Monday, January 9, 2012

Tech Gadget Sales to Pass $1 Trillion in 2012

More gadgets means more web surfing, which is good for those with an online presence!

Tech gadget sales almost hit the Trillion dollar level in 2011, but in 2012 sales are expected to pass this mark.  Highest sales growth will come (not surprisingly) from smartphones and tablets.  Sales in emerging countries are also growing faster than in North America and Europe, also not a surprise.

If you have a chance to attend the CES show at the Las Vegas Convention Center this year, there will be thousands of new products on display.

Personally, I think the sales of all these new devices are good for the average domainer.  Sure, some of these sales are to people replacing an older product version, but many are also to first time users in emerging and developed countries.  For example, our household got it's first iphone 4S this Christmas, and I've started using my kids iPod Touch more often.  Does it translate into more websurfing in my household?  You bet!

More people on the web simply means a larger market for companies to engage.  And if you want to engage the market, you need to be online.  To be online, you need a domain name.

GfK and CEA said they expect smartphone sales to grow 22 percent this year compared with 59 percent last year while overall tablet sales are expected to double to more than 100 million this year.

Emerging economies are expected to account for 46 percent of global tech sales revenue in 2012, up from 37 percent in 2008, while developed economies will see their share fall to 54 percent from 63 percent over the same period.

Click below to read the full article, there are a lot of interesting facts and figures:

Global Tech Sales to Pass $1 Trillion


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