Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa websites, how are they doing now?

Just came across an interesting article on the web that looks at how Santa related domains and websites are doing at this time of year.

Turns out, many people run Santa type websites for fun and profit, and they only have a handful of weeks to make it work.  Some do it to earn a few extra dollars, and for others it can make or break their year.

These types of sites offer Christmas letters from Santa, games, video messages, and so on.

There are a huge number of sites, from and to and For a period of about six weeks, from the middle of November, these websites see a huge influx of traffic, enough to sustain a small cottage industry.

The article contains a number of personal stories, but my favorite is Stephen Bottomley, who runs  He also owns, which he is trying to sell for around 100,000 pounds.

Do you run any Santa or Christmas related sites?  I have a one page site with a letter from Santa called, and the traffic does start to pick up every year at the end of November.

to read the full article, click below:


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  1. I own but I haven't done anything with it. It's the only Christmas domain I own. It's not my usual development area but the domain seemed to good to pass up at the time. Probably should do something with it, probably a bit late for this year!


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