Thursday, April 24, 2008

Record .CA domain auction sale -

There will be a new record for a reported .ca domain sale today. is currently in auction at Sibername. The auction keeps getting extended by 3 minutes due to last minute bids, as per Sibername's auction rules.

The last price I just saw was $53,200 and it's not over yet.

This will be the highest known .ca sale ever (if it goes through), although there are always rumours of .ca's having been sold for 6 and 7 figures, but the price was protected by NDA's.

Emplois is a french word that means Jobs, so it is very high quality. Apparently there was also a functioning site on this domain, which may be playing a part in the auction interest. Even without traffic, it's a great french keyword.

I'll post the final price when the auction ends.


Final price was $56,200

I should note that this is just the auction price, a sale technically won't occur until the transaction is finalized. Assuming all goes well, this will be the new record for a .ca known sale.


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