Saturday, March 29, 2008 to run exclusive .ca domain auctions

Got an email today from saying they are going to start running .ca auctions in April. I think this could be good for .ca and give it more exposure. Here is part of the email they sent out.

After significant development and testing, will start very soon running periodic auctions dedicated exclusively to .ca domains. Our first auction will take place on April 15 and you are invited to submit your domains for consideration of inclusion and to be part of the very rewarding promotional effort for this auction.

There will be a serious advertising and marketing effort accompanying the launch of this event and significant opportunities for early participants to not only get great exposure to their .ca domains but also cash in on letting other interested parties be aware of this dedicated .ca auction.

You are getting early bird notification and we wholeheartedly believe that the first group of .ca domain owners and webmasters that will be part of the auction have the highest likelihood of reaping very serious rewards for many years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about the new auction, its benefits for you, the marketing involved, and details with respect to how you can submit your domains for! consideration for inclusion, and how you can seriously benefit from it through promotion, please contact us immediately

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  1. BRAVO!!!
    I have a nice holding in Geo & Wedding Names.
    We need this to develop .Ca!

    Frank R


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