Friday, August 28, 2009

Interview with founder of - If you haven't read this already, here is a great interview with the founder of a company that has one of the best .ca portfolios in Canada.

His name is Peter Maxymych, and the interview was conducted by Jeff Behrendt at

It's always helpful to read the ideas and thoughts of people operating at a high level of domaining. Some of the domains owned by include,,, and

Some of the areas covered in the interview include:

- How Peter got into domaining

- Why he chose .ca domains

- The $2.5 million deal with Yellow Pages

- Peter's favorite .ca domains

- How many domains does own?

- Peter's thoughts on the future of .ca domains

Link to the interview:



  1. Met Peter when Michael and I spoke at Domain Convergence in Toronto. Great guy with a killer portfolio.

  2. David, I met you and your brother Michael as well as Peter at the same conference! Wow, lots of amazing, relevant information. The .ca arena is still in it's infancy and I am looking forward to implementing some of your suggestions as well as Peter's into my websites. Big thanks to Frank Michlick of Domain Convergence for putting the event together. Every Canadian domainer and other domainers should join the Domain Association of Canada, it's free and it is promoting positive growth throughout the internet.
    All the best, if we all could only have portfolio's like yours and Peters. ah...


Thank you!