Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Banks.ca sells for $41,000 at Pool

Drop catcher Pool sold Banks.ca today for $41,000 after catching it in the weekly .ca TBR last week. The domain was sold in an auction style format. Apparently, the winning bidder was prepared to go up to $112,000 to win this name, but this is unverified.

This might be the highest ever reported .ca sale, and the sale may garner some mainstream media attention. Sales like this help create an awareness of the value of generic .ca domain names. There are rumours other .ca domain names have sold for high 5 figure, and 6 figure amounts, but if so those sales were never made public.

Two of the next highest .ca sales ever occurred in 2006. These were:

savings.ca $36,050 (2006)

cruise.ca $33,363 (2006)

Of interest, banks.com is a functioning website and publicly traded company.

Banks.com is a leading financial services portal containing a unique breadth and depth of products and services. Banks.com provides access to thousands of pages of current financial content, including: articles, stock quotes, audio, video, blogs and much more. Our site contains information and products on a variety of topics such as Banking, Stocks & Bonds, Taxes, Mortgages, Personal Finance, Credit Cards, Insurance and Retirement Planning.

We have yet to see what the new owner of banks.ca will do with this domain, but creating a similar site to banks.com that deals with Canadian banking might be a good idea.


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