Thursday, April 3, 2008

.CA auctions closed, .CA vs .US

Two .ca auctions from the TBR just ended today: $160 $1,050

Sibername had a bunch of other auctions close today, but don't have the results yet. Will post some when I see them.


In the April 1 dnjournal sales report, there was one .ca listed in the sales for country codes: $2,760 sold at Pool

What I found interesting in the country code sales, was that out of 20 domains listed, four of them had a hyphen. And they sold in the $4,000 to $12,000 range. These were:

In the overall sales, sold for $37,453.

I've always thought that a hyphen in domains isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just had to be between two strong keywords, or separating two or three letters, like B-N or B-A-R. Domainers seem to be evenly split on whether hyphens are good or not. I see lots of website domains for government and in advertising using hyphens, so I figure people are using them, and that's the most important thing.


I've also been meaning to post about why .ca performs better in Canada than .us does in the USA. Here is one example, the other night I was opening a can of Campbell's soup, and right on the lid, in a red circle, were two domain names. (french)

Obviously Campbell's soup is running some kind of contest, and plastered on every can of soup they have these .ca domains. You see .ca domains on every kind of product in Canada, even American companies selling in Canada will use .ca domains on their products. I don't think the same thing happens in the USA with .us, at least not yet.

However, if I were American I'd be buying up good .us domains, because I think the trend will be for that extension to get adopted more over time, as .com and .net domains become out of reach. Most countries in the world are adopting their country code domains to the same extent as .com has been accepted, and I think it will continue.

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