Monday, February 13, 2012

Put your Blog Template settings on Mobile!

If you run one or more blogs, here is a tip I just learned that could make a big difference to how people view your site, and how long they stick around.

I don't own an ipod, but since I have kids there is always an ipod around the house if I need it.  Recently I decided to check out how my webpages and blogs look on a mobile screen.  Using an ipod, my blogs done on Blogger just looked like a regular webpage but in miniature size.  With an ipod, you can stretch the screen to make it look bigger, but it isn't easy to read a wide web page on a mobile screen.

Today I learned there is a mobile setting in Blogger under 'Templates' (I'm using the new Blogger dashboard).  In there, you can set up your regular blog template for desktop devices, but there is also a setting for mobile devices.  I guess the mobile setting is off by default, so today I turned on the mobile template setting for all my blogs.  This should allow visitors with a mobile device to more easily read my blog posts, which means it just made my blogs more user friendly to mobile visitors.  Since mobile usage is heavily increasing, I think everyone needs to do what they can to make their sites mobile friendly.

I haven't checked my blogs yet on a mobile device, but I plan to later today to see if it works.  If you use the Blogger platform you should check your Templates setting.  If you use another blogging platform, see how your site looks on a mobile screen and find out how the settings work if you need to change it.

Now I just have to figure a way to set up mobile ads on my mobile blog templates!  It would make sense to show regular ads on a desktop template, but switch to mobile ads for the mobile template.  I don't know if Blogger does this yet, if not it is probably coming.



  1. Yes, I do agree. Optimize your blog in mobile because lots of people are now using mobiles than pc's

  2. I think mobile sites has become more important than desktop sites.


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