - $3,000 range  (DNS doesn't give exact sales prices)

pear.ca - $3,500

nationalrentalcar.ca - $1,250  (bought by National Car Rental)

nationalrentacar.ca - $1,250  (bought by National Car Rental)

Two of the domains, pear.ca and vinylfencing.ca, are still showing as parked.

DomainNameSales.com continues to be a good venue to view high numbers of domain name inquiries, price quotes, and sales, and this includes some .ca domains from time to time.  Some recent .ca domains they've had inquiries on include mdma.ca, gamingforums.ca, and freechat.ca

Country code domain sales were still strong in the past two weeks as seen in the DNJournal.com sales report.  Some of the extensions with high numbers of sales include .de, .co.uk, .fr, .es, .tv and .nl.  The highest country code sale in the past two weeks was a Polish extension, Saturn.pl for $189,930.

If you know of any recent .ca sales I've missed, please contact me or leave a comment.


TBR .ca dropped domains Feb 8, 2012


The February 8 .ca TBR drop was another relatively large drop with over 6,000 domains becoming available.  Of this group, 218 domains were taken in the TBR.  I didn't put in for any names this week, but I saw some commenting over at DNForum that they thought there were some names worth going after.

I've been hand regging and buying domains at a much slower pace in the past year, preferring to focus on ways to develop and use the domains I already have.  I still pay attention to new words and phrases, and emerging technologies where a domain name could have value.

Thanks as always to Sibername for providing this information.

Here is the list of 218 .ca domains taken, I've bolded some of the names I think are better quality.

Date Registered Domain Name Registrar

1 2012/02/08 14:00:00.003207 sol.ca 7687583 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

2 2012/02/08 14:00:00.003564 jse.ca 7695748 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

3 2012/02/08 14:00:00.005165 dailycoupons.ca 7687664 Canada Inc.O/A MyID.ca

4 2012/02/08 14:00:00.005318 luxuryrentals.ca Wisdomain.ca Inc

5 2012/02/08 14:00:00.005917 photome.ca FastWebServer Internet Services Inc.

6 2012/02/08 14:00:00.007085 t0.ca MyID.ca INC.

7 2012/02/08 14:00:00.007535 hse.ca 7889151 Canada Inc

8 2012/02/08 14:00:00.008121 bloodbank.ca 7687656 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

9 2012/02/08 14:00:00.008321 g-spot.ca DotCa.ca - (2070425 ONTARIO INC.)

10 2012/02/08 14:00:00.009649 kinesiologist.ca DynamicDomain.ca Inc.

11 2012/02/08 14:00:00.012207 eddie.ca 7809638 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

12 2012/02/08 14:00:00.013378 yoursavings.ca DedicatedHost.Ca Inc.

13 2012/02/08 14:00:00.013462 albertaregistry.ca Energetex Engineering (MET Engineering Inc.)

14 2012/02/08 14:00:00.013632 327.ca CanadianNames.Ca Inc.

15 2012/02/08 14:00:00.016598 torontolighting.ca ecommercehosting.ca Inc.

16 2012/02/08 14:00:00.025328 ndk.ca GreatNames.ca Inc.

17 2012/02/08 14:00:00.031087 dante.ca Domains4U.ca Inc.

18 2012/02/08 14:00:00.076666 minorleague.ca 7695829 Canada Inc. O/A MyID.ca

19 2012/02/08 14:00:00.083029 marlow.ca 7809654 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

20 2012/02/08 14:00:00.087617 internationaladoption.ca 7705395 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

21 2012/02/08 14:00:00.108541 permis.ca rapidregister.ca (David A McFadden)

22 2012/02/08 14:00:00.307563 modernlife.ca CanSpace Solutions Inc.

23 2012/02/08 14:00:00.319163 tarte.ca Arctic Names Inc.

24 2012/02/08 14:00:00.329768 bulksale.ca Names To Go Inc.

25 2012/02/08 14:00:00.340032 safenet.ca Names For Less Inc.

26 2012/02/08 14:00:00.349365 aboriginals.ca eregister.ca Inc.

27 2012/02/08 14:00:00.390350 cardiologyclinic.ca Dotcanuck Domain Services Inc

28 2012/02/08 14:00:00.429327 familyclinic.ca QuickWeb.ca Inc.

29 2012/02/08 14:00:00.438897 safesmart.ca CA Registry (Ed Hew)

30 2012/02/08 14:00:00.537804 cakedesigner.ca 0756822 B.C. LTD.

31 2012/02/08 14:00:01.001849 inferior.ca Sibername.com (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)

32 2012/02/08 14:00:01.001932 wheatgerm.ca Sibername.com (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)

33 2012/02/08 14:00:01.002128 designerbrands.ca Sibername.com (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a DomainNameRegistration.ca)

34 2012/02/08 14:00:01.002209 cakedesigns.ca Sibername.com (1770820 Ontario Corp. o/a domainnameca.ca)

35 2012/02/08 14:00:04.875056 organicdiapers.ca 0756868 B.C. LTD.

36 2012/02/08 14:00:05.112810 mp3store.ca rapidregister.ca (David A McFadden)

37 2012/02/08 14:00:05.261691 employeeretention.ca MyID.ca INC.

38 2012/02/08 14:00:05.297954 insuranceoffice.ca 7809638 Canada Inc. o/a MyID.ca

39 2012/02/08 14:00:05.362013 itablets.ca Wisdomain.ca Inc

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