Monday, March 31, 2008

April 2 TBR .ca domain name drop

Here are some of the better (or interesting) .ca domains dropping in this week's TBR, April 2.


  1. Hi there I was refered by you have very interesting articles.I buy .ca domain and dot com too when available.I just bought Ialso own and
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    The olympics are coming should i auction and off would they be worth it.I also own and the dot ca for it the olympics are there2010.Love these forums,Cam

  2. Oh ya i was gonna ask I saw a dropped name last week p!ss me off,,
    How does one go about snagging a dropped name.What do i do.Help???

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  3. Domains drop every Wednesday for .ca. You can see the list at under the names dropping section. To try to get one, you have to use a registrar drop service, like at Sibername or Pool. Those two usually have the best luck getting the drops, but you may have to bid against others for them.


Thank you!