Saturday, February 11, 2012

Recent .ca Domain Name Sales

It's time again to recap some of the recent .ca domain name sales.  There were only a handful of .ca domain sales I've seen reported, though I'm sure there are other sales happening behind the scenes .

There were four .ca sales in recent weeks, most sold from via Sedo.  These domain name sales were: - $3,000 range  (DNS doesn't give exact sales prices) - $3,500 - $1,250  (bought by National Car Rental) - $1,250  (bought by National Car Rental)

Two of the domains, and, are still showing as parked. continues to be a good venue to view high numbers of domain name inquiries, price quotes, and sales, and this includes some .ca domains from time to time.  Some recent .ca domains they've had inquiries on include,, and

Country code domain sales were still strong in the past two weeks as seen in the sales report.  Some of the extensions with high numbers of sales include .de,, .fr, .es, .tv and .nl.  The highest country code sale in the past two weeks was a Polish extension, for $189,930.

If you know of any recent .ca sales I've missed, please contact me or leave a comment.


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