Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Who is typing in to visit my blog?

Chalk this one up to strange things in domaining.

I'm sure many domainers own some domains, perhaps for personal reasons, that they don't develop or park.  Domains you just don't know what to do with, so you forward them to one of your main or related websites for what little benefit it gives you.  One of those domains for me is is a three number domain I bought for personal reasons.  Truth is, I would prefer but it was easier and cheaper (reg fee) to get the one I have.  Three number domains are fairly rare, though they still aren't worth much for .ca's unless it's a meaningful number (like 247 or 888).  Maybe that will change in time.

From my blog stats, I see that this blog gets regular referrals from and I don't know why.  Search engines have picked up the forwarding info and this blog does show up in search listings with the link as, so perhaps that's where the traffic is coming from.  Or are some people typing in for some reason?

If you visited this blog through, let me know why by commenting below.



Thank you!