Sunday, March 9, 2008

Kevin Ham makes another mainstream media cover

It seems like Kevin Ham can't keep himself off the cover of mainstream media publications. Today, Ham is on the cover of the Province newspaper, one of Vancouver, BC, Canada's daily papers.

The title on the cover is "BC's DOT-COM MOGULS", and Ham is profiled in a story inside along with two other Vancouver-based internet entrepreneurs. They call them "three BC whiz kids who've struck it rich on the internet".

The story on Kevin Ham has a few errors or inaccuracies, but isn't too bad. The cover calls him the 'Typo Tycoon', which has some truth to it given his association with .cm domains and Agora. The inside profile shows a cover of him on Business 2.0 magazine from last year. They estimate his portfolio at 300,000 domains worth 300 Million. It says that he has "bought" domains ending in .cm, but we know he just has a traffic arrangement with the Cameroon government for .cm domains. They mention two domains Ham owns, and They label Ham a mystery man, media shy, and apparently he didn't return calls to the Province for the story.

The other two who were profiled are John Chow and Markus Frind.

Chow runs a blog at about making money, and posts to it about 3 times per day. His blog has a readership of about 26,000 people, and he earns roughly $30,000 per month through advertising and affiliate links. He is 42 years old and also runs

Markus Frind is the one person owner of, a free online dating site. He is only 29 years old and started his site in 2003. His site runs almost on autopilot, he has just one assistant to help answer emails. His site is one of the top dating sites and has almost 700,000 members. Frind earns 5 to 10 million per year from advertising and affiliate links to other dating sites.

As a domainer, what struck me the most about this article is that two of the three people are making 6 to 7 figure incomes with just ONE website. The lesson here may be to take one idea and put your time and effort into that, as opposed to just accumulating many domains and spreading yourself thin. Anyone can build a good content site about SOME subject, like your local real estate, local restaurants/dining, a blog about a subject you like, etc.

I find if you start a blog about a subject you genuinely have an interest in, it's easier to post daily and stay engaged in your topic (like I feel about my own blog). In fact, I'm going to visit and see how he does it!

Also, I think they could have doubled or tripled the number of BC internet moguls in the article, from BC domainer's alone. If not more.

Link to Province article:


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