Thursday, September 24, 2009 domain name listed on Ebay - I received an email this morning from Josh at JDP Network informing me that is now for sale on Ebay. The buy it now price is $49,000 US, or you can make a best offer.

The seller is listed as honeybeau07 with 100% positive feedback and a rating of 264.

The listing reads:

For sale, one of the most powerful, impacting and targeted domain names ever to be offered and for the first time!

The domain name, the name itself invokes many emotions, crosses cultural divides and touches the world in it's entirety. With over a third of the world believing in a God and billions more waiting to be reached the uses are endless. This name would be perfect for a church or those groups seeking to reach the world via the internet by providing their information to north america. The gospel and teaching on God has become very mainstream, do not miss this chance to be a leader by branding a powerful domain. I am open to serious offers, the owner must have a Canadian "presence" and one can be easily arranged.

Whether it sells or not, I'm sure it will garner a lot of attention as a strong, three letter word with importance to many religions in Canada and abroad.

If you want to see the listing, you can click here.




    Everyone knows that the real GOD can only be found at the .COM.

    Any other god.extension is a false god, an also ran, an imposter...

    Nah, I'm just kidding...and having a little fun.

    Hope you don't mind. :-)

  2. Thanks for the post. i will surely look into the matter.


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