Monday, December 29, 2008 up for sale on eBay - I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and was able to spend some quality time with loved ones! The new year is almost here, and I think most of us will be happy to say good-bye to 2008, especially the latter part of 2008.

A premium .ca domain has been listed on eBay with a BIN (buy it now) price of $75,000 US. The domain is and here is a link to the page:

The owner has disclosed that he has turned down offers in the $40,000 range already. As of today the sales page for this domain has had 117 views, and shows that two offers have been made.

The sales format for this domain isn't an auction, it looks like potential buyers can make an offer, or simply buy at the BIN price. If an offer is made that the seller likes, he can accept it. Obviously this would be a great domain for a company in the travel/tourism/vacation/holiday industry. It's easy to remember, on the mark, passes the radio test, and would look good in a print ad.

On another front, a two letter .ca appears to have sold on for $8,000. That domain is


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