Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lead Generation introduction - free ebook download


We all know domainers are always looking for new and different ways to monetize their domains.  In 2011, lead generation was a fairly hot topic as many started looking at it's potential.  I've had some success with loan and real estate leads, and also own some general, insurance and business leads domains.

Today I received an email from Hubspot offering a free ebook download called An Introduction to Lead Generation.  I downloaded the book myself after entering my contact information to make sure it was indeed free before letting others know about it.  I haven't read the entire book yet, but they make it clear it is an introduction to LG, so if you are advanced with lead generation you may not get as much out of it.  But you never know with these kinds of books, sometimes you can get just one or two new ideas that can help you.

About the book:

By now, many businesses understand that lead volume is based on a wide array of factors, ranging from social media presence, to blogging frequency, to online content.
Learn how to effectively generate traffic and leads for your business. Download our 39-page ebook, which will walk you through the basics of lead generation and discuss techniques for optimizing your lead gen strategy.
In this free ebook, you'll learn:
  • The fundamental tactics for lead generation
  • Techniques for maximizing your reach and lead flow
  • Methods for improving lead generation results
To download the ebook now, visit:




  1. Thanks! Just what we were looking for.

  2. I love this topic, glad to see you have compiled an insightful resource for those to read. I'll have to check it out when I have a chance.

  3. @Jason

    It's not my book, just passing on the info I received from HubSpot. I know a lot of domainers are interested in lead gen.


Thank you!