Thursday, March 13, 2008

Internet Media - Slowdown but not a Collapse

Here is an interesting interview posted on Yahoo regarding the downtown in the economy and it's effect on online media.

Henry Blodget of Tech Ticker interviews John Battelle, the CEO of Federated Media. Batelle makes an interesting point that the downturn of 2001-2002 was driven by technology, and this time the downturn is driven by other factors. Today, I think people enjoy using the internet so much, and that is where advertisers will still be able to reach them despite what happens in the economy.

As the economy softens, we're all wondering how hard the advertising market, especially online media, will be hit. During the 2001-2002 tech downturn, advertising fell by a whopping 15 percent. But John Battelle, Federated Media CEO, tells me this time around, the Internet media will experience a slowdown in growth - but not a wipeout.

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