Monday, May 19, 2008

.CA auction by, Special Feature

There is a special feature that was added to the auction for .ca names that runs from May 22 to May 29.

It is called an "At-COST credits promotion" for buyers and sellers in the auction.

What is an AT-COST credit?

An AT-COST credit allows one to register, renew, or transfer one .ca domain at cost, which is what pays CIRA (currently $8.50 plus GST).

How does this incentive work for participants in the May 22 - May 29 DOT CA Auction?

For Buyers:

For every $10 spent at the .ca auction, MyID will credit the buyer's account with 1 AT-COST credit.

For sellers:

Sellers get 1 AT-COST credit per $10 of sale price for every domain that sells during the auction.

Here are two examples of how it works.

If a buyer purchase domains from the DOT CA auction for $1,000 they get 100 AT-COST credits. That means they can register/transfer/renew 100 domains for $8.5 each at MyID.

If a seller lists and sells a domain in the DOT CA Auction for $2,500 they get 250 AT-COST credits. That means they can register/transfer/renew 250 domains for $8.5 each at MyID.

There is no upper limit. If you spend $10,000 buying domains in the DOT CA auction or sell a domain for $10,000 you get 1000 AT-COST credits.

This isn't a bad deal, because it saves you $2 or more per domain registration based on prices at other registrars. If you use 100 credits, that's a $200 saving on domain registrations.

This incentive is not guaranteed to last in their future DOT CA auctions. However, ALL participants in the May 22 - May 29 auction are guaranteed to always benefit from this promotion. In other words, even if this incentive is not extended in subsequent auctions, all participants in the May 22 - May 29 DOT CA that either sell or buy at least one domain, are guaranteed to always receive AT-COST credits for all their future auction activity.

There are some conditions for claiming the AT-COST credits:

If you are interested in this promotion, there are some conditions, like keeping the names at MyID for the one year period, and the credits aren't transferrable to another party. Read the full conditions at their site by clicking here and following the .ca auction link.

The .ca auction starts in three days, hopefully this will prove to be a good platform for both buyers and sellers.


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