Friday, September 27, 2013 Rises Up in Sept 25 .CA TBR Drop Results

After last week's record low .ca TBR drop, I was eager to see how this week's drop would go.  It turns out I needn't have been concerned because the September 25 TBR results returned to normal levels, with 171 .ca domains grabbed in the drop.

First, there were a few .ca domain sales worth mentioning in the past week.  The first three were reported in the weekly domain sales report.  -  $4500  -  sold at Sedo  -  $1000  -  sold at Sedo  -  $1000  -  sold at Sedo  - $300  -  sold at Afternic

I was surprised to see sell for that high a price.  A number/word domain like that usually isn't highly desirable.  The '1' in front might help it's listing in a directory type book or site, but otherwise I don't see the value.  The domain is already being forwarded to a french job related site.

BYOD seems to be a popular acronym for 'bring your own device'.  Zoe is a first name but also has some other commercial uses for an acronym or company name. looks like a great buy for $300 as an obvious generic keyword domain.

Another interesting sale (not .ca related) I saw this week was for $10,500 at Sedo.  I assumed this domain was bought by Vancouver based dating site Plenty of Fish, as they have bought up their acronym in many other extensions in the past few years.  Turns out they weren't the buyer, but rather it was another dating related company that bought it.  I wonder if there will be any response from Plenty of Fish?

It seems like the wave of coming new gtld's is making more news lately, with lots of online debate as to whether they will be an overall success or not.  Will new gtld's like .web, .games, .app and .hotels gain traction and acceptance?  No one knows for sure, but by this time next year we'll probably have a good idea of how the new gtlds are being received.  I don't think .com domains will be negatively affected, and likewise for solid, established country code extensions like .ca.  The coming gtlds has been know for some time to most people who are involved in domain names, but the fact that they are now imminent is really heating up the discussion.

Back to this week's TBR, some of the better names that dropped and were caught on Wednesday were:

The full list of .ca domains that were grabbed in the drop is below.  Thanks to Sibername for providing the info.  I've bolded some of the better quality and more interesting names.

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Last TBR run results

Date RegisteredDomain NameRegistrar
12013/09/25 (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)
22013/09/25 14:00:00.003609londonnews.ca7705395 Canada Inc.
32013/09/25 14:00:00.004266sudburynews.ca7695799 Canada Inc.
42013/09/25 14:00:00.004628realestateclub.ca7809654 Canada Inc.
52013/09/25 14:00:00.006228hamiltonnews.caDOMAINIAC.CA INC
62013/09/25 (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)
72013/09/25 14:00:00.011724m0.ca7695829 Canada Inc.
82013/09/25 14:00:00.012123thechronicle.caCreative Pixels Inc.
92013/09/25 - (7888929 Canada Inc)
102013/09/25 14:00:00.020195966.ca7809662 Canada Inc.
112013/09/25 14:00:00.024786pizzary.ca8433780 Canada Inc.
122013/09/25 14:00:00.036601backproblem.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
132013/09/25 14:00:00.037531rapier.ca2003300 Ontario Inc.
142013/09/25 - (7889038 Canada Inc)
152013/09/25 Inc.
162013/09/25 14:00:00.041344spoil.ca3349608 Canada Inc.
172013/09/25 14:00:00.042487kirkpatrick.ca7687664 Canada Inc.
182013/09/25 Inc.
192013/09/25 14:00:00.043559cecelia.caJaz Domain Names Ltd.
202013/09/25 Inc.
212013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
222013/09/25 Inc.
232013/09/25 Inc.
242013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
252013/09/25 Inc.
262013/09/25 14:00:00.090268wingman.caDOMAINSCAPE.CA INC
272013/09/25 Inc.
282013/09/25 14:00:00.097717broilking.caDotcanuck Domain Services Inc
292013/09/25 Inc.
302013/09/25 14:00:00.143766achievers.caPayless Domains Inc.
312013/09/25 Inc.
322013/09/25 14:00:00.198349refit.caCanadianNames.Ca Inc.
332013/09/25 Inc.
342013/09/25 14:00:00.303509aeroseal.caCanSpace Solutions Inc.
352013/09/25 Inc.
362013/09/25 corporation
372013/09/25 Inc.
382013/09/25 Inc.
392013/09/25 Inc.
402013/09/25 14:00:00.408679smartrenter.caRomel Corporation
412013/09/25 Inc.
422013/09/25 Inc.
432013/09/25 14:00:00.415662wallaceburgnews.caSuper Registry Inc.
442013/09/25 Inc.
452013/09/25 14:00:00.420282personalinjurylawyervancouver.caCVO.CA Inc.
462013/09/25 Inc.
472013/09/25 Inc.
482013/09/25 14:00:00.729553torontodatarecovery.ca7809689 Canada Inc.
492013/09/25 Inc.
502013/09/25 14:00:04.770372birthrecord.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
512013/09/25 (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)
522013/09/25 14:00:05.010948personalinjurylawyersvancouver.caDOMAINIAC.CA INC
532013/09/25 14:00:05.068256chippawa.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
542013/09/25 14:00:05.258608a1catering.ca7695799 Canada Inc.
552013/09/25 14:00:05.296492gomanitoba.caCreative Pixels Inc.
562013/09/25 14:00:05.298363edmontongolf.ca7809654 Canada Inc.
572013/09/25 14:00:05.312302932.ca7687583 Canada Inc.
582013/09/25 14:00:05.335521loneliness.ca7809662 Canada Inc.
592013/09/25 14:00:05.364335myluxury.ca8433780 Canada Inc.
602013/09/25 14:00:05.388119627.ca7687664 Canada Inc.
612013/09/25 (1716641 Ontario Inc.)
622013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
632013/09/25 14:00:05.471356seniorinsurance.caSIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.
642013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
652013/09/25 14:00:05.700563radiate.caKoallo Inc
662013/09/25 14:00:05.853447uxa.ca7809689 Canada Inc.
672013/09/25 14:00:05.958803riversiderealestate.ca8433763 Canada Inc.
682013/09/25 14:00:06.025039jyu.ca8433836 Canada Inc.
692013/09/25 (CodeZone inc.)
702013/09/25 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
712013/09/25 inc
722013/09/25 14:00:10.475674dunnvilleontario.caSIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.
732013/09/25 14:00:10.600612hbq.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
742013/09/25 (Bulent Turkoglu o/a
752013/09/25 (Tom Brown)
762013/09/25 14:00:10.714406gamenet.caKoallo Inc
772013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
782013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
792013/09/25 14:00:11.247227footmassager.ca7809638 Canada Inc.
802013/09/25 14:00:11.272765edmontoninfo.ca8433763 Canada Inc.
812013/09/25 (1716639 Ontario Inc.)
822013/09/25 14:00:11.298932sadi.ca8433828 Canada Inc.
832013/09/25 14:00:11.311400fleecejackets.ca7809620 Canada Inc.
842013/09/25 14:00:11.318899ferragamo.ca7809646 Canada Inc.
852013/09/25 14:00:11.326127philosophie.ca8433836 Canada Inc.
862013/09/25 14:00:14.860076dockdepot.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
872013/09/25 (CodeZone inc.)
882013/09/25 14:00:15.128796edmontonanarchistbookfair.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
892013/09/25 14:00:15.238026businessowners.ca7010842 Canada Corporation
902013/09/25 inc
912013/09/25 (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a
922013/09/25 14:00:15.632225pnz.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
932013/09/25 (Tom Brown)
942013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
952013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
962013/09/25 14:00:19.898893smartebike.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
972013/09/25 Inc.
982013/09/25 14:00:20.141712kju.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
992013/09/25 inc
1002013/09/25 14:00:20.594292executivesingles.ca8433771 Canada Inc.
1012013/09/25 14:00:20.659081cyberoti.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1022013/09/25 (Tom Brown)
1032013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1042013/09/25 14:00:24.927074minipad.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1052013/09/25 14:00:25.167726mediapost.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1062013/09/25 inc
1072013/09/25 14:00:25.685774dxo.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1082013/09/25 (Tom Brown)
1092013/09/25 14:00:29.956978officeexpress.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1102013/09/25 14:00:30.205719evolvingmedia.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1112013/09/25 inc
1122013/09/25 14:00:30.714445oax.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1132013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1142013/09/25 14:00:34.994318getknown.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1152013/09/25 (CodeZone inc.)
1162013/09/25 14:00:35.237157tcz.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1172013/09/25 inc
1182013/09/25 (Tom Brown)
1192013/09/25 14:00:40.033724propertywatch.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1202013/09/25 (CodeZone inc.)
1212013/09/25 inc
1222013/09/25 14:00:40.782431saskjobfutures.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1232013/09/25 (Tom Brown)
1242013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1252013/09/25 inc
1262013/09/25 14:00:45.821374nomore.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1272013/09/25 14:00:50.094906pictureit.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1282013/09/25 14:00:50.288898dxq.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1292013/09/25 inc
1302013/09/25 14:00:50.854314asphaltdriveway.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1312013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1322013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1332013/09/25 14:00:55.136709onoff.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1342013/09/25 (CodeZone inc.)
1352013/09/25 14:00:55.319541injection-moldings.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1362013/09/25 14:00:55.367353collegeradio.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1372013/09/25 inc
1382013/09/25 14:00:55.889117iuz.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1392013/09/25 (Tom Brown)
1402013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1412013/09/25 inc
1422013/09/25 14:01:00.927143probusiness.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1432013/09/25 14:01:05.370644dxr.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1442013/09/25 inc
1452013/09/25 14:01:10.455866dynamicweb.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1462013/09/25 inc
1472013/09/25 (Tom Brown)
1482013/09/25 14:01:15.435403qyx.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1492013/09/25 14:01:15.490399rrz.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1502013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1512013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1522013/09/25 14:01:20.450913gqt.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1532013/09/25 14:01:20.512318muq.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
1542013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1552013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1562013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1572013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1582013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1592013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1602013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1612013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1622013/09/25 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1632013/09/25 (CodeZone inc.)
1642013/09/25 14:02:04.132782greenwayrealty.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1652013/09/25 (David A McFadden)
1662013/09/25 14:02:09.334567sackvillechamber.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1672013/09/25 14:02:30.132356highlandtravel.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1682013/09/25 14:02:35.329065melancthonquarry.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1692013/09/25 (CodeZone inc.)
1702013/09/25 14:03:01.330580canadiancarloans.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1712013/09/25 14:03:06.534364fondscanadiendetele.caNamespro Solutions Inc.

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