Thursday, September 5, 2013 Shines in First .CA Domain TBR drop of September

The weekly .ca domain TBR drop took place yesterday, and in total 126 .ca domains were grabbed from the list of expiring names.  There were a few decent domains on the list, which was much shorter than usual, perhaps due to a busy week of back to school and back to work activities for most people.

There was one .ca domain sale I saw reported last week at Sedo.  That sale was:  -  $2,000 USD  -  sold at Sedo

This is a french two word domain 'quoi faire' which translates into 'what to do'.  Doing a Google search, there are actually many french websites that have this phrase in their domain.  It relates well to the travel industry, as in what to do in New York, what to do in Spain, etc.  It would make a great domain for a city or country directory that lists places to eat, see shows, museums, activities, and so on.  Currently the domain appears to be parked.  The domain is currently registered to a Quebec company called Ascendi Inc.

Back to this week's TBR, some of the better names on the list were:  (french word for chairs)

The full list of .ca domains taken in the drop is below.  Thanks to Sibername for providing the list.  I've bolded some of the better and more interesting names.

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Last TBR run results

Date RegisteredDomain NameRegistrar
12013/09/04 14:00:00.000005spaproducts.ca8433836 Canada Inc.
22013/09/04 14:00:00.004080casis.caREBEL.COM CORP.
32013/09/04 14:00:00.006926emploiseptiles.ca7687656 Canada Inc.
42013/09/04 14:00:00.007728gardenplans.ca7809646 Canada Inc.
52013/09/04 14:00:00.007983mrf.ca7809689 Canada Inc.
62013/09/04 INC.
72013/09/04 14:00:00.009691softwaredevelopers.ca8433828 Canada Inc.
82013/09/04 14:00:00.012083contour.caSIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.
92013/09/04 14:00:00.014727officer.ca7809620 Canada Inc.
102013/09/04 (Tom Brown)
112013/09/04 - (2070424 ONTARIO INC.)
122013/09/04 14:00:00.035459windsornews.ca7010842 Canada Corporation
132013/09/04 14:00:00.037491greeningspirit.ca7695799 Canada Inc.
142013/09/04 14:00:00.039119magasiner.ca8433763 Canada Inc.
152013/09/04 14:00:00.039732sjswc.ca7687664 Canada Inc.
162013/09/04 (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a
172013/09/04 Inc.
182013/09/04 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
192013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
202013/09/04 14:00:00.043334cupboard.caArctic Names Inc.
212013/09/04 14:00:00.045196piece.ca7011725 Canada Inc.
222013/09/04 14:00:00.045691spritz.caDOMAINSCAPE.CA INC
232013/09/04 (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)
242013/09/04 14:00:00.052065pabrown.caBehrendt Professional Corporation
252013/09/04 14:00:00.052587rentaproperty.ca7809654 Canada Inc.
262013/09/04 Inc.
272013/09/04 Inc.
282013/09/04 Inc.
292013/09/04 14:00:00.056619seeingisbelieving.ca7809662 Canada Inc.
302013/09/04 Inc.
312013/09/04 14:00:00.069936cedardale.caNames For Less Inc.
322013/09/04 Inc.
332013/09/04 corporation
342013/09/04 Inc.
352013/09/04 Inc.
362013/09/04 Inc.
372013/09/04 Inc.
382013/09/04 14:00:00.404875silverprice.caWHOISTOOLBAR.COM CORP.
392013/09/04 Inc.
402013/09/04 Inc.
412013/09/04 Inc.
422013/09/04 Inc.
432013/09/04 14:00:00.416748practiceexams.caSuper Registry Inc.
442013/09/04 Inc.
452013/09/04 Inc.
462013/09/04 Inc.
472013/09/04 14:00:00.457399basementsuite.caDOMAINSCOSTLESS.CA
482013/09/04 Inc.
492013/09/04 14:00:05.005747canadaacreages.caREBEL.COM CORP.
502013/09/04 Inc.
512013/09/04 Inc.
522013/09/04 Inc.
532013/09/04 14:00:05.297894marriot.ca7809646 Canada Inc.
542013/09/04 14:00:05.304323torontogetaway.ca7809689 Canada Inc.
552013/09/04 14:00:05.333786emploiportcartier.ca7695748 Canada Inc.
562013/09/04 14:00:05.380770foammattress.ca7809620 Canada Inc.
572013/09/04 14:00:05.409373xai.ca7809638 Canada Inc.
582013/09/04 14:00:05.450318moab.ca8433763 Canada Inc.
592013/09/04 14:00:05.450864noreservations.ca7809654 Canada Inc.
602013/09/04 14:00:05.460350torontodatarecovery.ca7809662 Canada Inc.
612013/09/04 14:00:05.873544canadainfolink.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
622013/09/04 14:00:05.889474discovernorth.caKoallo Inc
632013/09/04 14:00:06.040423emploicotenord.ca7705310 Canada Inc.
642013/09/04 (Tom Brown)
652013/09/04 14:00:10.067559ent-fundy.caSIBERNAME INTERNET AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES INC.
662013/09/04 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
672013/09/04 (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a
682013/09/04 14:00:10.666564torontogardener.ca8433828 Canada Inc.
692013/09/04 14:00:10.720220marches-de-quartiers.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
702013/09/04 14:00:10.903255shopfree.caKoallo Inc
712013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
722013/09/04 (Tom Brown)
732013/09/04 14:00:15.260229ellipticaltrainer.ca8433780 Canada Inc.
742013/09/04 (Bulent Turkoglu o/a
752013/09/04 14:00:15.929246pencildude.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
762013/09/04 inc
772013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
782013/09/04 14:00:17.676049qualitytreatment.caCanadian Domain Name Services Inc.
792013/09/04 14:00:20.530759matresses.ca8433801 Canada Inc.
802013/09/04 14:00:20.762884nightsun.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
812013/09/04 14:00:20.964327fanfare.caKoallo Inc
822013/09/04 inc
832013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
842013/09/04 (CodeZone inc.)
852013/09/04 14:00:25.982310treestump.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
862013/09/04 inc
872013/09/04 14:00:26.007281casinoresorts.caKoallo Inc
882013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
892013/09/04 14:00:31.004032ent-charlotte.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
902013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
912013/09/04 (Tom Brown)
922013/09/04 14:00:35.969051chaises.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
932013/09/04 inc
942013/09/04 14:00:40.373038itinerairepourlemploi.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
952013/09/04 inc
962013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
972013/09/04 14:00:43.920921buildingbox.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
982013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
992013/09/04 (Tom Brown)
1002013/09/04 14:00:45.886719medicalspas.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1012013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1022013/09/04 14:00:50.774862goldenhorseshoedirectory.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1032013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1042013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1052013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1062013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1072013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1082013/09/04 (CodeZone inc.)
1092013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1102013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1112013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1122013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1132013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1142013/09/04 14:01:34.341499papermint.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1152013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1162013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1172013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1182013/09/04 14:01:45.851827toolmakers.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1192013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1202013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1212013/09/04 (David A McFadden)
1222013/09/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1232013/09/04 (CodeZone inc.)
1242013/09/04 (CodeZone inc.)
1252013/09/04 14:03:21.191542outlive.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1262013/09/04 14:03:26.268435officewear.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)

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