Tuesday, April 15, 2008

1 Million .ca domains and a look at country code domains

The total number of .ca domains has hit 1 million, and though it's bounced back and forth across the line the past few days, it now looks poised to stay.

I decided to look at how popular other country code domains are in relation to .ca, not by total registrations, but by number of people in that country per domain registered. Here are the figures below.

Canada: 33 people per .ca domain registered

USA: 235 people per .us domain registered

China: 130 people per .cn domain registered

UK: 9.3 people per .uk domain registered

Germany: 6.8 people per .de domain registered

If Germany and the UK are the leading indicators of where country code domains are going, then countries like China, the US, and Canada have a long way to go to reach a ratio of, say, 10 people per domain registered.


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