Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Top .CA domain sales of past two weeks

The top .ca domain sales were reported tonight in dnjournal.com for the past two weeks. They are listed under the country code domain list. The top 30 reported sales are noted for all country code domains (e.g.: .ca, .de, .us, .be, .co.uk), and .ca made up six names on the list.

RR.ca $15,811
Mike.ca $8,006
Lawns.ca $6,400
WhistlerHotels.ca $3,161
Medication.ca $2,810
Peg.ca $2,000

Whistler hotels is a nice domain, especially considering the 2010 winter Olympics will be in Whistler. Lots of time to set up a nice website for that one.

Additional names that sold but didn't make the top 30 were:

Fake.ca $1,850
TorontoRealtor.ca $1,808
Landscapes.ca $1,452
Cardiology.ca $1,325
OfficePools.ca $1,251
SaveMoney.ca $1,145
Relly.ca $1,000

It also appears that VV.ca was sold today at dnforum.com for $10,000. This sale is not verified, but will be if it appears in dnjournal. This goes to prove that short two character domains sell well, because there aren't many of them. If the two letters are the same it's also a good selling point.

Monday, January 28, 2008

.CA domains almost at 1 Million registered

Almost 1 million .ca domains have been registered in Canada.

Current total stands at 956,435 names registered. Recent numbers show about 500 to 600 names get registered every day.