Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two recent .CA sales - It's still been fairly quiet out there in the .ca market, however with summer coming to an end we may see a pick up in activity once more people get back to work.

The .ca TBR has been as active as ever each week, but I have seen only two .ca sales reported outside TBR recently. These are: - $1100 - $1400

I used to read Frank Schilling's blog, religiously, and always remember a post he made about good brandable domains. One type of domain he liked was the 'keyword web' type domain, such as or Seeing the sale of reminded me of that post. Myself, I own a few .ca's of this type, I especially like 'cityname web' domains. Another word that looks good in place of 'web' is 'plus'. I am also starting to see more .ca domains in use with the 'My' prefix, such as and

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