Thursday, December 15, 2011

Web advertising company revenues rise 2,622%

How strong is the web advertising industry?

Very strong, after you read this article about web advertising firm Acquisio based in Montreal, but with offices in other cities (and growing).  They are in expansion and hiring mode even in these difficult times.

Acquisio software helps digital media agencies buy, track and manage Internet advertising for all customers.

What does the chief marketing officer have to say?

The three pillars of advertising today are search marketing, display advertising and social media advertising. Mobile is coming along. We integrate all three and see how they interact together. The synergy between these three is significant, and being able to handle all three, track all three, and report on all three in a proper manner turned out to be a key advantage for our customers.

In revenue, we’re continuing to double year over year, and in terms of staff, I don’t see any stopping to hiring. I didn’t see us struggling to find talent because it looked like an endless pool here in Montreal, but sometimes it’s difficult.

The only advice I might have for them is their company name isn't user friendly, but it doesn't seem to be hurting them up to now.  It looks like a typo nightmare - ACQUISIO

To read more about the challenges and growth of this web advertising firm, click below:


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