Friday, May 30, 2008

First MyID .ca auction closes successfully

The first MyID .ca auction ended today, and I think the results were positive. There was a lot of speculation initially when MyID announced they were going to start doing regular .ca auctions. Many wondered if a regular auction format would work for .ca domains at this time. Well, I think the answer is yes based on today's outcome. Many four figure sales, some five figure sales, and lots of last minute bidding on the top domains. Future auctions will likely have more quality domains, since domainers now know that this format is working.

Here are three of the top sales from the auction (not official): $53,300 $17,352 $25,299

Hopefully MyID will publish a full auction results list with all the closing prices. Many of these sales will likely be reported in the weekly DNJournal sales report for country code domains.

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