Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Book - The Domain Game

Finally, I just learned today (from other domain blogs) that there is a book out on the domain name industry. It's called The Domain Game, and it's written by David Kesmodel. I won't go into too much detail here, because it will be reported everywhere, but I'm glad to see that a book has been written about this industry.

I haven't read it yet, apparently it features at least two Canadian domainers, Frank Schilling and Garry Chernoff. Adam Dicker, owner of is quoted in the introduction that is available online (see excerpt link below).

Here is some information on how to order a copy. I don't think it's available in book stores, you have to go to:

ordering is done through Xlibris, I had to order over the phone because their online processing isn't working. The cost of a paperback is 19.99, hard cover is 29.99. Shipping to Canada adds another $20 or so.

If you go to the Xlibris site, you can read an excerpt from the book as well.

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