Thursday, July 10, 2008

.CN the new leader in country code domains

The .cn domain extension for China has now surpassed Germany's .de as the country code extension with the most domain registrations.

A few highlights reported in the latest Sedo newsletter...

China’s .cn now stands alone atop the list of the largest country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLDs) in the world. It has shot past Germany (.de) at an alarming rate, with between 400,000 and 500,000 registrations occurring per month.

It used to be that .cn domain names were only allowed to be registered by businesses with a physical presence in the country of China. Now, .cn domains are open to the rest of the world, creating heavy demand for .cn domains on a global level.

Today, China has an estimated 56 million internet users. Within the next 2 years, it is expected that China will account for a solid 25% of the total internet use around the globe.

Link to Sedo newsletter:

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  1. Is it any wonder?

    I believe they were selling .CN registrations for the equivalent
    of 6 cents.



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