Monday, March 10, 2008

Worth Linking to - Verisign DN Industry Brief

Every quarter throughout the year Verisign releases their Domain Name Industry Brief, which gives you the Current state of the domain name industry, including up-to-date trends in new registrations, renewals, market shares and growth opportunities.

It's a great read for domainers, and gives you an idea of how the domain business is growing throughout the world.

Some of the highlights of the last report, which covers the last quarter of 2007, are:

- A total of 153 Million domain names are registered throughout the world, which includes all TLD's

- Country code domains (e.g.: .ca, .us, .de) had a 33% increase in registrations year over year

- 12.2 million domain names regged in last three months of 2007

- .de (Germany) has the most registrations of country code domains, followed by .cn (China) and .uk (England).

- .ca doesn't make it into the top ten for country code domain registrations. Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Italy and Switzerland have more domains registered in their respective country codes. (.ca almost has one million registrations, to put it in perspective).

- .com and .net renewal rates are steady over the years, at around 75%. This means that people are renewing, on average, three quarters of their .com and .net domains, and letting the other quarter expire.

The March Verisign Domain Brief just came out, you should keep this link saved on your desktop to check for the report every quarter.


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