Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Slow August for .CA domains

DomainReport.ca - August has been a slow month for .CA domains!

Since the MyID auctions ended in July, it looks like .ca domain investors have taken a well deserved late-summer break. With many new reported sales prices recorded this year, it seemed like the market needed a breather anyway. I think in September the interest in domains will pick up again. Stock markets are predicted to go sideways, commodities are pulling back, real estate is holding or declining, 'old' media is having problems competing for advertising and eyeballs. One of the only areas still experiencing growth and change is the internet, with more people flocking to it, and more things to do on it. To navigate the internet you need domain names, and if you build a website you need a good domain name for it.

There are two .ca sales to report that I just noticed at Sedo today.

hotelcheck.ca - $500 Eur ($782 Cdn.)

holidaycheck.ca - $3,000 Eur ($4,694 Cdn.)

Those are good prices, considering the exchange rate of the Euro, for two domains that appear to fall in the brandable category. That is, my guess is that they don't get natural traffic, but need to be used in a company's advertising or marketing strategy to generate visitors. But they are very good terms to develop a travel-related theme around.

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