Friday, May 9, 2008 in my bank statement

A short break from .ca today...

I've followed the .mobi extension since the landrush in the fall of 2006, and while I didn't break the bank on them, I own some good generics. I've always thought .mobi had a chance of making it, not because it's NEEDED, but because of marketing and the 'cool' factor (plus it's easier to get a good .mobi than a good .com these days). A .mobi url in an ad would tell someone right away it's a website for a mobile device.

One of the things that has to happen for .mobi to survive, is that companies have to start using them for their mobile sites. Some companies don't, but there is a long list of companies that do.

Royal Bank, the biggest bank in Canada, announced this year the release of When I saw that, I thought now they have to get the word out to the average customer to make the masses aware of this.

Then today, I opened my bank statement, and in there is a "Go Mobile" colored flyer for the Royal Bank. The front and back of the flyer tell about their mobile banking system. And on both sides, prominently displayed, is

Here is some of the wording:

"When you can't get to a branch or a computer, then go mobile. Go to from your mobile phone or PDA."

"If you bank online, you're ready to go mobile. Try Mobile Banking right now at"

It is promotion of .mobi domains in advertising like this that will help the .mobi extension succeed.

Click on the scans below to see the full size, sorry for the black and white, the actual flyer is in color.


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