Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Top .ca sales of past week

There was only one .ca domain sale mentioned in the weekly dnjournal domain sale report last night. $1,050

An unconfirmed sale was posted in dnforum for for $500. The interesting thing about this sale was that the seller only registered the name in February of this year, marketed it to mining companies, and found a buyer in March. Tantalum is a metal so I'm sure the mining company is happy to own this domain. Doesn't look like the domain has officially changed owners yet though.

Interestingly, the top overall domain sold in the report was a country code domain, for 400,000 Euros (about $625,000 US). .de is Germany's domain extension.

It also appears that and sold in the past two weeks. The sale was not reported in dnjournal, but the seller had been asking $20,000+ for the two names as a package.


On another note, today is the TBR drop for .ca names. I had a quick scan of the list and didn't see anything that blew me away. There are some domains and some one and two worder's, but nothing in the premium range. I didn't do a detailed check of the list, so I might have missed something. We'll see after the TBR drop.


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