Monday, October 6, 2008

Domain Owners Association of Canada (DOAC) - I think the recent announcement of a domain owners association for Canadians is worth noting. I haven't seen any details yet, and the website they will be using currently is a parked page, but this could be a good thing for Canadian domainers.

In the forums I always see questions from Canadian domainers about taxes, legal issues with domains, trademark issues, etc. If a Canadian domainers association could help support domain owners in these areas, it would be a great benefit. Also, an association like this could help Canadian domainers with reverse hijacking type situations.

The founder and president of the DOAC is Peter Maxymych, President of, a company with a large portfolio of .ca domains.

Once ready, the Domain Owners Association of Canada website will be located at

For now, you can contact Zak Muscovitch, the association’s solicitor, by emailing Zak @

One comment I would have right away is that the name for the association is kind of awkward, and doesn't roll off the tongue easily. Maybe it should just be Domain Owners of Canada, or Canadian Domain Owners, or Association of Canadian Domainers.

Here is a link to the DOAC news from

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