Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Parker.ca and other recent .ca domain name sales


It's been a busy (and wet) June where I live, and I've been meaning to post some recent .ca domain sales from the week ending June 3.  These sales were originally reported by DNJournal.com.  Since some time has passed when these sales were made, it may also be possible to see who the buyers were.

These four domains were all sold by the ExcellentDomains.ca marketplace.  If you have some time, check out the Excellent Domains website to see some great keyword .ca, LL.ca and LLL.ca domain names for sale.  There are a few names I have an eye on there myself!

The domains that sold were:

Parker.ca - $5,376

Annabelle.ca - $4,200

Cavanaugh.ca - $4,068

KLE.ca - $3,584

Cavanaugh.ca looks like it was bought to be a family site, and resolves to pages with family photos.  Interestingly, one of the kids is named 'Anabelle' (not Annabelle), so it makes me wonder if the other domain that sold was Anabelle.ca (with one 'n')?  Annabelle.ca currently resolves to a company cosmetics blog site.

Parker.ca and KLE.ca do not resolve to anything that gives a clue about the new owner's intentions, and Domain Tools doesn't show any personal registrant info for these domains.

Regardless, these are nice sale prices for an LLL.ca and a group of firstname, lastname .ca's.

Perhaps someone from Excellent Domains can comment more on these sales if they see this post?


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