Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Country code domain bests .com version - In this week's sales report, the domain was reported to have sold for higher than

It is very unusual for a country code version of a domain to sell for higher than the .com version. In this case, since the sales happened in the same week, they can be compared more readily (as opposed to if the sales happened far apart, and market changes or other factors could have come into play).

Shoppen means 'shopping' in Dutch, so it is a nice keyword to have. The other surprise is the .nl sold for around 69k, and the .com for 13k, which is a huge price discrepency (over 5x difference). There are some who believe that country code domains could become as valuable, or even more valuable, than their .com counterparts, partly because a country code domain usually lets you know you are dealing with a local business. If you're dealing local, you have more confidence as a consumer, and no worries about extra shipping charges, or border taxes on goods. Perhaps we will be seeing more country code domains outsell their .com counterparts, but at this point it's hard to say from just this one example.

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