Sunday, July 8, 2012

Recent .ca domain sales and TBR

I have missed reporting on a few TBR's recently, but can you blame me?  The Euro 2012 soccer tournament was on, my day job was getting really busy, weekends away for kids sports tournaments, and on and on!  Late spring / early summer is a busy time when you have kids, with the drama of school ending and sports activities beginning.

After a May/June of really wet weather, summer has finally arrived in BC Canada with sunny weather and highs in the upper 20's and 30's (C).  If you are dealing with the heat wave or forest fires in the US, I feel for you and realize we here have probably been lucky with our climate.  The only issue we've had is record high lake and river levels due to rainfall and snowmelt.

Let's get to two recent .ca domain sales that were reported in DNJournal.  Those were:  -  $2,500  - sold at Sedo  -  $2,000  -  sold at Sedo

These domains don't forward to any websites yet, and I can't see any info on who bought them.  I can easily see uses for both domains, and at those prices they are good buys.

I took part in the recent TBR on July 4 because there were a few coffee domains, and coffee is one of my favorite domain subject areas.  I got three, which were:


I will likely develop one or more of these into a coffee blog, or forward them to one of my existing coffee sites.

The July 4 TBR only had 141 domains grabbed, perhaps because it was a holiday week, or the quality just wasn't there.  Maybe the summer domains doldrums have set in.  Strangely, I've been getting more inquiries on my domains since June, compared to the earlier part of the year.  Hopefully that continues!

Here are the results of the TBR. was a nice one!

Date RegisteredDomain NameRegistrar
12012/07/04 14:00:00.000898watch.caWHOISTOOLBAR.COM CORP.
22012/07/04 - (7888953 Canada Inc)
32012/07/04 14:00:00.016842dives.caTARTON DOMAIN NAMES LTD
42012/07/04 14:00:00.017002scandalous.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
52012/07/04 14:00:00.0182053dcellphone.ca7705310 Canada Inc. o/a
62012/07/04 Inc.
72012/07/04 Inc.
82012/07/04 14:00:00.036402merits.ca7687664 Canada Inc.O/A
92012/07/04 Inc.
102012/07/04 14:00:00.039704katlin.ca7809638 Canada Inc. o/a
112012/07/04 14:00:00.040244lpt.caDedicatedHost.Ca Inc.
122012/07/04 - (7889020 Canada Inc)
132012/07/04 Inc.
142012/07/04 14:00:00.044890burials.ca7687656 Canada Inc. O/A
152012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
162012/07/04 Inc.
172012/07/04 14:00:00.047953landmasters.caPayless Domains Inc.
182012/07/04 14:00:00.049264xoj.caREBEL.COM CORP.
192012/07/04 14:00:00.064014kul.caFresh Grape Solutions Inc.
202012/07/04 14:00:00.080816duy.caJaz Domain Names Ltd.
212012/07/04 14:00:00.085213sfmnetwork.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
222012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
232012/07/04 Inc.
242012/07/04 14:00:00.210804joni.caNames To Go Inc.
252012/07/04 14:00:00.213924go-karts.caNames For Less Inc.
262012/07/04 Inc.
272012/07/04 14:00:00.421847ereputation.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
282012/07/04 14:00:00.4563993dwebcams.caDOMAINSCOSTLESS.CA
292012/07/04 Inc.
302012/07/04 Inc.
312012/07/04 Inc.
322012/07/04 Inc.
332012/07/04 14:00:00.492472escorteindependante.caCVO.CA Inc.
342012/07/04 Inc.
352012/07/04 Inc.
362012/07/04 Inc.
372012/07/04 14:00:00.5372093dcellphones.caRomel Corporation
382012/07/04 Inc.
392012/07/04 Inc
402012/07/04 Inc.
412012/07/04 Inc.
422012/07/04 14:00:00.547141prairiechickens.caSuper Registry Inc.
432012/07/04 Inc.
442012/07/04 14:00:00.764594vendredi.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
452012/07/04 - Incorporated
462012/07/04 14:00:05.070452bellcallcentre.caWHOISTOOLBAR.COM CORP.
472012/07/04 14:00:05.138228bcclimateexchange.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
482012/07/04 Inc.
492012/07/04 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
502012/07/04 14:00:05.339856coffeebusiness.ca7705395 Canada Inc. o/a
512012/07/04 14:00:05.410211myproducts.ca7687656 Canada Inc. O/A
522012/07/04 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
532012/07/04 14:00:06.066525afterclass.ca7687583 Canada Inc. O/A
542012/07/04 14:00:06.368531shakeitoff.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
552012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
572012/07/04 (1716641 Ontario Inc.)
582012/07/04 (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)
592012/07/04 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
602012/07/04 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
612012/07/04 (1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a
622012/07/04 14:00:10.568059topconsultant.ca7011725 Canada Inc. o/a
632012/07/04 14:00:10.585703torontodogwalker.ca7705310 Canada Inc. o/a
642012/07/04 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
652012/07/04 14:00:10.620671atvrentals.caKoallo Inc
662012/07/04 14:00:10.644563auctionhunter.ca7695799 Canada Inc. O/A
672012/07/04 14:00:10.674557iwantyourhome.ca7809662 Canada Inc. o/a
682012/07/04 14:00:10.675539yff.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
692012/07/04 14:00:10.702728ginkgo.ca7687656 Canada Inc. O/A
702012/07/04 14:00:10.743197torontojewelry.ca7809638 Canada Inc. o/a
712012/07/04 14:00:10.777992musiclesson.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
722012/07/04 (Tom Brown)
732012/07/04 INC.
742012/07/04 14:00:11.674927liveoutdoors.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
752012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
762012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
772012/07/04 14:00:15.251178audiowave.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
782012/07/04 (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)
792012/07/04 inc
802012/07/04 14:00:15.818266labeler.ca7809689 Canada Inc. o/a
812012/07/04 14:00:15.824665wishingwell.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
822012/07/04 14:00:15.864798digitalprojector.ca7809646 Canada Inc. o/a
832012/07/04 14:00:15.866231homebusinessinsurance.ca7695799 Canada Inc. O/A
842012/07/04 14:00:15.938409landlordinsurance.ca7809662 Canada Inc. o/a
852012/07/04 14:00:15.941485vancouverinsurancebrokers.ca7010842 Canada Corporation o/a
862012/07/04 14:00:15.991316landlordsinsurance.ca7809654 Canada Inc. o/a
872012/07/04 (Tom Brown)
882012/07/04 14:00:16.288399commercialphoto.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
892012/07/04 Inc.
902012/07/04 14:00:16.960450efind.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
912012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
922012/07/04 14:00:20.316276momentumplanet.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
932012/07/04 inc
942012/07/04 14:00:20.870230couponexchange.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
952012/07/04 (Tom Brown)
962012/07/04 14:00:22.262684cloudpro.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
972012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
982012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
992012/07/04 14:00:25.377045mintidea.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1002012/07/04 inc
1012012/07/04 (Tom Brown)
1022012/07/04 14:00:26.340094beantown.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
1032012/07/04 Inc.
1042012/07/04 - Incorporated
1052012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1062012/07/04 14:00:30.436587obriens.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1072012/07/04 inc
1082012/07/04 (Tom Brown)
1092012/07/04 14:00:32.843422formspring.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1102012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
1112012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1122012/07/04 14:00:35.488351executiveproperty.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
1132012/07/04 (Tom Brown)
1142012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1152012/07/04 14:00:41.578828vancouverealestate.caNamespro Solutions Inc.
1162012/07/04 Inc.
1172012/07/04 14:00:43.433807magicbox.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1182012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
1192012/07/04 14:00:48.737641fileshare.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1202012/07/04 Inc.
1212012/07/04 14:01:00.397409subtitling.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1222012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1232012/07/04 14:01:05.713467urbanstars.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1242012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1252012/07/04 14:01:11.021512affordableautos.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1262012/07/04 Inc.
1272012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1282012/07/04 14:01:16.305281estateagents.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1292012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
1302012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1312012/07/04 14:01:21.602844acga.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1322012/07/04 (David A McFadden)
1332012/07/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1342012/07/04 14:01:32.181862careforlife.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1352012/07/04 14:01:37.591640dailyliving.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1362012/07/04 14:01:42.879540roamfree.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1372012/07/04 14:01:48.218405silverjewels.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1382012/07/04 14:01:53.520499lenin.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
1392012/07/04 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
1402012/07/04 (Creative Pixels Inc.)
1412012/07/04 (Creative Pixels Inc.)

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