Friday, December 23, 2011

Two .ca Domain Name Sales in Past Week

As the year draws to a close, it was nice to see two .ca domain sales reported in the sales report this past week.  This could be the last sales report of 2011, I'm not sure if Ron Jackson plans to work in between Christmas and New Year's to do a report next week.  And I wouldn't blame him, everyone needs a break!

Neither of the sales made the top 20 in country code sales, but they were interesting names.  $2,600 - sold at Sedo

This french domain doesn't yet forward anywhere, but I'd guess it was bought by, a dental clinic in Montreal.  They look like a fairly large clinic and have a French/English website.  The domain is at Godaddy and was registered in April of 2010.  Not a bad return for under two years on what I'd consider a generic geo domain.  It would translate into "Montreal dentist" in english.  $1,200 - sold at Sedo

This domain also doesn't resolve.  IBM has a service called Unica which is located at, perhaps they were the buyer Through its Unica offerings, IBM provides innovative marketing solutions that turn your passion for marketing into business success. Our comprehensive approach to interactive marketing enables more than 1,500 organizations worldwide to understand what makes their customers tick and leverage that understanding to engage buyers in highly relevant, interactive dialogs across digital, social, and traditional marketing channels.

If you do a Google search on Unica, you'll see that the term has many other uses, so we'll have to wait and see what the domain will be used for.


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