Friday, November 14, 2008

Recent .ca sales activity - Not a whole lot to report on the .ca front, but I did notice a couple of sales this week, and a .ca domain is currently in auction at Sedo.

The domains that sold were: - $1,050 US (Afternic) - ? ( not sure on the final price but the seller was asking $4,500. A super deal for a

The domain on auction is a pronouncable three letter .ca,, which you can see at this link:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live Current Media in Globe & Mail newspaper - This isn't .ca news, but still it's an interesting read of a Canadian tech firm and their domain The story of how Live Current Media got a deal to be the online media site for India's hugely popular cricket league is told in today's Globe & Mail newspaper.

I've followed Live Current's share price for a few years, and I also check their news releases on developments in other domains they own. They don't seem to have as big a portfolio as Marchex or Frank Schilling, but many of the domains they own are true premiums, like,, and

You can read the story here: sells at Sedo - On today's list of Sedo reported domain sales is the following .ca domain. - $800 US

The only related information I can find to lumalive is a site run by the company Philips,, and this is how they explain it:

Philips Lumalive is a new medium to convey emotions and messages. It creates a positive spirit and boosts your energy level. We use colorful dynamic animations on textile products like garments, to make an unexpected striking appearance. By integrating multicolor LEDs (light-emitting diodes) into textile objects Philips Lumalive transforms them into communication platforms, while their textile look & feel retains. This is a distinctive way to experience, communicate and personalize.

In short, it looks like Lumalive is a type of clothing that lights up.