Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Frank Schilling interview and latest headlines - Though there isn't much in the way of news in .ca domains lately, there has been a lot happening in the overall domaining world.

The biggest news I've seen lately is that Paul Sloan, a writer who has written extensively on the domain and internet markets, has a new website, .

One of the first articles he posted was an interview with Frank Schilling. I enjoyed Frank's blog at while it lasted, and hadn't heard much about what he's been doing lately, other than reports of experimenting with his landing pages. The interview gives some current views that Frank has about the domain market and is a great read. You can find the interview here:

Here are some other headlines on domains in the past while that are worth reporting:

- sells for $115,000 US at

- sells for $1,100,000 US

- sells for $600,000 US

- Release of .CM domains generate over $2,000,000 in auctions

- sells at Namejet auction for $56,900

- The decline in PPC revenues is again a hot topic among domainers

- Sedo reports more than $15 million in domain sales in second quarter '09

- sells for $135,000 US through

- sells for $2,850,000 US

- Sedo plans to auction off one and two character .biz domains

- Rick Schwartz released some of his domain sales in recent weeks, which included (six figures + considerations) and ($200,000).

Looking at those headlines you wouldn't know the world is in an economic downturn.

There is a lot of interesting news on domains published daily, and you can find it all aggregated at Some of my favorite reads lately have been:

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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