Saturday, September 29, 2012 domain sale, Sept 26 .ca TBR results

The September 26 .ca TBR saw over 200 domains grabbed, breaking the sub-200 trend of the last few weeks.  The results of this TBR are at the bottom of this post.

First, here are some recent .ca domain sales that were reported at  -  $1,000  -  sold at Sedo  -  $4,500  -  sold at Sedo  -  $1,600  -  sold at Sedo

The Roland Berger domain already forwards to a Strategy Consultants company website of the same name. I wonder how the previous owner was using this name, unless their name was also Roland Berger.

The other two domains above do not currently resolve to a website.

Also of great interest, a nice generic .ca domain was included in a three domain package that sold for
$125,000. was sold along with and earlier this year at  This transaction was reported by DNJournal, now visible in the archive. currently forwards to, but the .net and the .us don't resolve.  My own opinion (as a Canadian) would be that the .ca domain would be worth at least a third of the total package price, because .ca is so strongly used and recognized in Canada.  .us still hasn't caught on big in the USA, and the .net, while universal, will always be .com's poor cousin.  Maybe it also says something that the .ca is the only one being forwarded right now.

Perhaps the most interesting news of this week was the planned upgrade to the Afternic domain marketplace set to launch next week.  Their website hasn't changed much in recent years, and I'm sure there's a lot they can do to make it easier for buyers and sellers to interact on the site.  I am always for more user friendly websites.  We won't have to wait long to see what they've done.

The September 26 .ca TBR results are listed below.  More names were grabbed than in TBRs of recent weeks, and I managed to get one for myself -  Like many people I love my morning coffee and plan to start blogging about it, so look out for that!  I've bolded some of the better quality domains in the list.  Thanks to Sibername for providing the results.

 Date RegisteredDomain NameRegistrar
12012/09/26 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
22012/09/26 14:00:00.008339usedphones.ca7809662 Canada Inc. o/a
32012/09/26 14:00:00.008411healthforums.ca7695829 Canada Inc. O/A
42012/09/26 Inc
52012/09/26 14:00:00.008768taxijobs.ca7809620 Canada Inc. o/a
62012/09/26 Inc.
72012/09/26 14:00:00.012195divider.ca2003300 Ontario Inc.
82012/09/26 14:00:00.013636natura.ca3349608 Canada Inc.
92012/09/26 Inc.
102012/09/26 14:00:00.019412egos.ca7809638 Canada Inc. o/a
112012/09/26 Inc.
122012/09/26 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
132012/09/26 Inc.
142012/09/26 14:00:00.023139gayforum.caDedicatedHost.Ca Inc.
152012/09/26 14:00:00.024425insuranceforum.ca7695748 Canada Inc. O/A
162012/09/26 Inc.
172012/09/26 Inc.
182012/09/26 Inc.
192012/09/26 14:00:00.028662realestatetalk.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
202012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
212012/09/26 Inc.
222012/09/26 Inc.
232012/09/26 Inc.
242012/09/26 14:00:00.112018legalforum.ca7705310 Canada Inc. o/a
252012/09/26 Inc.
262012/09/26 14:00:00.151801marketingforum.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
272012/09/26 14:00:00.152853skil.caBudget Names Inc.
282012/09/26 Inc.
292012/09/26 14:00:00.160689wintercamp.caDOMAINSCAPE.CA INC
302012/09/26 14:00:00.169458jobsinnovascotia.ca7687656 Canada Inc. O/A
312012/09/26 14:00:00.180936luciano.caArctic Names Inc.
322012/09/26 Inc.
332012/09/26 14:00:00.206499qualcomm.caFresh Grape Solutions Inc.
342012/09/26 14:00:00.252067joico.caPayless Domains Inc.
352012/09/26 Inc.
362012/09/26 14:00:00.348667efresh.caDotcanuck Domain Services Inc
372012/09/26 Inc.
382012/09/26 14:00:00.389624greenbrush.caDOMAINSCOSTLESS.CA
392012/09/26 Inc.
402012/09/26 Inc.
412012/09/26 Inc.
422012/09/26 Inc.
432012/09/26 Inc.
442012/09/26 Inc.
452012/09/26 corporation
462012/09/26 Inc.
472012/09/26 Inc.
482012/09/26 14:00:00.474533squarespace.caRomel Corporation
492012/09/26 14:00:00.479070hockeyforums.caWHOISTOOLBAR.COM CORP.
502012/09/26 14:00:00.480386luxurymansion.caSuper Registry Inc.
512012/09/26 Inc
522012/09/26 14:00:00.494605golearningtree.caDomainsAtCost Corp.
532012/09/26 Inc.
542012/09/26 14:00:00.501454humifreshdealers.caDOMAINIAC.CA INC
552012/09/26 Inc.
562012/09/26 14:00:00.642911syzygy.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
572012/09/26 INC.
582012/09/26 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
592012/09/26 14:00:03.115584andrebeaudoin.caA.R.C. Informatique Inc.
602012/09/26 Inc
612012/09/26 Inc.
622012/09/26 14:00:05.014085luxuryresidence.ca2003300 Ontario Inc.
632012/09/26 Inc.
642012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
652012/09/26 14:00:05.090214hotelvancouver.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
662012/09/26 14:00:05.128740photographyforum.ca7809620 Canada Inc. o/a
672012/09/26 14:00:05.145383jobsinbritishcolumbia.ca7809638 Canada Inc. o/a
682012/09/26 14:00:05.440659cityair.caKoallo Inc
692012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
702012/09/26 (Tom Brown)
712012/09/26 (1716639 Ontario Inc.)
722012/09/26 (Bulent Turkoglu o/a
732012/09/26 Inc.
742012/09/26 inc
752012/09/26 14:00:05.884905albertaweddings.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
762012/09/26 (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a
772012/09/26 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
782012/09/26 14:00:10.146370quebecweddings.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
792012/09/26 14:00:10.396033chefjob.ca7695829 Canada Inc. O/A
802012/09/26 14:00:10.450492travelgolf.ca7809620 Canada Inc. o/a
812012/09/26 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
822012/09/26 14:00:10.483911liveinnannies.caKoallo Inc
832012/09/26 14:00:10.532931openrange.ca7705310 Canada Inc. o/a
842012/09/26 14:00:10.539147skitrip.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
852012/09/26 14:00:10.547401besttablet.ca7687656 Canada Inc. O/A
862012/09/26 (1716639 Ontario Inc.)
872012/09/26 14:00:10.737254fixcreditnow.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
882012/09/26 inc
892012/09/26 14:00:10.943171divecomputer.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
902012/09/26 14:00:11.003325bestereader.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
912012/09/26 (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)
922012/09/26 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
932012/09/26 14:00:11.101758petecrompton.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
942012/09/26 14:00:11.162590wineforum.ca7695799 Canada Inc. O/A
952012/09/26 (1716641 Ontario Inc.)
962012/09/26 14:00:11.992093bcfinancial.ca7011725 Canada Inc. o/a
972012/09/26 14:00:12.123559coffeeblog.ca7809646 Canada Inc. o/a
982012/09/26 14:00:12.129213myyaletown.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
992012/09/26 14:00:12.156945canadaguy.ca7809654 Canada Inc. o/a
1002012/09/26 14:00:13.189598cessation.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1012012/09/26 14:00:15.209408photoforum.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1022012/09/26 (Tom Brown)
1032012/09/26 14:00:15.755402medicalforum.ca7809620 Canada Inc. o/a
1042012/09/26 14:00:15.764551expressleasing.caSIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.
1052012/09/26 14:00:15.793410ivfamille.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1062012/09/26 14:00:15.820392findnow.ca7705310 Canada Inc. o/a
1072012/09/26 14:00:15.821307cheapbuy.ca7809638 Canada Inc. o/a
1082012/09/26 14:00:15.874133quebectours.ca7809662 Canada Inc. o/a
1092012/09/26 14:00:16.440287torontoholidays.ca7809689 Canada Inc. o/a
1102012/09/26 INC.
1112012/09/26 14:00:17.242431honeymooning.ca7011725 Canada Inc. o/a
1122012/09/26 14:00:17.260914eagleridgehomes.caCanadian Domain Name Services Inc.
1132012/09/26 14:00:17.386844jobforums.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
1142012/09/26 14:00:17.420389o-o.ca7809646 Canada Inc. o/a
1152012/09/26 14:00:17.457374immigrationforum.ca7809654 Canada Inc. o/a
1162012/09/26 14:00:18.486052foxhead.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1172012/09/26 14:00:18.744332torontounderground.caNames To Go Inc.
1182012/09/26 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
1192012/09/26 14:00:20.767401albertaexpo.caSIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.
1202012/09/26 14:00:20.854282antarcti.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1212012/09/26 14:00:20.962763calgarycasino.ca7695829 Canada Inc. O/A
1222012/09/26 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
1232012/09/26 14:00:21.005483careertalk.ca7695748 Canada Inc. O/A
1242012/09/26 inc
1252012/09/26 14:00:21.056391cleat.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1262012/09/26 14:00:21.161315jobsinmanitoba.ca7687656 Canada Inc. O/A
1272012/09/26 14:00:21.187551pregnancyforum.ca7809662 Canada Inc. o/a
1282012/09/26 14:00:21.563251infertilityforum.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
1292012/09/26 14:00:21.743528finddentists.ca7809689 Canada Inc. o/a
1302012/09/26 14:00:21.756312findproperty.ca7695799 Canada Inc. O/A
1312012/09/26 INC.
1322012/09/26 14:00:22.491198jobsinnewfoundland.ca7011725 Canada Inc. o/a
1332012/09/26 14:00:22.628599jobsinhamilton.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
1342012/09/26 14:00:25.027110labradoodles.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1352012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1362012/09/26 14:00:25.684871picturebook.caKoallo Inc
1372012/09/26 14:00:26.120566theleaf.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1382012/09/26 14:00:26.700500facewash.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1392012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1402012/09/26 14:00:30.326451workinstyle.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1412012/09/26 14:00:30.381106auc2011.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1422012/09/26 (Tom Brown)
1432012/09/26 14:00:31.177888myclass.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1442012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1452012/09/26 14:00:35.634918inova.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1462012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1472012/09/26 inc
1482012/09/26 (Tom Brown)
1492012/09/26 14:00:41.721915clubmaster.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1502012/09/26 14:00:57.904239escalate.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1512012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1522012/09/26 14:01:03.102982rocanvilletown.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1532012/09/26 14:01:08.298047bowood.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1542012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1552012/09/26 14:01:13.512739whfb.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1562012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1572012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1582012/09/26 14:01:18.712289debtdiet.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1592012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1602012/09/26 14:01:23.905068distressedflooring.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1612012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1622012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1632012/09/26 14:01:29.104886electricbikekits.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1642012/09/26 14:01:34.303565reginaalarms.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1652012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1662012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1672012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1682012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1692012/09/26 14:01:44.703347europeantilespecialists.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1702012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1712012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1722012/09/26 14:01:49.908479batterystores.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1732012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1742012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1752012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1762012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1772012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1782012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1792012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1802012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1812012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1822012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1832012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1842012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1852012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1862012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1872012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1882012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1892012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1902012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1912012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1922012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1932012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1942012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1952012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
1962012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1972012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1982012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1992012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2002012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2012012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2022012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2032012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2042012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2052012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2062012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2072012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2082012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2092012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2102012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2112012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2122012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2132012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2142012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2152012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2162012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2172012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2182012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2192012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2202012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2212012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2222012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2232012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2242012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2252012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
2262012/09/26 (David A McFadden)
2272012/09/26 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 5 .CA TBR domain drop results

I recently reported that DNS had sold for a price in the $10,000 to $20,000 range.

Last week's sales report (for the previous two weeks of sales) gave the exact selling price for, which was $19,000.  The sale was closed through Sedo.  This put the sale in 25th place for overall domain sales, and number 2 on the country code sales.  A bit surprisingly, no other .ca domains made the two week sales report.

The big news that started this week was the Godaddy outage on Monday.  It affected me, because I use email forwarding on quite a few of my domains, to forward to my main email account.  It was a quiet few hours while the outage took place.  My website forwarding still seemed to work.  Many emails that were sent to me during that time eventually came through, but only hours later.  I am a longtime Godaddy customer and this is the first time I've ever experienced this with them.  It won't affect the future business I do with them, because I'm still a fan of the company.

Last week's (Sept 5) TBR only had 128 names taken, much less than the usual 200 range of names taken.  Perhaps this was due to the short holiday week.  The results are below, with thanks to Sibername.  There were a few good names, stands out as one that could be quickly developped into a functioning forum, with a great topic due to the Ontario and BC wine regions in Canada.

 Date RegisteredDomain NameRegistrar
12012/09/05 - (7889038 Canada Inc)
22012/09/05 14:00:00.000215indoorgardens.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
32012/09/05 14:00:00.000419ftm.caDOMAINSCOSTLESS.CA
42012/09/05 10 Dollar Domain Names Inc.
52012/09/05 14:00:00.001170rentcar.caKoallo Inc
62012/09/05 14:00:00.001354summercottages.ca7695799 Canada Inc. O/A
72012/09/05 14:00:00.002218225.caDOMAINMARKETPLACE.CA INC
82012/09/05 (Bulent Turkoglu o/a
102012/09/05 (1716641 Ontario Inc.)
112012/09/05 14:00:00.012815tunein.caPayless Domains Inc.
122012/09/05 14:00:00.020283escrowaccount.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
132012/09/05 14:00:00.023753vinegar.caRomel Corporation
142012/09/05 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
152012/09/05 - (2070425 ONTARIO INC.)
162012/09/05 14:00:00.025580reservoirs.caCanadianNames.Ca Inc.
172012/09/05 14:00:00.031229lunatic.caJaz Domain Names Ltd.
182012/09/05 14:00:00.031556keely.ca3349608 Canada Inc.
192012/09/05 14:00:00.031698nikos.ca2003300 Ontario Inc.
202012/09/05 14:00:00.032595fascination.caDedicatedHost.Ca Inc.
212012/09/05 14:00:00.036521mythopoetica.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
222012/09/05 Inc.
232012/09/05 Inc.
242012/09/05 Inc.
252012/09/05 14:00:00.058005dallascowboys.caArctic Names Inc.
262012/09/05 14:00:00.061110twitpic.caNames For Less Inc.
272012/09/05 Inc.
282012/09/05 (David A McFadden)
292012/09/05 14:00:00.132456shortterm.caNames To Go Inc.
302012/09/05 14:00:00.158785merchantcard.caAloak Domains Inc.
312012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
322012/09/05 Inc.
332012/09/05 14:00:00.182301bestlife.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
342012/09/05 Inc.
352012/09/05 Inc.
362012/09/05 Inc.
372012/09/05 Inc.
382012/09/05 14:00:00.223873939bobfm.caDOMAINSCAPE.CA INC
392012/09/05 Inc.
402012/09/05 14:00:00.273940recumbentbikes.caBehrendt Professional Corporation
412012/09/05 (ITI Internetworking Technologies Inc.)
422012/09/05 14:00:00.422514fertilitypills.caSuper Registry Inc.
432012/09/05 Inc.
442012/09/05 Inc.
452012/09/05 Inc.
462012/09/05 Inc.
472012/09/05 Inc.
482012/09/05 Inc.
492012/09/05 corporation
502012/09/05 Inc.
512012/09/05 Inc.
522012/09/05 (1716641 Ontario Inc.)
532012/09/05 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
542012/09/05 14:00:05.031957organicmoisturizer.caJaz Domain Names Ltd.
552012/09/05 14:00:05.039879portraitpictures.ca7695799 Canada Inc. O/A
562012/09/05 14:00:05.081567hypnosistreatment.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
572012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
582012/09/05 14:00:05.270610novascotiamotels.caDOMAINS2BE.COM INC.
592012/09/05 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
602012/09/05 Inc.
612012/09/05 (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)
622012/09/05 Inc.
632012/09/05 (1716639 Ontario Inc.)
642012/09/05 Inc.
652012/09/05 (1770820 Ontario Corp. o/a
662012/09/05 Inc.
672012/09/05 Inc.
682012/09/05 Inc.
692012/09/05 inc
702012/09/05 Inc.
712012/09/05 - Incorporated
722012/09/05 14:00:06.440618reallife.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
732012/09/05 14:00:06.783611dreamcottage.ca7809620 Canada Inc. o/a
742012/09/05 14:00:08.411149iwv.caBehrendt Professional Corporation
752012/09/05 14:00:10.063768rvsuperstore.caSIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.
762012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
772012/09/05 (David A McFadden)
782012/09/05 14:00:10.287207autosold.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
792012/09/05 14:00:10.412070albertarv.ca7695799 Canada Inc. O/A
802012/09/05 14:00:10.476026safeandsmart.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
812012/09/05 (Tom Brown)
822012/09/05 14:00:11.061171necrologie.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
832012/09/05 (1716639 Ontario Inc.)
842012/09/05 inc
852012/09/05 14:00:11.679877canalflatsrealestate.ca7695748 Canada Inc. O/A
862012/09/05 14:00:11.727731bchomeandland.ca7809646 Canada Inc. o/a
872012/09/05 14:00:11.767896budokon.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
882012/09/05 14:00:12.008375sparetire.ca7011725 Canada Inc. o/a
892012/09/05 (David A McFadden)
902012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
912012/09/05 14:00:15.225241realestatesunshinecoast.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
922012/09/05 14:00:16.596237lusitania.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
932012/09/05 Inc.
942012/09/05 14:00:17.030149wineforum.ca7809646 Canada Inc. o/a
952012/09/05 14:00:17.105642withoutwalls.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
962012/09/05 14:00:17.332153canadiancomputerconcepts.caCanadian Domain Name Services Inc.
972012/09/05 14:00:21.029294qiap.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
982012/09/05 inc
992012/09/05 14:00:21.941056idirectory.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1002012/09/05 Inc.
1012012/09/05 14:00:22.452993saddleback.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1022012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1032012/09/05 14:00:26.091070professionalreferrals.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1042012/09/05 14:00:26.956703physiotherapynb.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1052012/09/05 Inc.
1062012/09/05 (David A McFadden)
1072012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1082012/09/05 14:00:30.487327function13.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1092012/09/05 (Tom Brown)
1102012/09/05 14:00:31.154916labcreatif.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1112012/09/05 14:00:31.972043gangsta.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1122012/09/05 14:00:33.108068readerschoice.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1132012/09/05 (David A McFadden)
1142012/09/05 14:00:36.010873torontohomesecurity.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1152012/09/05 Inc.
1162012/09/05 (David A McFadden)
1172012/09/05 14:00:41.230916humanewildliferemoval.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1182012/09/05 (Tom Brown)
1192012/09/05 14:00:41.291160schooltutor.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1202012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1212012/09/05 14:00:46.352661lacomida.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1222012/09/05 inc
1232012/09/05 14:00:46.412643fishingnet.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1242012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1252012/09/05 14:00:51.612184mamaspizza.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1262012/09/05 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1272012/09/05 14:01:43.607644d-n.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1282012/09/05 14:43:08.087694ottawainns.caeasyDNS Technologies Inc.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Checking Your Domain's Whois Counts - One Valuation Tool

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There are domains that have and don't have obvious value.  For everything else in between, domainers are forever looking for methods to valuate their domains.  Domain valuation is not a perfect science, so the more tools and metrics you have, the better you're able to determine your domain's worth.

External metrics are useful, because they don't rely on the domain owner's opinion, and they can tell you a lot.

Two examples of external metrics would be the number of domain inquiries or offers you get, and the type in traffic your domain receives.  If you've had at least one inquiry on a domain, then you know it has value to someone.  If it has value to one person, it likely has value to others.  If an offer price is included with the inquiry, then you have a baseline value of the domain - it could be worth more but a floor is set.  If your domain is getting type in traffic, then the keywords in the domain are known and have meaning to some people, which shows value.

A not so obvious external metric you can use is to find out how many Whois counts your domains get.  If your domain gets regular or a high number of Whois checks, then at least you know other people are searching for your domain, perhaps because they wanted to register it or they are thinking of contacting you about it.  If a domain didn't have value, then no one would be looking it up.  Some Registrars can provide the Whois information to you (see below how to find it on Godaddy).

I usually get a Whois count report on my domains at Godaddy a few times per year.  The report shows the counts for the current and previous day, week and month.  If you do this on a regular basis you'll likely see trends, such as which domains usually get the most counts, or no counts at all.  I just did a report today and was surprised to see higher counts on some domains than usual.  At least for me these counts are high, premium .com domains probably have monthly Whois counts into the 100's or 1000's.

A few of my high count domains for the previous month were:

GeocachingGames .com - 78

PrinceRupertHomes .com - 59 - 58

SuperphoneGames .com - 47

HashtagBusiness .com - 34 - 25

Plus .cc - 24

From my own reports, general trends I see are shorter .com domains (5 letters or 5 numbers, or less), get steady and higher Whois counts.  Some domains get count numbers I'm surprised at, others get no counts and that surprises me too.  One of my regular top Whois counts is for, which is strange to me because it's a .cc domain, but this domain has had a few inquiries in the past.  I only acquired it because I like the keyword.

I don't know exactly how Godaddy gets the Whois counts information, if it's from human searches and/or bot searches, but the Whois counts metric is still one tool that gives you some information on your domains value.

If you do Whois counts on your domains, what are your best monthly numbers, and what do you consider to be a 'high' monthly number?

To get your Whois count report at Godaddy, go to the 'My Account' section and launch the Domains.  From there go to 'Tools' in the menu, then choose 'Exportable lists' at the bottom.  Click on the 'Add new export' box to the right, select 'All my domains', then Next.  In this box, check the two 'Whois Searches' boxes on the far right, then Next.  Enter any name for the file then click Finish.  The file will show up on the resulting page within a minute or two, then you can download it and open it.


Saturday, September 1, 2012 Sells at DNS, August 29 TBR Gems

It was a better week than usual in the .ca TBR drop, which took place last Wednesday.  I think there were a handful of domains I would list in the premium category, both in english and french, that dropped.

First, after being away most of last week, I finally had a chance to review the recent domain sales at  Their reported sales are mostly .com's, but often other extensions show up, including .ca.  On August 28, they reported the sale of:  -  $10,000 to $20,000 price range

DNS only gives a price range in their reported sales, but we may see the final price if it was sold via an aftermarket like Sedo.

I couldn't find any info on who the buyer might be, but my guess would be an airline or fashion related company.  Or, could it be the film/tv technology company that operates at  Given the price, it was most likely an end user sale so the domain should resolve to a website at some point.  There is also a bridal shop and cafe that use the 'Runway' name.

Now onto last week's TBR, there were a total of 172 .ca domains grabbed in the drop.  Thanks to Sibername for providing the list.  The high quality names I referred to earlier, in my opinion, were:  ('soap' in french)

In addition to the above, there were some other decent names and some  You can see the full list below:

Date RegisteredDomain NameRegistrar
12012/08/29 14:00:00.000236cleaningservice.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
22012/08/29 14:00:00.002917two.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
32012/08/29 Inc.
42012/08/29 14:00:00.005039charm.caKoallo Inc
52012/08/29 14:00:00.009118dubai.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
62012/08/29 Inc.
72012/08/29 14:00:00.028143607.caDedicatedHost.Ca Inc.
82012/08/29 Inc.
92012/08/29 Inc.
102012/08/29 14:00:00.058331633.caCanadianNames.Ca Inc.
112012/08/29 14:00:00.063854ounce.ca3349608 Canada Inc.
122012/08/29 Inc.
132012/08/29 Inc.
142012/08/29 Inc.
152012/08/29 14:00:00.134632rusticfurniture.ca7695799 Canada Inc. O/A
162012/08/29 Corp
172012/08/29 14:00:00.180226mymls.ca7809654 Canada Inc. o/a
182012/08/29 14:00:00.195619sofaking.caJaz Domain Names Ltd.
192012/08/29 14:00:00.195649treehouses.caFresh Grape Solutions Inc.
202012/08/29 14:00:00.200687savon.ca2003300 Ontario Inc.
212012/08/29 14:00:00.202711833.caNames For Less Inc.
222012/08/29 Inc.
232012/08/29 Inc.
242012/08/29 14:00:00.226966mortgagepaymentcalculators.ca7809662 Canada Inc. o/a
252012/08/29 Inc.
262012/08/29 14:00:00.239597roxanna.caDotcanuck Domain Services Inc
272012/08/29 Inc.
282012/08/29 Inc.
292012/08/29 Inc.
302012/08/29 Inc.
312012/08/29 Inc.
322012/08/29 Inc.
332012/08/29 14:00:00.291425saveonfees.caDOMAINSCAPE.CA INC
342012/08/29 14:00:00.292050virox.caPayless Domains Inc.
352012/08/29 Inc.
362012/08/29 Inc.
372012/08/29 corporation
382012/08/29 Inc.
392012/08/29 14:00:05.010611adchoices.caKoallo Inc
402012/08/29 14:00:05.080036quesadilla.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
412012/08/29 14:00:05.091485passe.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
422012/08/29 14:00:05.246197dealonline.ca7809654 Canada Inc. o/a
432012/08/29 (1716639 Ontario Inc.)
442012/08/29 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
452012/08/29 (David A McFadden)
462012/08/29 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
472012/08/29 14:00:05.405714homedecorations.ca7809662 Canada Inc. o/a
482012/08/29 14:00:05.694234jobsquebec.ca7011725 Canada Inc. o/a
492012/08/29 14:00:05.714274jobsindurham.ca7695748 Canada Inc. O/A
502012/08/29 14:00:05.726384doctoronline.ca7809638 Canada Inc. o/a
512012/08/29 Corp
522012/08/29 14:00:06.165885froster.caA.R.C. Informatique Inc.
532012/08/29 (Tom Brown)
542012/08/29 14:00:06.249759vacationphotos.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
552012/08/29 14:00:06.340277westjob.ca7705310 Canada Inc. o/a
562012/08/29 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
572012/08/29 14:00:06.365802discountlaptops.ca7809646 Canada Inc. o/a
582012/08/29 14:00:06.483543dreamgetaways.ca7687656 Canada Inc. O/A
592012/08/29 14:00:06.532035cabines.ca7687664 Canada Inc.O/A
602012/08/29 14:00:06.634217thinspiration.ca7809689 Canada Inc. o/a
612012/08/29 14:00:06.849769londondrivingschools.ca7809620 Canada Inc. o/a
622012/08/29 14:00:06.958301canadadollar.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
632012/08/29 14:00:07.055430altuck.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
642012/08/29 (1716639 Ontario Inc.)
652012/08/29 (1716641 Ontario Inc.)
662012/08/29 14:00:10.384673kitchenerpainters.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
672012/08/29 14:00:10.392630howtolearnspanish.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
682012/08/29 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
692012/08/29 14:00:10.411589speakchinese.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
702012/08/29 (David A McFadden)
712012/08/29 14:00:10.712135carcrashlawyer.ca7809662 Canada Inc. o/a
722012/08/29 14:00:11.012418mortgagelawyers.ca7011725 Canada Inc. o/a
732012/08/29 14:00:11.047689londonpainters.ca7695829 Canada Inc. O/A
742012/08/29 14:00:11.054448vancouvers.ca7695748 Canada Inc. O/A
752012/08/29 inc
762012/08/29 14:00:11.374976inking.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
772012/08/29 (Tom Brown)
782012/08/29 14:00:11.438224saxon.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
792012/08/29 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
802012/08/29 INC.
812012/08/29 14:00:11.690496montrealdeli.ca7809646 Canada Inc. o/a
822012/08/29 14:00:11.788167charterairlines.ca7687664 Canada Inc.O/A
832012/08/29 14:00:11.947216catamarans.ca7809689 Canada Inc. o/a
842012/08/29 14:00:12.173406canadiangreen.ca7809620 Canada Inc. o/a
852012/08/29 14:00:12.183985videocreation.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
862012/08/29 14:00:12.289654pcconnect.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
872012/08/29 (David A McFadden)
882012/08/29 Inc.
892012/08/29 14:00:15.695095onlinepokergame.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
902012/08/29 14:00:15.709418mexicano.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
912012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
922012/08/29 14:00:16.291142vacationvillas.ca7011725 Canada Inc. o/a
932012/08/29 14:00:16.307625propertyphotography.ca7695829 Canada Inc. O/A
942012/08/29 14:00:16.318623smokemachine.ca7695748 Canada Inc. O/A
952012/08/29 inc
962012/08/29 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
972012/08/29 INC.
982012/08/29 14:00:17.006738jobstoday.ca7809646 Canada Inc. o/a
992012/08/29 14:00:17.033746singlecanada.ca7687664 Canada Inc.O/A
1002012/08/29 14:00:17.202967rvcampground.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1012012/08/29 14:00:17.242988ottawapainter.ca7809689 Canada Inc. o/a
1022012/08/29 14:00:18.991739auj.caLowcost Domains Inc.
1032012/08/29 14:00:19.015590maplesquare.caRegisterYour.CA Inc.
1042012/08/29 (David A McFadden)
1052012/08/29 Inc.
1062012/08/29 14:00:20.951829gtainsurance.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
1072012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1082012/08/29 inc
1092012/08/29 14:00:21.736013vscouncil.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1102012/08/29 (Tom Brown)
1112012/08/29 14:00:22.223104foodwatch.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1122012/08/29 14:00:22.938033safestop.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1132012/08/29 14:00:23.608217hoz.caBudget Names Inc.
1142012/08/29 14:00:26.918680douane.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1152012/08/29 14:00:26.976417scotdancecanada.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1162012/08/29 14:00:27.240241palmbeachrealestate.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1172012/08/29 Inc.
1182012/08/29 14:00:32.100945yerc.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1192012/08/29 14:00:32.168464landscape-design.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1202012/08/29 14:00:33.584642beautifulbody.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1212012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1222012/08/29 Inc.
1232012/08/29 14:00:37.292854dctc.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1242012/08/29 14:00:37.354567legalpardons.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1252012/08/29 (Tom Brown)
1262012/08/29 14:00:42.395295commercialawnings.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1272012/08/29 14:00:42.542047markusmedia.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1282012/08/29 (Tom Brown)
1292012/08/29 14:00:43.095605mmatoronto.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1302012/08/29 inc
1312012/08/29 14:00:47.743665acfas2011sherbrooke.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1322012/08/29 14:00:47.745400palmbeachcondos.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1332012/08/29 14:00:48.303759wordy.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1342012/08/29 (Tom Brown)
1352012/08/29 14:00:52.948347indoorsports.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1362012/08/29 14:00:53.501532molou.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1372012/08/29 14:00:53.533375turnkeyproperties.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1382012/08/29 14:00:58.723247ctai.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1392012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1402012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1412012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1422012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1432012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1442012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1452012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1462012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1472012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1482012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1492012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1502012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1512012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1522012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1532012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1542012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1552012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1562012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1572012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1582012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1592012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1602012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1612012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1622012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1632012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1642012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1652012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1662012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1672012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1682012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1692012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1702012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1712012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1722012/08/29 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)