Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcome to the Web Nelson Daily News! - My local newspaper for a small town of 10,000 has finally started a website. I remember checking the domain on their emails that were posted in the paper about a year ago to see where it resolved, and it didn't. This week they launched the site and I think it looks pretty good for a start.

They ofcourse will keep the newspaper going, and will have some additional stories online, and some of the stories in print will not be online. They allow comments to articles if you register. They are using Google Adsense, and inviting local businesses to advertise. They are adding extra photos to the site and allow you to purchase them. The site looks nice to me and is easy to navigate.

I think it makes smart business sense for them to have a site, I just wonder why it took them so long? The domain name is pretty good too!

To check it out, visit:


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