Friday, September 2, 2011

My Prediction on the New gtld's

After months (years?) of anticipation for the slew of new gltd's, my prediction is that they will do no better or worse than other gtld's that have come after .com, .net and .org.

I'm talking about .info, .biz, .travel, .coop, .mobi, .tel and also country code extensions that have been marketed as gtld's, like .me and .co.  If these handful of extensions haven't made any significant breakthrough, why would anyone expect the news ones to?

I think the above extensions have already served as the litmus test for the new ones that are coming.  Each extension will have some hot, related words or terms that really suit it, and these will be used by individuals or upstart companies for cool sounding names.  Otherwise, many words and terms won't suit each extension.  For example, will or ever be viable domains someone would use?  I think some of the gtld's will also flame out, once registrations do poorly.

I don't think there will be any real take up of a new gtld to rival .com, .net or .org in numbers, but there will be a market for the ones that have commercial appeal and a strong related keyword(s) to the left of the dot.

Years ago Frank Schilling wrote that one possible extension that could get a good take up would be .web.  I tend to agree with this because it's a short word that has always been used when talking about the internet, and would also suit mobile sites which are seeing good growth right now.  I guess you could make the same argument for .net and ask why it doesn't seem to approach .com in appeal, but I think .web sounds cooler than .net.  So if a .web extension is born I may take a look at registering some of those, but I still wouldn't bet the farm.


Back to .ca, I saw one .ca sale in the sales report this past week, and that was: - $2,888 (sold at Sedo)



  1. Most new gTLDs will not do as well as dotTravel. None will do as well as dotInfo.

  2. I am giving them a bit more credit than that, but not much more. I'm thinking the best ones will be maybe on a par with .info and better than .travel. The worst will flame out. Possible domains like Football.sports and Business.apps would have a market or get a site built on them by a start-up company.

  3. Google and amazon are very smart companies. They bought into .co extension among many others. Someone tell me why .co is not going to make it? is doing fantastic, these are big companies getting in on this ext. I think it is going to do well but am I missing something do you guys believe that google and amazon's marketing team is wasting money.. I don't. I follow the money.

  4. @Admin
    Don't forget that dotInfo is one of the top 10 TLds in the world (#6). None of these new TLDs will come close.

  5. But what about .co do you guys think that it wont make it. I am trying to see the logic but not sure how you can say they wont even do better than info when they have more cash than you guys think.

  6. You have to remember that with new TLDs go huge money.
    I believe marketing can make a huge change. Do you remember any previous extension which had so much on promotion?
    Also, ` If these handful of extensions haven't made any significant breakthrough, why would anyone expect the news ones to?` IMO is too early write this in .co case.

  7. Yea right .co is flaming out lol. How many other extensions have gotten paid in the millions for a one letter .co. Not one. Not one of them. Somebody name one.

    They have already set the stage for what is going to be the number 2 extension behind .com IMO. .org will be very close probably a tie with .co

    >com holders have nothing to worry about, but I am amazed that they like to put down new extensions that come out. The top 9 of 10 domain holders all hold very good .co.
    And it is not for defense registrations.
    Just my opinion due own DD on this as always. I could be wrong. But doubt amazon is wrong

  8. Everyone knows exactly zero about what new gTLDs will mean or how well they will do. Opinions are like assholes: everyone has one. But that's all they are.

  9. I'd say that's true if we were just starting from .com, .net and .org. But we have track records now for .info, .biz, .mobi, .travel, .coop and so on to go by. It is unlikely people will abandon the current top domain extensions and flock en masse to the new gtlds. But you're right, everyone has an opinion about it.


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