Friday, December 16, 2011 domain name sale at Sedo

In reviewing the weekly domain name sales report as I usually do, I noticed there was one .ca domain sale in the country code section. - $4,500 - sold at Sedo

Right away I had a pretty good hunch about who bought this domain, and it appears I'm correct.  It looks like it was bought by BC Business magazine, a monthly periodical that focuses on business in British Columbia, Canada.  If you visit the domain today, it points to the website they have long used,

Another thing that came to mind is that you might think BC Business magazine could have tried to strong arm this domain because of a trademark.  But I think 'BC business', or any geographic area + business is pretty generic.  If the previous owner had tried to mimic the magazine website, they may have had a case.  Though I don't know the history of this domain and what was on it before, it's likely they were in the clear.

It was nice to see another .ca make the weekly sales report in the mid four figure range.  It was the #20 sale for country code domains.


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